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Cognitive Style and Depression 346

Padun M.A., Ph.D. in Psychology, Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Psychology of Development of the Subject in Normal and Post-Traumatic States, the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IP RAS), Moscow, Russia,
This article represents a generalization of the division of results of a comprehensive study of cognitive styles in patients with reactive depression. It is shown that cognitive-style organization of individuals who developed affective disorders as a result of an experience of a stressful situation possesses the following characteristics: greater reliance on external context than on the internal references in the interaction with a situation, errors in decision-making along with the expenditure of considerable time for thinking, a tendency toward excessive data fragmentation and categorization, and reduced ability to switch from one method of processing information to another (flexibility - rigidity).

Keywords: cognitive style, reactive depression, stress, psychological differentiation

Column: Cognitive Psychology

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