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Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

ISSN (printed version): 2075-3470

ISSN (online): 2311-9446

Started in 1992

Published quarterly

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Gestalt-approach in the therapy of a mental trauma: the dialogue-phenomenological model

The article brought to your attention is devoted to psychotherapy of a mental trauma. The author considers features of the psychological help to victims through a prism of restoration of process of experience of the mental phenomena accompanying traumatic event. The present work assumes also the analysis of value of a mental pain in phenomenology and dynamics of experience of traumatic event and also a mental trauma. In opinion of the author, the mental pain is an emotional effect of a stop or deformation of process of experience. On the other hand, the pain is an inevitable fellow traveler of clearing in therapy the experience process from authority of chronic ways of the organization of contact blocked it, in particular from posttraumatic symptoms. In conclusion of the article the author considers a problem of ecology of crisis psychotherapy, and the complex of the measures having preventive character in relation to an opportu-nity of professional combustion is offered.

Keywords: mental pain, experience, field an organism/environment, anesthesia self, sensitivity to borders, the creative adaptation, ecology of crisis psychotherapy

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