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Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy - №4 / 2017

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Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

ISSN (printed version): 2075-3470

ISSN (online): 2311-9446


Started in 1992

Published quarterly

Free of fees
Open Access Journal

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy
[Konsul'tativnaya psikhologiya i psikhoterapiya]
Theory and methodology

Autobiographical Narrative  | 

Scientific prospective of case study methodology

Mamardashvili M.K.

Classical and nonclassical approaches to the consciousness analysis

Ulanovskiy A.M.

Phenomenology in psychology and psychotherapy: clearing of vague experiences

Busygina N.P.

The phenomenological description and interpretation: examples of the analysis of the data in qualitative psychological researhes

Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Theory and Methodology, Psychological counceling  |  Pugovkina O.D., Nikitina I.V., Kholmogorova A.B., Garanyan N.G.

Academic research of therapy process and efficient: history and main topics

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Anthropology, phenomenology, culture

Humanity of the doctor

Vorobeva L.I.

Psychotherapy and Ethics

Pergamenshchik L.A.

Mental catalepsy as loss of a continuity of living

Shekhovtsova L.F.

Features of orthodox psychotherapy and consultation

Termos Vasileos

Psychodynamics and vicarial divinity

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Buyakas T.M.

Penomenology meaning: meaning as soul call

Enikolopov S. N., Hlomov K.D., Kuznetsova S.O.

Attitudes of pregnant women with threat of loss of the child towards somatic symptoms

Mironova M.N.

About violence and compulsory sacrifice in the secular and religious life

Innovative Models, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Pugovkina O.D., Volikova S.V., Garanyan N.G., Dovzhenko T.V., Judeeva T.J. , Petrova G.A.

Factors of efficiency of integrative psychotherapy Treatment for affective disorders

Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Theory and Methodology  |  Mishina E.V.

Copresence phenomenon in the beginning of psychology counseling process

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Langle A.

The phenomenological approach in existential-analytical psychotherapy

Eugene Gendlin

The phenomenological concept against a phenomenological method: the Critical analysis of Medard Boss work with dreams

Kutuzova D.A.

Ira Progoff's method "the intensive journal"

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Psychological counceling  |  Belkov S.

Narcotic addiction as passion and orthodox experience of its overcoming on ma-terials of work of rehabilitation center “Sapernoe” (St.-Petersburg)

Theory and Methodology  |  Pogodin I.A.

Gestalt-approach in the therapy of a mental trauma: the dialogue-phenomenological model

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Mikhailova E.L.

From Russia with love (20th anniversary of Russian psychodrama)

Marchenkova M.V.

An outline of psychotherapy development in Russia

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Lukianov O.V.

Phenomenological psychology at university. About teaching experience of the same name special course to students-psyhologists

Molostova A.N., Lavrinovich E.V.

Supervision in the preparation of the leading psychological training

Pyshinska I.

Notes on didactic supervision

Yesipchuk M.S.

The experience of application of J.Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory at school

Educational Psychology  |  Martynov E.S.

Working with reflection in different schools in psychotherapy

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Letunovsky V.V.

Fencing as a method of existential therapy

Discussions and Discourses, Master Class, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Case Study, Psychological counceling  |  Kogan I.M.

Difficulties and joys of dialogue: out of work experience

Master Class, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Case Study, Psychological counceling  |  Buyakas T.M.

Meeting with the "experience of being"as an initial therapy case

Clinical Psychology, Master Class, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Case Study, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Psychological counceling  |  Krivcova S.V.

Phenomenological approach in study of noodynamic experiences

Master Class, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Case Study, Family Psychology, Psychological counceling  |  Mazur-Mareckaja E.S., Gaijda E.

Case study of trauma work

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Therapevtic community

Kolpachnikov V.V.

Person-centered approach: current state and prospective

Filippovskaya O.V.

Noneuclidean geometry. In memory of Natalia Leonidovna Trauberg (1928-2009)

Trauberg N.L.

About humility and advantage

Life Itself, History of Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychological counceling  |  Fedunina N.Y., Chursina E.A.

The image of phone counseling service in Russia as reflected in the media and the workers’ reminiscene

Discussions and Discourses, Life Itself, Clinical Psychology, Scientific Life, Work Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling  |  Reshetnikov M.M.

The psychology of catastrophe survivors (Organizational and methodological issues of the psychological assistance service)

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Clinical Psychology, Scientific Life, Psychological counceling  | 

Conference «Advisory psychology: educational standards and a certification

Anniversary of Julia Gippenreiter

History of Psychology, Scientific Life, Memorable Dates, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling  |  Kolpachnikov V.V.

XI International forum of the personal-centered approach

History of Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Scientific Life, Memorable Dates, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling  |  Kedrova N.B.

The second Moscow-Esalen conference on philosophy of psychotherapy

History of Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Scientific Life, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling  |  Kadyrov I.M.

Forum for the meeting of psychoanalytic cultures

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Opinions, positions, discussions

Discussions and Discourses  |  Arkhangelskaya V.V.

Advisory psychology: on a way to a scientific speciality

Discussions and Discourses, Scientific Life, Theory and Methodology  |  Petrowskiy V.A.

Counseling psychology subject: introductory reflections

Discussions and Discourses, History of Psychology, Theory and Methodology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Psychological counceling  |  Snegireva T.V.

Beyond the text

Discussions and Discourses, Interviews and Essays, Critique and Bibliography, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling  |  Rozin V.M.

Phenomenological psychotherapy: ambitions, concepts, approach and practice

General Psychology  |  Lorgus A.

Category of personality in the christian psychology

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Clinical psychotherapy

Clinical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychological counceling, Experimental Psychology  |  Yakimova T.V.

The cognitive addiction phenomenon in the development of intellectually gifted adolescents

Clinical Psychology, Master Class, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Case Study, Psychological counceling  |  Kadyrov I.M.

The psychoanalytic session and psychoanalytic clinical facts

Innovative Models, Clinical Psychology, Master Class, Interdisciplinary Researches, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Case Study, Psychological counceling  |  Kadyrov I.M., Оksimetz А.А.

The defensive organization of the personality in affective disorders and investigation of its dynamic during a psychoanalytic interview

Clinical Psychology  |  Maksimov A.M.

Psychological studies of male homosexual prostitution

Egorova E.B.

Mental illness in the light of christian anthropology

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Special topic

Clinical Psychology  |  Rychkova O.V.

Modern investigations of social cognition in schizophrenia

Clinical Psychology  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Konovalova A. H.

Representations of the parental family in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders

Clinical Psychology  |  Pugovkina O.D., Palamarchuk L.S.

A social intelligence and a chronification of depression

Kholmogorova A.B.

From the editor

Langle A.

Existential Analysis of traumatised personality disorders

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Seminars, conferences, memorials

Interviews and Essays, Life Itself  |  Vasilyuk F.E.

Live memory of Vladimir P. Zinchenko

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Study case

Case Study, Developmental Psychology  |  Vasilyeva N. L.

Elective mutism: psychoanalytic view of the problem

Theory and Methodology  |  Fedunina N.Y.

Pathological callers with borderline personality organization on helpline. A case-study

Case Study  |  Boyko O.M.

Short-term problem-oriented psychological consulting in a psychiatric setting: opportunity's analysis on case study

Case Study  |  Bakanova A.A.

The experience of psychological assistance to the child 1.5 years in situation of fire

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Interviews and Essays  |  Efremova E.S.

Volunteering: possible participation of psychology students

Clinical Psychology, Interviews and Essays  |  Yarovaya E.G.

To the problem of psychological and social assistance to cancer patients

Theory and Methodology  |  Zhelyabin A.V.

Psychotechnical concept of personality: formulation of the problem

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From the Editor

Kholmogorova A.B.

From the Editor

Kholmogorova A.B.

From the Editor

Kholmogorova A.B.

From the Editor

Kholmogorova A.B.

From the Editor

Kholmogorova A.B.

From the Editor

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Psychognosis and psychotherapy

Experimental Psychology  |  Lasovskaja T.Yu.

The questionnaire for the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder forms "а"

Experimental Psychology  |  Kholmogorova A.B.

J. Yang's scheme therapy — one of the most effective methods of care for patients with borderline personality disorder

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Empirical researches

Experimental Psychology  |  Konina M.A., Kholmogorova A.B., Sorokova M.G.

The phenomenon of nurestricted sexual behavior in modern society: pathological culture tendency or personality pathology?

Experimental Psychology  |  Gorchakova V.A., Kholmogorova A.B., Palin A.V., Arbuzova L.A.

Traumatic stress in patients with chronic suicidal behavior and characteristics of borderline personality disorder

Experimental Psychology  |  Polskaya N.A.

The reasons of self-injurious behavior in youth (based on a self-report scale)

Experimental Psychology  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Klimova I.D.

Coping strategies and emotional maladjustment in student population with traits of borderline personal disorder

Clinical Psychology  |  Dolnykova A.A., Demidova L.Y.

The professional ideas' influence on the perception of the image of a mentally ill person

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Psychoanalytic researches

Experimental Psychology  |  Agarkov V.A., Bronfman S.A.

Repeated abortion as a way to process mental pain

Experimental Psychology  |  Kalina O.G.

Psychoanalytic infant observation by esther bick's method: contemporary aims and perspectives

Theory and Methodology  |  Buchholz M., Agarkov V.A., Kächele H.

Applying The Conversational Analysis Strategies To Psychoanalytic Process Research. Rhythm And Blues: 152nd Session With Amalia (Part 1)

Family Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Fedunina N.Y.

Marked By Maternal Depression: The Images Of The Mother In The Therapy Of An Elementary School Child

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Special topic: "The family as the focus of psycological consulting"

Family Psychology  |  Strokova S.S.

Approaches to family identity research in psychology

Family Psychology  |  Volikova S.V., Yudeeva T.Y.

The family factors of chronic school truancy

Family Psychology  |  Suroegina A.Y., Kholmogorova A.B.

Psychoemotional status of parents of teenagers and young people rehabilitated after spinal cord injury

Family Psychology  |  Belkov S.

Parental attitudes toward family's influence on success of drug addict's rehabilitation

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Workshop and methods

Theory and Methodology  |  Sychev O.A., Gordeeva T.O.

Depression prevention programs for adolescents

Theory and Methodology  |  Buyakas T.M., Tankova O.A.

Phenomenological description of the process of producing meanings by the method of guided drawing

Theory and Methodology  |  Rasskazova E.I., Kosheleva N. V.

Psychological interventions for health behavior change: opportunities and limitations

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Melehin A.I., Veselkova Yu.V.

Strategies of cognitive-behavioural therapy in the rehabilitation of polydrug

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Gotlib M.I., Kholmogorova A.B.

The development of communication in patients with the severe forms of mental pathology by the dancing movement teaching method (based on the argentine tango)

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Special topic: "Psychosomatics and corporeality in psychology and psychotherapy"

Theory and Methodology  |  Langle A.

The self in the flesh existence and psychosomatics

Family Psychology  |  Lifintseva A. A., Kholmogorova A.B.

Family factors of psychosomatic disorders in children and adolescents

Theory and Methodology  |  Melehin A.I.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy sleep disorders in elderly and senile age

Theory and Methodology  |  Zakharova E.I., Chouvaeva A.S.

Psychological component of "recurrent miscarriage"

Clinical Psychology  |  Khain A.E.

Psychological aspects of pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

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Violations of social knowledge: theoretical models and empirical studies

Theory and Methodology  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Moscovskaya M.S., Sheryagina E.V.

Alexithymia and the ability to provide different types of social support

Theory and Methodology  |  Moskacheva M.A., Kholmogorova A.B., Garanyan N.G.

Alexithymia and empathy

Theory and Methodology  |  Pugovkina O.D.

Models and methods for studying impairment social cognition in depression: theoretical approaches, methods of study and highlighted deficits

Theory and Methodology  |  Yudeeva T.Y., Tsarenko D.M., Dovzhenko T.V.

Violations of social cognition and social adaptation in patients with bipolar disorder

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Social cognition and the risk of disadaptation at different age stages

Theory and Methodology  |  Garanian N.G., Shchukin D.A.

Frequent social comparison and emotional maladjustment among students

Theory and Methodology  |  Nikitina I.V.

Social anxiety and social cognition (review of foreign studies)

Theory and Methodology  |  Pugovkina O.D., Malyukova D.A.

Research model of social cognition for the base of psychological help planning for adolescents with interpersonal dysfunction

Theory and Methodology  |  Shalygina O.V., Kholmogorova A.B.

The role of fashion dolls in the adoption of unrealistic social standards of bodily attractiveness by preschool girls

Theory and Methodology  |  Volikova S.V., Avakyan T.V.

Correlation of social anhedonia and social anxiety with difficulties in mentalization orphans

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Violations of social knowledge: theoretical models and empirical studies

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Case study

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Zaretsky V.K., Zaretsky Yu.V.

Practice of psychologo-pedagogical help by the resources of reflective#activity approach: case of Denis G.

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Buslaeva A.

Psychological support in psychogenic polydipsia

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Shumskaia N.A.

Drawing after model and voice instructions as a method of developing spatial perception for children with autism spectrum disorders

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Burlakova N.S., Fedorova Y.N.

Examle of Practice-Oriented Research Based on Case Formulation Method

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Sorin A.V.

Analytical Work with a Teenager Close-Up (A Case Study)

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Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Dorozhkin V.R.

Emotional discourse in psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Nikolaevskaia I.A.

Live broadcast from school psychologist's cabinet

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Zalesskaya A.M.

Reflective-activity-approach in Nizhniy Novgorod: we start to cooperate

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Shemanova N. A.

The Experience of Overcoming of Trauma Caused by Getting Acquainted with Archival Investigative Case of Repressed Relative

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Romanova E.V.

Is there life after death: from psychotherapeutic practice with adolescents after their true suicide attempt

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Lecture hall

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Zaretsky V.K., Semenov V.V.

Foreword to the publication of the lecture I.B. Grinshpun "Introduction to the history of psychotherapy"

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Grinshpun I.B.

The history of psychotherapy. Lecture 1. Introduction to the history of psychotherapy

History of Psychology  |  Grinshpun I.B.

The history of psychotherapy. Lecture 2. Historical background of psychotherapy (part I)

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Grinshpun I.B.

The History of Psychotherapy. Lecture 2. Historical Background of Psychotherapy (Part II)

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Grinshpun I.B.

The history of psychotherapy. Lecture 2. Historical background of psychotherapy (Part III)

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Empirical studies

Psychological counceling  |  Klimenkova E.N., Kholmogorova A.B.

Validation Of Methods Of Diagnosis Of Social Anxiety On The Russian Adolescents

Psychological counceling  |  Gorshkova E.N., Volikova S.V.

Social Anxiety And Perfectionism In Young People Who Stutter

Psychological counceling  |  Yakupova V.A.

Psychological Conditions Of Successful Maternal Role Development

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Khain A.E.

Psychological Adjustment To Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation In Adolescents: Individual And Family Factors

Experimental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Art, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology, Work Psychology  |  Matyushkina E.Y.

Factors of professional burnout of specialists (on the exaple of employees of the contact center)

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The childhood in the XXI century: risks, threats, calls

Developmental Psychology  |  Tolstykh N.N.

Modern maturation

Developmental Psychology  |  Smirnova E.O.

Modern children’s sub-culture

Developmental Psychology  |  Shalygina O.V., Kholmogorova A.B.

“Body orientation” of the contemporary culture and it’s influence on the children’s, adolescents’ and youth’s health

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Integration problem in society of special children

Psychological counceling, Social Psychology  |  Akulova M.B.

The socio-psychological challenges of the integration of families affected by HIV infection into sociaty

Clinical Psychology, Psychological counceling  |  Zhuykova E.B., Panyusheva T.D.

On the issue of professional foster parents position

Scientific Life  | 

Prognosis And Prevention Of Self-Injuries And Suicides

●  All articles (3)

Childhood and Internet

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Avakyan T.V., Klimenkova E.N., Malyukova D.A.

Internet communication and social anxiety among different social groups of adolescents

Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Malygin V.L., Merkurieva Y.A.

Neuropsychological features of adolescents with Internet-addictive behavior

●  All articles (2)

Modern childhood: aggression, rejection and autoaggression

Developmental Psychology, Psychological counceling  |  Volikova S.V., Kalinkina E.A.

Parent-child relationships as a factor of school bullying

Psychological counceling, Social Psychology  |  Ammon A.V., Filippova E.V.

The social status of a child in a group and its correlation with psychological, social-cognitive and behavioral characteristics

Clinical Psychology, Psychological counceling  |  Polskaya N.A., Vlasova N.V.

Self-destructive behavior in adolescence and youth

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Theology and anthropology

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Surozhskij Antonij

The last things

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Nyrkov A.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Religionless Christianity: Psychological Phenomenon?

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Horujy S.S.

Functions and Forms of Verbality in Spiritual Practices and Practices Related to Them

Surozhskij Antonij

Pastoral Care for the Sick and the Dying

Nyrkov A.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Religionless Christianity”: Secular and Divine

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Psychology of faith

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Inina N.V.

Fanaticism as a Destructive Form of Faith

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Krichevec A.N. , Solodushkina M.V.

Courage to Be. Hardiness and Faith

●  All articles (2)


Life Itself  |  Mescherinov A.A.

Three Episodes in the Life of the Volunteer

●  All articles (1)

Philosophy, antropology, culture

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Grebenyuk E.G.

Rite of Passage and Psychotherapy

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Research reviews

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Syrokvashina K.V., Dozortseva E.G.

Psychological factors of risk of suicidal behavior in adolescents

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Borisonik E.V., Lyubov E.B.

Clinical and psychological consequences for the families of suicide victim

Theory and Methodology  |  Klimenkova E.N.

Mentalization and empathy ontogenetic development: empirical studies review

Theory and Methodology  |  Malyukova D.A.

Interrelation between social and general cognition: current state of problem

Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Family Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Bakanova A.A.

Grief therapy: the history of formatiom and current practice in the foreign studies

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Epidemiological studies

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Nemtsov A.V., Shelygin K.V.

Alcohol is an Essential Factor of Suicides

●  All articles (1)

Special topic: «Methods of Psychodiagnostics»

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Garanian N.G.

Approbation of measure for narcissism assessment on the sample of Russian university students

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Karyagina T.D., Kukhtova N.V.

M. Davis Empathy test: content validity and adaptation in cross-cultural context

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Rychkova O.V., Kholmogorova A.B.

Adaptation of Revised Social Anhedonia Scale (RSAS) on Russian sample

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Volikova S.V., Sorokova M.G.

Standardization of the test «Family Emotional Communication»

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To the 120 anniversary since the birth of L.S. Vygotsky

Theory and Methodology  |  Kubarev V.S.

Psychotherapy as a method of humanitarian cognition in the light of the methodology of L.S. Vygotsky

Scientific Life  | 

Psychologists about the importance of cultural-historical theory to psychological counseling and psychotherapy

●  All articles (2)

Spiritual Experience

Surozhskij Antonij

Quality of life

Nyrkov A.

Religion and the Human in the Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christianity

●  All articles (2)

Christian psychology and psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Vasilyuk F.E.

Christian Psychology in Russia: its «History» and «Geography». The First Article: an Attempt of Periodization

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Vasilyuk F.E.

Christian Psychology in Russia: its «History» and «Geography». The Second Article: Marking the Field

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Drozdov D.S.

Structure of a Psychotherapeutic Situation in the Context of the Orthodox-oriented Approach

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Filonik M.S.

Psychological Analysis of the Phenomenon of Religious Experience Distortion

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Shankov F.M.

Religious and Spiritual Coping. An Overview of the Western Studies

●  All articles (10)

Empathy: phenomenon and method

Theory and Methodology  |  Karyagina T.D.

Empathy as a Method: from the Philosophical Point of View

Theory and Methodology  |  Karyagina T.D.

Professionalization of Empathy: Problem Statement

Theory and Methodology  |  Shermazanyan L.G.

The Helping Behavior Motivation in the Context of Everyday and Professional Help

Theory and Methodology  |  Krichevets A.N., Solodushkina M.V.

The «I—Other» Relations in One Special Situation of Communication

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Research digest in clinical psychology and psychotherapy

Interviews and Essays  | 

From The Interview With Professor Jan Derksen: «There Are No Emotions In Brain Images»

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  | 

Focus On Empathy

Psychotherapy of borderline personality disorder: what is more effective?

●  All articles (3)

Special topic: “The problem of empathy in modern culture”

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Karyagina T.D., Pridachuk M.A.

Empathically Caused Distress And The Possibilities Of Its Diagnostics

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Karyagina T.D., Kukhtova N.V., Olifirovich N.I., Shermazanyan L.G.

Professionalization Of Empathy And Predictors Of Helping Professionals’ Burnout

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Medvedskaya E.I., Sheryagina E.V.

Empathy And Professional Burnout Of Russian And Belarusian Teachers

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Klimenkova E.N.

Empathic Ability In The Context Of The Subjectivity Problem

●  All articles (4)

Myself and other

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Karyagina T.D.

Empathy as a Method: from the Stainpoint of Modern Humanistic Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Vasilyuk F.E.

Co-experiencing as a Key Category of Co-experiencing Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Fedoseeva A.M., Pirlik G.P.

The Phenomenology of Intersubjective Relationships in the Person’s Life-World

Grositskaya M.K.

Experiencing a Break-up: Phenomenology of a Critical Situation and the Means of Psychological Help

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Scientific Life  | 

Teaching Counseling Psychology In Cambridge College In Boston

Scientific Life  | 

Applying Cultural-Historical And Activity Approaches To Modern Education

Scientific Life  | 

Remembering the Teacher

Interview with E.O. Smirnova: the source of development lies not in physiology, but primarily in culture

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Memorable Dates  | 

In memory of Fyodor E. Vasilyuk

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Psychoanalytical studies

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Buchholz M., Agarkov V.A., Kächele H.

Applying the conversational analysis strategies to psychoanalytic process research. RHYTHM AND BLUES: 152ND session with Amalia (PART 2)

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