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Social Psychology and Society - №4 / 2017

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Social Psychology and Society

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

ISSN (printed version): 2221-1527

ISSN (online): 2311-7052


Started in 2010

Published quarterly

Free of fees
Open Access Journal

Social Psychology and Society
[Sotsial'naia psikhologiia i obshchestvo]

Scientific Life  |  Andreeva G.M.

Social psychology: New Journal, New Perspectives

Tolstykh N.N.

Social Psychology and Society Journal Celebrates its 5-th Anniversary!

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Theoretical Research

Theory and Methodology, Social Psychology  |  Tolstykh N.N.

Social Psychology of Development as a Self-Valuable Branch of Psychological Science

Social Psychology  |  Labunskaya V.A.

«Human visible» as a sociopsychological phenomenon

Social Psychology  |  Iliyn V.A.

On some topical problems of organizational psychology: maintaining efficiency of organizational leadership — functional and personal aspects

Social Psychology  |  Petrowskiy V.A.

Activity Mediation of Interpersonal Relationships: Phenomena and Subject-matter

Social Psychology  |  Sidorenkov A.V.

Microgroup Theory

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Experimental Research

Social Psychology  |  Kochetova T.V.

Evolutionary approach in socio-psychological research: gender differences as main determinants of status preferences

Social Psychology  |  Khukhlaev O.E., Balashova E.A.

Social representations of leadership and subordination relationships: cross-cultural differences

Social Psychology  |  Kovaleva V.V., Kondratyev M.Yu.

Peculiarities of intragroup structuring and interpersonal relationships in tenth grades of secondary schools that underwent compositional changes of different intensity

Social Psychology  |  Radina N.K., Pavlycheva T.N.

«Significant Others» in life stories of group care alumnus

Social Psychology  |  Sobkin V.S., Burelomova A.S., Smyslova M.M.

Modern Russian Adolescents' Notions of Significant Personal Traits

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Applied Research and Practice

Social Psychology  |  Skripkina T.P.

Settings of tolerance, trust and xenophobia in youths living in the Yuzhnorossiysky region of Russia

Social Psychology  |  Filinkova E.B.

The attitudes of senior pupils to money and ways of their earning

Social Psychology  |  Zelenova M.E.

Peculiarities of «I»-Conception and Effectiveness of Socio-psychological Adjustment in Military Veterans

Social Psychology  |  Vachkov I.V.

Fairytale Metaphor as a Means for Mutual Understanding

Social Psychology  |  Shulga T.I.

Peculiarities of Socialization of Group Care Alumni

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Critique and Bibliography

Critique and Bibliography  |  Radina N.K.

The first textbook on social developmental psychology

Interviews and Essays, Social Psychology  |  Radina N.K.

Applied Social Research and Professional Activity of Social Psychologists Review of the book: Romanov P. V., Yarskaya-Smirnova E. R. The Methods of Applied Social Research. Textbook. 2nd edition, Moscow, 2008. 215 pp.

Interviews and Essays, Social Psychology  |  Iliyn V.A.

"Is there the point?" On the issue of Russian business psychology. Review of the book by E. B. Philinkova "The Psychology of Russian Business". Textbook. Moscow, Rector, 2007. 288 p.

Critique and Bibliography, Social Psychology  |  Iliyn V.A.

Study of the Russians' Electoral Behavior — From "Independent Sociology" to the Analysis of Social Processes in the Society. Review of the book by V.V.Fedorov, "Russian choice. Introduction to the electoral behavior theory" — Moscow, Praxis, 2010. 384 pages

Critique and Bibliography, Social Psychology  |  Tolstykh N.N.

Sociological and Psychological Problems of Modern Russian Education. Book review: The Sociology of Education. Proceedings in the Sociology of Education. T. XV. Vol. XXVI / Ed. V. S. Sobkin. Moscow: Institute of Sociology of Education RAE, 2011, p.248.

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Scientific Life

Social Psychology, Policy Documents  | 

On Establishing the Non-Governmental Organization "Federation of Russian Social Psychologists"

Scientific Life, Social Psychology  |  Rickel A.M., Solovyeva O.V.

Moscow Winter Psychological School for Students, Ph.D students and Young Scientists "Psychology of Social Issues: XXI Century Challenges"

Scientific Life, Social Psychology, Ethnopsychology  |  Khukhlaev O.E.

Applied Ethnopsychology: Answers for Topical Social Challenges

Scientific Life, Social Psychology  |  Kondratyev M.Yu., Meshkova N.V.

Socio-Psychological Problematics at the Xth Interacademic Conference "Young Scientists — to Our New School"

Scientific Life, Social Psychology  |  Solovyev S.M.

International Academic Conference "Destiny and Oeuvres of Varlam Shalamov in the Context of World Literature and Soviet History" (Moscow—Vologda, 16—19 June, 2011)

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Memorable Dates

Memorable Dates  | 

Obituary to Aron Abramovich Brudny

History of Psychology, Scientific Life, Social Psychology  | 

In Memory of Boris Dmitriyevich Parygin

Memorable Dates  | 

On the 90-th Anniversary of A.V. Petrovsky's Birth

Memorable Dates, Scientific Life  | 

In memory of Fedor E. Vasilyuk

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Methodological Tools

Theory and Methodology, Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology  |  Dubov I.G.

The Study of Vitality and Persistence Levels in Representatives of Large Groups Using a Modified Pavlovian Temperament Survey by J. Strelau

Theory and Methodology, Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology  |  Kochetova T.V.

Applying D. Buss Questionnaire "Events and Behaviors Affecting Status and Reputation"in the Russian Sample

Theory and Methodology  |  Kondratyev M.Yu.

Methodological Algorithm of Integral Intragroup Status Definition in Members of Contact Community

Theory and Methodology  |  Verchenova E.A.

On the Problem of Applying Sociometric Techniques in Cross-Cultural Research (with Chinese Student Groups as an Example)

Social Psychology  |  Grigoryev D.S.

Russian Adaptation and Validation of Tobacyk's Revised Paranormal Belief Scale

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In memory of Galina M. Andreeva

In memory of Galina M. Andreeva

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Archive. Recollections

Kondratyev M.Yu.

O True Head of the Psychological Institute, Where Art Thou? Recollections of the Past with Hope for the Future

Theory and Methodology  | 

Unfeminine Symbol of Authoritarianism at the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Recollections of the Early 1980s.

Scientific Life  |  Kondratyev M.Yu.

Professional Psychological Community: Those Were the Days…

Theory and Methodology  |  Kondratyev M.Yu.

Psychology and Pedagogy: Mismatching of Tasks and a Case of a Fruitful Union in Soviet Education Practice

Scientific Life  |  Kondratyev M.Yu.

On the Portrait of the Russian Professional Psychological Community: Sparkles of Reality on the Official Tailcoat

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In Memory of A.A. Belik

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Index of articles published in the Journal of Social Psychology and Society in 2015

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Editor's Column

Memorable Dates  |  Tolstykh N.N.

On the 60th Birthday of Mikhail Yu. Kondratyev

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Empirical Research

Social Psychology  |  Radina N.K.

M.Yu. Kondratyev’s Social Psychological Phenomenon of “Closedness”: From a “Closed Group” to a “Closed Society”

Social Psychology  |  Sachkova M.Y.

Current Approach to the Study of Status Relations in Student Groups within the Framework of the School of Thought of the Department of Social Psychology at MSUPE

Social Psychology  |  Labunskaya V.A., Kapitanova E.V.

Self-Assessment and Appearance Evaluation in Student Group as Predictors in Relationships of Interpersonal Significance

Social Psychology  |  Sobkin V.S., Kalashnikova E.A.

On the Issue of Pedagogical Authority

Social Psychology  |  Pogodina A. V., Litvinova E.Yu., Kharchenko M.A.

Competence Approach to the Training of Organizational Psychologists in the Context of Reforms in Higher Education

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Social Psychology  |  Kondratyev M.Yu.

The role and professional functions of social psychologist at secondary school

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Index of articles published in the Journal of Social Psychology and Society in 2016

Index of articles published in the Journal of Social Psychology and Society in 2016

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Intercultural interaction

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Memorable Dates, Scientific Life  | 

On the jubilee of Vera A. Labunskaya

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Ot redaktzii

Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Tolstykh N.N.

Foreword by the Editor

Discussions and Discourses  | 

Foreword by the Editor

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