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Аддиктивное поведение: профилактика и реабилитация

Материалы конференции

Издатель: Московский государственный психолого-педагогический университет

Год издания: 2011


Addiction Education and Treatment

Рубрика: Секционные заседания

Тип: материалы конференции

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Фрагмент статьи

The prevention and treatment of addictive behavior and its concurrent disorders have long been studied, researched, written about, experimented with. There has been progress toward these ends with much work yet to be done.

Among early pioneers working with alcoholics was the Swedish Doctor Magnus Huss who labeled alcoholism ‘chronic relapsing disease’ in 1849.  A century later the American Medical Association agreed in 1956.  Dr. Elvin Morton Jellinek published his famous curve in 1960 illustrating the progression, course of, and result of this addictive disease.  The ascending side of the Jellinek Curve represents the recovery process, which must continue for a life time because this disease of addiction is still today incurable.  There are many assessment tools to gauge the patient’s stage of  addiction in order to apply the appropriate modality of treatment.  There are more than 50 of these professional assessments available in the US


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