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Аддиктивное поведение: профилактика и реабилитация

Материалы конференции

Издатель: Московский государственный психолого-педагогический университет

Год издания: 2011


Presentation by Dr Martien Kooyman Moscow April 20th 2011. The treatment of addiction. Who can we treat when and how? 15

Рубрика: Приложения

Тип: материалы конференции

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In the Netherlands we made many mistakes in our drug policies, such as prescribing Methadone to heroin addicts without further treatment, calling that harm reduction or allowing coffee-shops to sell cannabis. Most coffee-shops are now in the hands of criminal organizations.

However I can also tell some positive facts. We have very few cases of H.I.V. infected drug users. This is not the result of the distribution of methadone, but because the percentage of intravenous use of hard dugs dropped from around 80 % in the eighties to 11% nowadays. An addicts who uses needles is seen in the addict scene as sick or stupid (and nobody likes to be called stupid). Those who still use needles are always using their own equipment and know how to clean it.


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