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Experimental Psychology (Russia) - №1 / 2022
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Experimental Psychology (Russia)

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

ISSN (printed version): 2072-7593

ISSN (online): 2311-7036


License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published since 2008

Published quarterly

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Experimental Psychology (Russia)

[Eksperimental'naâ psihologiâ]

General Psychology  |  Chikhman V.N., Shelepin Yu.E., Foreman N., Passmore P., Vakhrameeva O.A., Pronin S.V.

Invariance of Visual Perception

Innovative Models  |  Shehter E.D., Grechenko T.N.

Two Types of Photoreceptors in the Achromatic Visual System of Helix Pomatia

General Psychology  |  Alexandrov Y.I., Krylov A.K.

Peculiarities of Interaction of a Reactive Agent with the Environment: a Model Study

Experimental Psychology  |  Bezdenezhnyh B.N., Medyntsev A.A., Alexandrov Y.I.

System Organization of Behavior, Connected with the Voluntary and Involuntary Assessment of Time Intervals of Various Duration

Experimental Psychology  |  Izmailov Ch.A., Khanmagomedova M.A., Pavlova M.K.

Perception of Colored Objects

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General Psychology  |  Sadov V.A., Shpagonova N.G.

Role of Semantics in Sound Fragments Duration Reproduction

General Psychology  |  Utochkin I.S.

«Dead Zones» in Attention

Social Psychology  |  Elliot M.A., Golovina E.V., Skotnikova I.G.

The Phenomenon of Confidence as Manifested in the Russian and German Cultures

Experimental Psychology  |  Shendyapin V.N., Barabanschikov V.A., Skotnikova I.G.

Confidence in decision: modeling and experimental verification

Experimental Psychology  |  Shpagonova N.G.

Psychophysical characteristics of memory in a laboratory experiment and under natural conditions

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Developmental Psychology  |  Mariutina T.M.

Environmental Influences as Predictors of 7-8 Year old Children Cognitive Development in the Context of Psychogenetics

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Psychology of Perception

General Psychology  |  Barabanschikov V.A.

Perception of Person's Individual Psychological Features Based on a Whole or Partially Occluded Face Image

General Psychology  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Ananyeva K.I., Kharitonov V.N.

The Organization of Eye Movements in the Perception of Facial Images

Social Psychology  |  Sobkin V.S., Markina O.S.

Motivational Structure of Character Behavior (Perception of Fictional Character Behavior Motivation. A Study of Contemporary Teenagers' Responces to the Film "Chuchelo" by Rolan Bykov)

Experimental Psychology  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Diveev D.A.

The Role of Facial Contour in Perception of Individual Psychological Features of a Person

Experimental Psychology  |  Zhegallo A.V.

Temperamental Predictors of Categoriality of Perception of Facial Expressions

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Psycholinguistics and Psychosemantics

Psychology of Art  |  Korotchenko E.A., Petrenko V.F.

Landscape of the Soul. A Psychosemantic Study of Paintings Perception

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Lupenko E.A.

Intermodal Resemblance as a Result of Categorization

Psychological counceling  |  Almayev N.A., Dorodnev A.B., Malkova G.Yu.

Signs of Psychological Trauma in Autobiographical Accounts

Experimental Psychology  |  Voronin A.N., Kochkina O.M.

The Structure of Language Abilities in the Process of Development of Discursive Practice

Experimental Psychology  |  Grebenschikova T.A., Zachesova I.A.

The pursuance of dominant-submissive relationships among family members in daily discourse

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Psychology of States

General Psychology  |  Barabanschikova V.V., Kuznetsova A.S., Zlokazova T.A.

Effectiveness of Psychological Tools of Self-Regulation of Arbitrary Functional Status

Work Psychology  |  Blinnikova I.V., Kapiza M.S., Leonova A.B., Velichkovsky B.B.

Interruptions in Computerized Activity: Strategies of Switching between the Main and the Secondary Tasks

Experimental Psychology  |  Mashin V.A.

Some problems of operator functional states classification

Experimental Psychology  |  Belozerov S.A.

Virtual worlds: an analysis of the psychological effects content of avatar-mediated activity

Experimental Psychology  |  Bogolyubova O.N., Shestakova A.N.

Post-traumatic stress and decision-making: research prospects in the paradigm of neuroeconomics

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Modeling Methods

Innovative Models  |  Mitina O.V., Barabanschikov V.A.

Structural Equations for Latent Curve Modeling

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Innovative Models  |  Demidov A.A., Zhegallo A.V.

SMI Equipment or Eye-Movement Registration: a Test-Drive

Experimental Psychology  |  Zhegallo A.V.

The SMI High Speed System of Registration of Eye Movements: Particular Qualities of Use

Experimental Psychology  |  Okutin O.L., Okutina G.Yu.

The main characteristics and features of application of the Primelec hardware for research of eye micromovements (Report on the visit to the Chair and the Laboratory of Neurology, Сlinic of Zurich University)

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Scientific life

Scientific Life  |  Velichkovsky B.B.

XXIX International Congress of Psychology: Problems of Experimental Psychology

Scientific Life  |  Demidov A.A., Diveev D.A., Marchenko O.P.

'We Have Done It!' (Opening of the Centre of Experimental Psychology of MSUPE)

Scientific Life  |  Marchenko O.P.

Experimental Studies in the Field of Psychology and Neuroscience at the International Conference «Physiology of Human Development»

Experimental Psychology  |  Savchenko T.N.

Mathematical Psychology: Energy Consolidation (Materials of the Conference Dedicated to 75 Years after V .Yu. Krylov Birth)

Scientific Life  |  Marchenko O.P.

New Frontiers in the Study of Analogy. The Second International Conference on the Analogy "ANALOGY-2009"

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New Books

Experimental Psychology  |  Mitkin A.A.

New Books on Experimental Psychology of Perception

Samoylenko E.S.

New experimental psychological studies

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Social Psychology

Social Psychology  |  Morosanova V.I., Indina T.A.

Rationality in Decision-Making, Based on a Political Voting Paradigm

Experimental Psychology  |  Samoylenko E.S., Kostigova O.A., Korbut A.V.

Peculiarities of subject oriented comparison related to schoolchildren with different sociometric status

Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology  |  Skvortsova E.V.

Psychosocial characteristics of football (soccer) fans as the subjects of globalization community

Groshev I.V.

Individually-personal and gender-sexual peculiarities voting determination of electors in candidates information deficit conditions

Experimental Psychology  |  Ananyeva K.I., Demidov A.A., Shvets T.A.

Evaluation of psychological peculiarities of a person based on the image of his face by representatives of different racial groups

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Research Methods

Theory and Methodology  |  Lahlou S., Nosulenko V.N., Samoylenko E.S.

SUBCAM Technology as an Instrument in Psychological Science

Experimental Psychology  |  Belopol'sky V.I.

Method of Registering Human Torsional Eye Movements in Free Situations

Experimental Psychology  |  Diveev D.A., Khoze E.G.

Modern Technological Image Transformation in the Study of Perception of Facial Expression of a Person

Menshikova G.Ya., Kozlovsky S.A., Polyakova N.V.

An investigation of the integrity of the «eye-head-body» system with the use of the virtual reality technique

Experimental Psychology  |  Samoylenko E.S., Nosulenko V.N.

Expedition studies of cognitive-communicative processes in Tozhu Tuvans

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History of Experimental Psychology

History of Psychology  |  Dzhakupov S.M., Madalieva Z.B.

Establishment of Experimental Ethno-Psychology in Kazakhstan

Experimental Psychology  | 

Natural experiment

Experimental Psychology  |  Zorina Z.A., Mandriko E.V., Smirnova A.A.

The importance of the works of N.N. Ladygina-Kots for the development of modern studies of the behavior and psychic of animals (to the 125th anniversary of her birth)

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Mathematical Methods

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Abramochkina V.I., Kuravsky L.S., Marmalyuk P.A., Petrova E.A.

Application of the Wavelet-Based Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Studying Dynamics of Psychological Characteristics

Experimental Psychology  |  Savchenko T.N.

Application of methods of cluster analysis to data processing in psychological studies

Kuravsky L.S., Marmalyuk P.A., Alkhimov V.I., Yuryev G.A.

Mathematical foundations of a new approach to the construction of testing procedures

Experimental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Kuravsky L.S., Yuryev G.A., Ushakov D.V., Yuryeva N.E., Valueva E.A., Lapteva E.M.

Diagnostics basing on testing paths: the method of patterns

Kuravsky L.S., Yuryev G.A., Dumin P.N., Pominov D.A.

Comparative analysis of two new concepts of adaptive training

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Experimental Psychology  |  Nosulenko V.N., Starikova I.V.

Comparison of Sounding of Musical Fragments That Differ in the Way of Encoding

Experimental Psychology  |  Morozov V.P.

Computer Research of Intonational Accuracy of Vocal Speech

Experimental Psychology  |  Lupenko E.A.

Investigation of the Categorical Structure of Perception of Musical Fragments, Transformed with the Help of Contemporary Acoustic Technologies

Experimental Psychology  |  Nosulenko V.N., Starikova I.V.

Method of verbal comparison of acoustic events as the measure of the perceived differences between them

Experimental Psychology  |  Vyskochil N.A., Nosulenko V.N., Starikova I.V.

On some issues of the study of human emotional attitude to acoustic events

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Cognitive Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Velichkovsky B.B.

Performance Capabilities of Cognitive Training as a Method of Correcting Age-related Decline in Cognitive Control

Experimental Psychology  |  Padun M.A.

Cognitive Style and Depression

Experimental Psychology  |  Prokhorov A.O., Yusupov M.G.

The interaction between mental states and cognitive processes of a subject as manifested in students’ learning activities

Experimental Psychology  |  Samoylenko E.S., Nosulenko V.N., Melkumyan T.A.

The role of verbal expression in the comparison of objects in the subjective assessment of the degree of similarity

Experimental Psychology  |  Bezrukih M.M., Komkova Yu.N.

Features of the intellectual development of 15-16 year old children with different PC work experience

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Ecological Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Panyukova Yu.G.

Empirical Studies of Structural Organization of Psychological Representation of Spatially-Subject Environments

Developmental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Lidskaya E.V., Mdivani M.O., Panov V.I.

The agency of cadets and students in the context of subject-environmental interactions with the educational environment

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Kaptsov A.V., Panov V.I.

Interconnection of personal qualities of a subject with ecopsychological types of interaction in activities and communication

Kaptsevich O.A.

Semantic Aspects of Perception of Different Types of Residential Buildings According to the Associative Experiment

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Psychology of Personality

Experimental Psychology  |  Khrisanfova L.A.

Perception of Individual Psychological Characteristics of a Person According to the Structural Features of his Face

Experimental Psychology  |  Markina O.S., Galkina T.V.

Correlation of reflection and creative activity in «I real» and «I ideal»

Experimental Psychology  |  Ratanova T.A.

Reaction time in the system of study of the nature of intelligence and special abilities

Experimental Psychology  |  Samoylenko E.S., Korbut A.V.

The ratio of orientation of subject-based comparison and personal characteristics

Experimental Psychology  |  Kulik S.D., Gunko N.E.

Approach to the solution of the problem of determining psychological personality characteristics by handwriting

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Engineering Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Oboznov A.A., Petrovich D.L.

Assessment of Instrumental Information: Cognitive-Stylistic Characteristics

Experimental Psychology  |  Oboznov A.A., Nazin V.A., Gutsykova S.V., Mironova A.S.

Intelligent system for the formation of conceptual model of technological object

Experimental Psychology  |  Akimova A.Y., Oboznov A.A., Akimova A.I., Razina V.V.

Gender features of ideas of drivers of trust and mistrust to the car

Experimental Psychology  |  Kuravsky L.S., Marmalyuk P.A., Yuryev G.A., Belyaeva O.B., Prokopieva O.Yu.

Flight crew diagnostic using aviation simulator training data

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Developmental Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Kazakova E.V., Morozova L.V.

Peculiarities of Formation of Visual Perception in Seven-to-Eight-Year-Old Northern Children and Risk Factors for Early Dysontogeny

Experimental Psychology  |  Kazakova E.V., Sokolova L.V.

Risk factors in early ontogenesis and peculiarities of verbal development of seven-to-eight-year-old children who live in the conditions of the far north region

Experimental Psychology  |  Butovskaya M.L., Veselovskaya E.V., Postnikova E.A.

Facial symmetry and severity of gender dimorphism in its proportions in the isanzu people, traditional farmers of East Africa

Experimental Psychology  |  Nikitina E.A.

Perception of health by photos of children faces

Experimental Psychology  |  Kotov A.A., Kotova T.N.

The influence of categorization level on inductive reasoning in two and three-year children

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Psychology of Influence

Experimental Psychology  |  Galkina T.V., Simonova M.S.

The applications of methods and techniques of self-regulation for the development of creative capacities

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Psychology of Abilities

Experimental Psychology  |  Budrina E.G.

Specificity of the intellectual development of adolescents in different models of learning

Experimental Psychology  |  Voronin A.N.

Situational and interpersonal determinants of intelligence and creativity

Experimental Psychology  |  Bogoyavlenskaya D.B., Artemenkov S.L., Joukova E.S.

Longitudinal Study on the Development of Giftedness

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Psychology of Labor

Experimental Psychology  |  Velichkovsky B.B., Zlokazova T.A., Kapiza M.S.

The efficiency of interruption handling in free and forced switching tasks

Experimental Psychology  |  Grishunina E.V., Sautenkova N.N.

Personality of a professional on different stages of the career

Experimental Psychology  |  Oboznov A.A., Volkov E.V., Chernetskaya E.D.

Associative experiment in a study of conceptual models in operators of nuclear power plants

Experimental Psychology  |  Petrash M.D.

Psychological content and factors of incipient professional-development crisies at the early stages of professional activity

Experimental Psychology  |  Bessonova Yu.V.

Typology of mental representations of professional tasks of nuclear energy specialists

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Mathematical Psychology

Experimental Psychology  | 

Model of psychosocial dissonance in gender-age social groups (on the example of communicative-volitional mind components)

Experimental Psychology  |  Mashin V.A.

Methodological issues of application of factor analysis to psychophysiological studies

Experimental Psychology  |  Marmalyuk P.A.

Analysis of indicators of the moral state of society in Europe: assessment of the adequacy of the factor model using criterion based on the self-organizing map (Kohonen map)

Experimental Psychology  |  Kornilov S.A.

Longitudinal studies: theory and methods

Experimental Psychology  |  Kuravsky L.S., Yuryev G.A.

Probabilistic method of filtering artifacts in adaptive testing

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Psychology of Mental State

Experimental Psychology  |  Burdakov D.S.

Self-regulation of individuals with different types of functional brain asymmetry and mental strain

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Comparative Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Khvatov I.A.

Specific self-reflexion in cockroach Periplaneta americana

Experimental Psychology  |  Khvatov I.A., Kharitonov A.N.

Modification of the plan of body motion in the learning process in solving the problem of finding the workaround by snails Achatina fulica

Experimental Psychology  |  Grechenko T.N., Kharitonov A.N., Sumina E.L., Sumin D.L.

Genesis of memory

Experimental Psychology  |  Khvatov I.A., Kharitonov A.N., Sokolov A.Yu.

How crickets Gryllus assimilis relate physical characteristics of their bodies to environmental objects in spatial orientation

Experimental Psychology  |  Shishelova A.Yu., Aliev R.R., Raevsky V.V.

Early sensory experience determines variety of exploratory behavior in adult age

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Experimental Methodology

Experimental Psychology  |  Voronin A.N., Luchinina E.V.

Discriminability of verbal and non-verbal methods of assessment of aggression

Experimental Psychology  |  Okutin O.L., Okutina G.Yu.

Evaluation and leveling eye-tracker «noise»

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Research Instruments

Experimental Psychology  |  Khashchenko V.A.

Subjective economic well-being and its measurement: constructing and validating a questionnaire

Experimental Psychology  |  Kireeva E.A., Dubovitskaya T.D.

Methods of the investigation of the features of self-confirming in adolescence

Experimental Psychology  |  Vasanov A.Yu., Marchenko O.P., Mashanlo A.S.

Approbation of standard measures of emotional pictures from IAPS system on Russian sample

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Experimental Psychology  | 

An involuntary memory research method

Zherdev I.Yu., Barabanschikov V.A.

Hardware-software system for study of complex images’ visual perception during saccadic eye movements in man

Lyakso E.E., Bednaya E.D., Grigoriev A.S., Kurazhova A.V., Ogorodnikova E.A., Sitdikov V.M., Stolyarova E.I.

Multimedia sensory environment model «INFANT.MAVS» for the study of psychophysiological state of children of the first year of life

Experimental Psychology  |  Kornilova T.V., Chumakova M.A.

Tolerance and intolerance of ambiguity in the modification of Budner’s questionnaire

Experimental Psychology  |  Valyavko S.M., Knyazev K.E.

Using projective methods for diagnostic of personality development in preschool children with general speech underdevelopment

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Experimental Psychology  |  Okutin O.L., Okutina G.Yu., Butusova M.I.

On temperament typology in teaching general psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Zhegallo A.V.

Methods of eye tracking in Psychology: educational program

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Educational Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Cheremoshkina L.V., Osinina T.N.

Forgetting of educational material

Experimental Psychology  |  Cheremoshkina L.V., Murafa S.V.

Mnemonic capacity of primary school children with impaired mental function

Experimental Psychology  |  Valyavko S.M., Averyanova E.V.

Methodolody of the study of value orientations of pre-school children: the experience of designing

Experimental Psychology  |  Ikhsanova S.G., Komakov V.V.

Psychodiagnostic principles of the formation of the individual educational trajectory of a higher educational institution student

Experimental Psychology  |  Bandurka T.N.

Awareness of multimodality of perception as a way of development of subjectivity and understanding of spiritual-moral sources in students

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Theory and Methodology

Experimental Psychology  |  Samoylenko E.S.

On the polysystems approach in psychological investigation of comparison

Experimental Psychology  |  Karpov A.V.

Experiment in the research of the decision-making processes: problems and prospects

Experimental Psychology  |  Reznikova J.I., Panteleeva S.N., Levenets Y.V.

Analysis of behavioral patterns based on the ideas of Kolmogorov complexity: a search for a common methodological approach in ethology and psychology

Nosulenko V.N.

Integration Issues of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Psychological Research

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Psychology of Emotions

Experimental Psychology  |  Prokhorov A.O., Artischeva L.V.

The image of the mental state: dynamic and structural characteristics

Experimental Psychology  |  Kravchenko Yu.E.

Feeling and emotional behavior repression

Experimental Psychology  |  Frolova O.V., Lyakso E.E.

Manifestation of the emotional states of children, brought up in family and orphanage, and their recognition by adults

Developmental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Pankratova A.A., Lyusin D.V.

Videos for eliciting emotions in the laboratory settings: normative data and cross-cultural analysis

Developmental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Zhegallo A.V.

Recognition of peripherally exposed emotional expressions

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Experimental Psychology  |  Demidov A.A.

Experimental psychology in Russia: trajectories of development. Minutes of the Outdoor Meeting of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Education


Experimental Psychology  | 

To our readers

Experimental Psychology  | 

To our readers

To our readers

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In Memoriam

Jerome S. Bruner

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Khvatov I.A., Kharitonov A.N.

Specifics of self-reflection in Achatina fulica

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Professional Psychology

Yurov I.A.

Empirical study of sports personality

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Psychology of Attention

Kornev A.N., Lyublinskaya V.V., Stolyarova E.I.

Selective auditory attention in children of preschool age

Experimental Psychology  |  Osokina E.S., Chernyshev B.V., Chernysheva E.G., Ivanov M.V.

Auditory attention under binary choise of response based on feature integration in dependence on temperament

Experimental Psychology  |  Stroganova T.A., Orekhova E.V., Galuta I.A.

Monotropism of attention in autistic children

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Labor Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Ryabov V.B.

Management of the quality of working life in organization using cognitive maps

Experimental Psychology  |  Grigoryan L.K., Lebedeva N.M.

Cross-cultural study of the role of informal relations in the formation of organizational loyalty

Experimental Psychology  |  Barabanschikova V.V., Epanchintseva A.V.

The role of workloads stability in forming the functional state of call centers employees

Experimental Psychology  |  Terekhina N.S., Sergienko E.A., Lekalov A.A., Zvenigorodsky P.V.

Relationship of behavior control and subjective well-being in representatives of different professions

Experimental Psychology  |  Kovalev A.I., Menshikova G.Ya., Klimova O.A., Barabanschikova V.V.

The content of professional activity as a factor of application efficiency of virtual reality technology

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Pakhomov A.P.

The sentence completion test (Sacks & Levy) as a training manual

Experimental Psychology  |  Gerasimova A.S.

Value-normative method of evaluation of educational motivation of students

Experimental Psychology  |  Vasanov A.Yu., Marchenko O.P., Sevostyanova M.S.

Selection of culture-specific emotion evocative pictures for experimental studies

Organizational Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Sidorenkov A.V.

Development and Testing of a Two-Factor Questionnaire of Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Employees

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Pilyugin E.R., Suleimanov R.F.

Method of Measuring Psychological Defense

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Psychologist's notes

Ponomarenko V.A.

«A man who flies»

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Psychology of Communication

Experimental Psychology  |  Kuznetsova O.O.

The study of communication of children of preschool age in joint activity

Experimental Psychology  |  Ulanova A.Y., Sergienko E.A.

Informational success of communication at different stages of theory of mind development

Experimental Psychology  |  Velichkovsky B.B., Izmalkova A.I.

Effect of verbal working memory load during the oculomotor activity in visual search

Experimental Psychology  |  Afinogenova V.A., Pavlova N.D.

Intentional patterns in replicas of interlocutors

Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Pavlova N.D., Grebenschikova T.A.

Post-eventual discourse in online communities: intentional structure and the manners of discursive impact

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Experimental Psychology  |  Belopolskaya N.L.

Concepts of mental health and pathology: psychological criteria

Experimental Psychology  |  Mendelevich V.D.

Problem of diagnostics of mental and behavioural disorders during the postmodernism era

Experimental Psychology  |  Zwaan L.

The psychology of diagnostic error

Experimental Psychology  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Moskacheva M.A., Rychkova O.V., Pugovkina O.D., Krasnova-Goleva V.V., Dolnykova A.A., Tsarenko D.M., Rumyantseva Yu.M.

Comparison of the ability to mentalization in patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective psychosis based on the methodology «Understanding the mental state of theeyes»

Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Almayev N.A., Murasheva O.V., Bessonova Yu.V., Kiselyova N.I.

Content-analyses scales of the social motivation test. Results of correlation and factor analyses. Part 2

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Psychophysiology and Comparative Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Stroganova T.A., Orekhova E.V., Galuta I.A.

Neural basis of attention orienting abnormalities in children with autism

Experimental Psychology  |  Shevchenko Yu.S.

Sociobiology and pathopsychology of kleptomania

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Clinical Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Kamenetskaya E.V., Rebeko T.A.

Representation of physical self and protection of ego in women with eating disorders

Experimental Psychology  |  Polskaya N.A.

Self-injurious acts in patients with bordeline personality disorders

Experimental Psychology  |  Turovskaya N.G.

Pathology of memory in the structure of mental development disorders in children with convulsive paroxysms

Experimental Psychology  |  Shchelkova O.Yu., Eremina D.A.

Psychosocial and clinical factors of cognitive functioning of patients with coronary heart disease after coronary stent

Clinical Psychology  |  Shalaginova I.G., Vakoliuk I.A.

The characteristics of eye movements in patients with anxiety disorders during recognition of emotions in facial expressions

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Psychology of Thought

Experimental Psychology  |  Tyumeneva Yu.A., Goncharova M.V.

Following the template: transfer of modeling skills to new problems

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, General Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Lebedev A.N.

Quasi-experimental study of decision-making under conditions of equal choice

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Literature, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Thought, Theory and Methodology  |  Selivanov V.V.

The theory of thinking as a process: an experimental confirmation

Experimental Psychology  |  Luneva A.R., Korovkin S.Yu.

The research of the role of interhemispheric interaction in problem solving: some behavioral and physiological results

Experimental Psychology  |  Sukharev A.V., Timokhin V.V., Vydrina E.A., Shaporeva A.A.

The role of different meaninigs of ethnic function of images in change of the indicators of the intelligence level

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Psychology of Motivation

Experimental Psychology  |  Karpov A.V., Karpova E.V.

Experimental study of the relationship of intensity of motivation and the structural organization of the cognitive sphere of personality

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From Editorial Board

Experimental Psychology, Life Itself, Literature, Social Psychology  | 

Appeal to the reader

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Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Gavrilova E.V., Belova S.S.

Incidental information processing and verbal intelligence

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Psychology of Thinking

Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Krasnov E.V.

Personality traits and intelligence as predictors of decision making process in gambling strategies of IOWA gambling task (on the sample of military executives)

Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Selivanov V.V.

Thinking processes in the functional structure of intelligence

Developmental Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Lapteva E.M., Valueva E.A., Zaidelman L.Ya., Zinina A.A.

Incubation Research: Potential of Within Subject and Between Subject Experimental Design

Experimental Psychology  |  Epishin V.E.

Uncertainty Control Strategies in Solving of Prognostic Tasks

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Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Malanov S.V.

Actualization of semantic content of the expression depending on negative particles and verbal instructions “to remember” or “to forget”

Developmental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Fedorova O.V., Zherdev I.Yu.

Follow the hands of the interlocutor! (on strategies for the distribution of visual attention)

Developmental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Vorontsov K.A., Grigoriev A.A.

The effects of psycholinguistic variables on the behavior of associative processes

Psycholinguistics, Theory and Methodology  |  Kovalev A.K., Kuznetsova Y.M., Penkina M.Y., Stankevich M.A., Chudova N.V.

Possibilities of automatic text analysis in the task of determining the psychological characteristics of the author

Developmental Psychology  |  Kurazhova A.V., Lyakso E.E.

Speech Interaction in Triads «Mother—Dizygotic Twins» at the Age of the Children 4—6 Years

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Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Prokhorov A.O., Yusupov M.G.

Reflexive layer of cognitive states

Ethnopsychology, Experimental Psychology, Policy Documents, Psycholinguistics, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Grigoriev A.A., Ushakova T.N.

Investigating wordʼs semantic component with qualitative analysis

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Behavioral Genetics

Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychophysiology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Ermakov P.N., Vorobyeva E.V., Kovsh E.M., Stoletniy A.S.

Feratures of induced brain activity during the analysis of emotional images of carriers of polymorphic variants of genes BDNF and HTR2A

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Psychology of art

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Kubrak T.A., Grebenschikova T.A., Pavlova N.D.

Psychological profile of a modern viewer: the structure and correlates of movie preferences

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Art, Theory and Methodology  |  Artemenkov S.L., Shookova G.V., Mironova K.V.

The Factor of Visual Symmetry Perception in Aesthetic Experience

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Psychology of Intelligence

Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Sukharev A.V., Timokhin V.V., Vydrina E.A., Shaporeva A.A.

Experimental research of the role of psychological ethnofunctional conditions in increasing of intelligence level

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Razumnikova O.M., Yashanina A.A., Asanova N.V.

Meaning of verbal, spatial and emotional components of intelligence in the self-assessment of quality of life at a young age

Developmental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology, Work Psychology  |  Grigoriev A.A., Lapteva E.M.

Intellectual competitiveness of a country: the problem of national IQ mediation

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Sugonyaev K.V., Grigoriev A.A.

The Flynn Effect in Russia

Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics  |  Margolis A.A., Kuravsky L.S., Voitov V.K., Gavrilova E.V., Ermakov S.S., Petrova G.A., Shepeleva E.A., Yurkevich V.S.

Intelligence, creativity, and ‘PLines’ computer game performance by middle school age students

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To the 10-th anniversary of the center of experimental psychology «Works of the members of the Institute of the Experimental Psychology, MSUPE»

Experimental Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Art  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Lupenko E.A., Shunto A.S.

Perception of the identity of the person depicted in the photo and in the portrait of the face

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Professional Activity, Theory and Methodology  |  Samoylenko E.S., Bogdanova I.V.

Modern ideas about types of knowledge and experience in psychological research of the problem of their capitalization

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Nosulenko V.N., Terekhin V.A.

Knowledge transfer: an overview of the models and technologies

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Khoze E.G., Korolkova O.A., Zhizhnikova N.Yu., Zubareva M.V.

Perception of facial emotional expressions by representatives of Asian and European cultural groups

Experimental Psychology, Innovative Models, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Professional Activity, Theory and Methodology  |  Ananyeva K.I., Basul I.A., Kharitonov A.N.

Isostatic oculomotor patterns in the visual perception of the faces of the self’s and the other’s race

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Psychology of managment

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Karpov A.V., Karpov А.А., Karabuschenko N.B., Ivashchenko A.V.

Dynamics of metacognitive determinants of management activity in the process of professionalization

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Health psychology

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Bovina I.B., Dvoryanchikov N.V., Dany L., Aim M.-A., Milekhin A.V., Gayamova S.Yu., Yakushenko A.V.

Health representations of children and adolescents

Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Social Psychology  | 

Comparative analysis of clinical and psychosocial characteristics of patients with different dynamics of cognitive functioning after coronary artery bypass grafting

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Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Innovative Models, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Sozinov A.A., Bokhan A.I., Alexandrov Y.I.

A software for assessment of new experience formation and problem solving under achievement or avoidance conditions

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Experimental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Tereschenko T.V., Sokolov P.B., Goncharov O.A.

Graphic-motor adaptation to computer distortions between coordinates of the visual and motor fields

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Khokhlov N.A., Kovyazina M.S., Vasilevskaya N.V., Vasilieva K.A.

Interrelation between fixation asymmetry and gnostic asymmetry in the visual system: what is the leading eye?

Developmental Psychology, Literature, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Scientific Life, Theory and Methodology  |  Mikadze Yu.V., Chernorizov A.M., Skvortsov A.A., Pilecheva A.V., Troshina E.M., Isaichev S.A.

Models and methods for the study of information processing in the processes of naming the subject and relating the name to the subject

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Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Melehin A.I.

The effect of geriatric status on the subjective speed of time in elderly

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Forensic psychology

Abilities, Giftedness, Talent, Experimental Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Labor Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Professional Activity, Theory and Methodology, Work Psychology  |  Zhbankova O.V., Gusev V.B.

Application of the eye tracker in the practice of professional selection of personnel

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Cross-Cultural Psychology

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychophysiology, Theory and Methodology  |  Shlyapnikov V.N., Avdeeva O.V.

Features of Volitional Regulation of Komi-Zyryans and Russians

Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Ananyeva K.I., Basul I.A., Demidov A.A., Tovuu N.O.

Auto and Heterostereotypes of Tuvans and Komi: a Correspondence Analysis

Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Shlyapnikov V.N.

Gender Differences in the State of Volitional Regulation among Various Ethnic Groups of the Russian Federation and the CIS

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Organizational psychology

Developmental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Barabanschikova V.V., Ivanova S.A.

The structure-function and content aspects of procrastination in employees of organization

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Psychology of physicality

Developmental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Rasskazova E.I., Migunova Y.M.

Positive and negative priming as a factor of bodily sensations in the healthy controls (on the sensations in head and neck)

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Personality Psychology

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Zhegallo A.V., Khoze E.G., Solomonova A.V.

Nonverbal predictors in the estimates of truthful and deceptive statements

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Empirical research

Kovaleva M.E., Bulygina V.G., Noss I.N., Kabanova T.N.

The impact of tolerance on uncertainty on the mental adaptation of servicemen

Experimental Psychology  |  Teslavskaia O.I., Savchenko T.N.

Subjective quality of life and psychological adaptation of individuals with low, normal and high level of escapism

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Face science

Developmental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Lupenko E.A., Shunto A.S.

Observer’s Vision of a personality of a Human, who is Depicted on an Artistic Portrait or a Photograph

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Besprozvannaya I.I., Zhegallo A.V.

The structure of ideas about yourself and others (according to a photographic image and a schematic image)

Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Barabanschikov V.A.

Configurational relations of a face as a source of information about personality

Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics  |  Melehin A.I.

Metacognitive abilities in the elderly: specificity and predictors

Ethnopsychology, Experimental Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Ananyeva K.I., Zhegallo A.V.

Differentiation of different race face in micro time intervals

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Ecologial Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Mdivani M.O., Alexandrova E.S.

Pandemic in the Context of on Environmental Consciousness

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Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology

Samuleeva M.V., Smirnova A.A., Zorina Z.A.

Sign-reference equivalence research methods in humans and animals

Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Grechenko T.N., Kharitonov A.N., Zhegallo A.V.

Social structures and communications in the world of microorganisms

Developmental Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Grechenko T.N., Kharitonov A.N., Zhegallo A.V., Sumina E.L., Sumin D.L.

Synchronization of Electrical Oscillations in the Organization of Social Life of Microorganisms

Experimental Psychology  |  Khvatov I.A., Sokolov A.Yu., Kharitonov A.N.

Rats May Take into Account Dtheir Own Body Weight

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Methodology of Psychology

Theory and Methodology  |  Kharlamenkova N.E., Yeskin N.A., Snetkov A.I., Akinshina A.D., Batrakov S.Y., Vilenskaya G.A., Dan I.M., Dan M.V., Matveychuk N.N., Nikitina E.A.

True and pseudo-interdisciplinary researches: The principles of a system-structural approach to the medical-and-psychological projects planning

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Judical Psychology

Juridical Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Telesheva K.Yu., Storozheva Z.I., Myamlin V.V., Kirenskaya A.V., Safuanov F.S.

Psychophysiological correlates of personality factors of impulsive aggression in subjects with personality disorders and in mentally healthy subjects

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Mental Processes and Digital Environment

Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Voronin A.N., Kubrak T.A.

Conceptualization of the Phenomenon of Subjectness of the Network Community Using a Grounded Theory Method

Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Blinnikova I.V., Zlokazova T.A., Grigorovich S.S., Burmistrov I.V.

Two-Stage Search on Web Pages: Effects of Information Organisation and Task Complexity

Innovative Models, Organizational Psychology  |  Vorobeva V.P., Perepelkina O.S., Arina G.A.

Equivalence of the Classical Rubber Hand Illusion and the Virtual Hand Illusion

Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Education  |  Martyushova Y.G.

Motivation of Use of e-Learning Tools in Pedagogical Professional Activity and Didactic Principles of their Design

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Psychology of Appearance

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Drozdova I.I., Serikov G.V.

Perception of Parental Assessments of Appearance in Connection with Concern among High School Students

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Shamionov R.M.

Determinants of Discriminatory Attitudes Based on External Signs and Manifestations

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Psychology of Road Traffic

Social Psychology  |  Kharchenko M.A., Plotnikova M.A.

Developing Safe Driving Attitudes Among Novice Drivers

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Methodology of Experiment

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Leontiev D.A.

Difficulties with Replication and Vulnerability of Refutation: the Case of “Ego Depletion Effect”

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Psychology of Virtual Reality

Barabanschikov V.A., Marinova M.M.

Deepfake in Face Perception Research

Experimental Psychology  |  Selivanov V.V.

Mental States of a Personality in a Didactic VR Environment

Experimental Psychology  |  Selivanov V.V., Sorochinsky P.V.

Mechanisms and Regularities of Influence of Educational Virtual Reality on Human Thinking

Experimental Psychology  |  Anikina V.G., Pobokin P.A., Ivchenkova J.Y.

The Use of Virtual Reality in Overcoming the State of Anxiety

Experimental Psychology  |  Kapustina V.U., Zikeeva E.A.

Formation of Educational Motivation and Thinking in Students by Means of Virtual Reality

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Sports Psychology

Malanov S.V., Subaeva A.S.

Motivation, Will, Goal Setting and the Growth of Sportsmanship of Middle and Long Distance Runners

Experimental Psychology  |  Bochaver K.A., Dovzhik L.M., Bondarev D.V., Savinkina A.O.

Mental Skills of an Athlete as a Resource of Professional Longevity in Sport

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Theme Heading: RFBR Competition of Scientific Review Articles "Expansion"

Experimental Psychology  |  Ananyeva K.I.

Other Race Effect: Theoretical Concepts, Research Tools, Experimental Data

Experimental Psychology  |  Kulieva A.K., Tikhonov R.V., Ivanchei I.I.

Theory and Practice of Awareness Measurement in Experimental Cognitive Research

Experimental Psychology  |  Prokhorov A.O.

Mental Mechanisms of Psychological States Regulation

Experimental Psychology  |  Murtazina E.P., Buyanova I.S.

Studies of Interrelated Changes in Brain Activity During Social Interactions Using Hyperscanning

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