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Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology

Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology
ISSN (printed version): 2658-3607
ISSN (online): 2658-6010

Psychological Science and Education

Psychological Science and Education
ISSN (printed version): 1814-2052
ISSN (online): 2311-7273

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy
ISSN (printed version): 2075-3470
ISSN (online): 2311-9446

Cultural-Historical Psychology

Cultural-Historical Psychology
ISSN (printed version): 1816-5435
ISSN (online): 2224-8935

Social Psychology and Society

Social Psychology and Society
ISSN (printed version): 2221-1527
ISSN (online): 2311-7052

Experimental Psychology (Russia)

Experimental Psychology (Russia)
ISSN (printed version): 2072-7593
ISSN (online): 2311-7036
Editor's Choice

Clinical Psychology  |  Cherenkova L.V., Sokolova L.V.

Clinical Psychology and Special Education  Visual Priming in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social Psychology  |  Shapovalenko I.V.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  Modern parenthood: new research approaches

 |  Rubtsov V.V., Isaev E.I., Konokotin A.V.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Learning Activity as The Zone of Proximal Development of Reflexive and Communicative Abilities of Children Aged 6—10 Years

Social Psychology  |  Tatarko A.N.

Social Psychology and Society  Researches on Social Capital in a Multicultural Society: Theoretical and Methodological Problems and Key Results

 |  Davydova E.Yu., Khilkevich E.V., Khaustov A.V., Davydov D.V., Sorokin A.B.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  Inclusive Environment for Working with Children with ASD Organisation Problems in Different Types of Museums

 |  Rubtsov V.V., Ulanovskaya I.M.

Psychological Science and Education  The Influence of Ways of Organizing Learning Interactions on the Development of Communicative and Reflexive Abilities of Children 6—10 Years Old

Educational Psychology  |  Kozulin A.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Why Teachers Need Metacognition Training?

 |  Hautamäki Ja., Podolskiy A.I

Psychological Science and Education  The Finnish Education as an Individualized Service System with a Reference to Students with Special Educational Needs

Clinical Psychology  |  Parenteau C.I., Tsipan R.M., Hendren R.L.

Autism and Developmental Disorders  Integrating Treatment for Autism: Psychiatric Comorbidities and Comprehensive Treatment

Developmental Psychology  |  Veraksa N.E., Veresov N.N., Veraksa A.N., Sukhikh V.L.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Modern Problems of Children's Play: Cultural-Historical Context

Developmental Psychology  |  Fleer M., Fragkiadaki G., Rai P.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Methodological Challenges of Studying Children in a Living Laboratory: Case example of Conceptual PlayLab

Developmental Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Two Approaches to the Problem of Development in the Context of Social Interactions: L.S. Vygotsky vs J. Piaget

Cultural-Historical Psychology: Traditions and Innovations  |  Hedegaard M., Lyberth N.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Construction of a Scale for Investigating Pre-School Children’s Social Situations of Development: Focusing on Activities instead of Abilities

Archive  |  Leontiev A.N.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Mental Development in Early Childhood

Cultural-Historical Psychology: Traditions and Innovations  |  Stetsenko A.P.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Critical Challenges in Cultural-Historical Activity Theory: the Urgency of Agency

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Daniels H.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Vygotsky: Between Socio-Cultural Relativismand Historical Materialism. From a Psychologicalto a Pedagogical Perspective

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Burmenskaya G.V., Almazova O.V., Karabanova O.A., Zakharova E.I., Dolgikh A.G., Molchanov S.V., Sadovnikova T.Yu.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  Girls’ Emotional and Meaningful Attitude to Motherhood

Educational Psychology  |  Leontiev D.A., Osin E.N., Dosumova S.Sh., Rzaeva F.R., Bobrov V.V.

Psychological Science and Education  Study-Related Experiences and Their Association with Psychological Well-Being

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Obukhova O.L.

Psychological-Educational Studies  The diagnostics of information texts’ understanding quality

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Kholmogorova A.B., Volikova S.V., Sorokova M.G.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  Standardization of the test «Family Emotional Communication»

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Ermakov S.S.

Psychological-Educational Studies  Special Features of Intellectual Abilities Computer Diagnostics of Pupils of 6-9 classes

General Psychology  |  Zelikson D.I.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  The interrelation between mindfulness and subjective well-being

Educational Psychology  |  Belkin Ph.A.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  Gamification in education

Theory and Methodology  |  Kholmogorova A.B.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Significance of Cultural-Historical Theory of Psychological Development of L.S. Vygotsky for the Development of Modern Models of Social Cognition and Psychotherapy

Theory and Methodology  |  Zaretsky V.K.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Vygotsky's Principle "One Step in Learning - One Hundred Steps In Development": From Idea To Practice

Theory and Methodology  |  Gordeeva T.O., Osin E.N., Suchkov D.D., Ivanova T.Y., Sychev O.A., Bobrov V.V.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Self-Control as a Personality Resource: Assessment and Associations with Performance, Persistence and Well-Being

Social Psychology  |  Eidelman G.N.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  The features of beliefs at different levels of psychological well-being among today's youth

Social Psychology  |  Koroleva D.O.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  A study of the daily life of modern teenagers: the presence in social networks as an integral component of communication

Scientific Life  |  Smirnova E.O.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Modern Toys: Risks and Dangers (Materials from the Workshop at the MSUPE Center for Play and Toys)

Pedagogical Education  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Gayazova L.A., Sergomanov P.A.

Psychological Science and Education  Differentiated Levels of Teacher Qualifications and the Structure of the Professional Teacher Standards

Pedagogical Education  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Kalashnikova T.V., Pechnikova L.S., Frolova N.V.

Psychological Science and Education  Electronic Learning in Educational Process: Problems and Perspectives

Pedagogical Education  |  Rubtsov V.V., Guruzhapov V.A.

Psychological Science and Education  Designing the Master Research Program Taking into Account the Results of Approbation and Implementation of the Professional Standard of the Teacher

Pedagogical Education  |  Margolis A.A., Arzhanykh E.V., Gurkina O.А., Novikova E.M.

Psychological Science and Education  Teachers’ Opinion about Implementation of the Professional Standard: Results of Sociological Research

Pedagogical Education  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Sergomanov P.A.

Psychological Science and Education  Key Outcomes of Approbation and Implementation of Professional Standard for Teachers

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Leontiev D.A., Miyuzova A.E.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  Personality Changes as a Result of Life Enhancement Work

Developmental Psychology  |  Zuckerman G.A.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Play and Learning: How the Two Leading Activities Meet

Experimental Psychology  |  Velichkovsky B.B., Gusev A.N., Vinogradova V.F., Arbekova O.A.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  Cognitive control and a sense of presence in virtual environments

Theory and Methodology  |  Smolyaninova O.G., Korshunova V.V., Kolokolnikova Z.U.

Psychological Science and Education  Testing of Practice-oriented Undergraduate Program in a Networking of Higher and Secondary Education, Siberian Federal University and Lesosobirsk Teacher Training Institute as Examples

Theory and Methodology  |  Gogoberidze A.G., Golovina I.V.

Psychological Science and Education  Model and Training Modules for Applied Bachelors for Work in the Sphere of Pre-school Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Grigoriev S.G., Podbolotova M.I., Fedoseeva Z.R.

Psychological Science and Education  In-depth model of professionally oriented practice undergraduates in the conditions of network interaction in the direction of preparation «Pedagogical education» (Teacher secondary education)

Theory and Methodology  |  Tolkacheva G.N., Volobueva L.M., Izotova E.I., Paramonova M.Yu.

Psychological Science and Education  The Experience, Problems and Prospects of Module-organized Preschool Teacher Training Program within the Network of Higher and Preschool Educational Organisations

Theory and Methodology  |  Fedorov A.A., Sedykh E.P.

Psychological Science and Education  Modeling of Targeted Training and Employment in the System of Pedagogical Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Vinogradov V.L., Panfilov A.N., Panfilova V.M., Rakhmanova A.R.

Psychological Science and Education  Integrated Educational Environment of the University and the School as a Basis for Practice Oriented Teachers Training

Theory and Methodology  |  Kasprzhak A.G., Kalashnikov S.P.

Psychological Science and Education  First Results of Developing the Academic Bachelor and Research Master Program Models under the Modernization Program of Teacher Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Margolis A.A.

Psychological Science and Education  Teacher Training Models in Applied Bachelor and Pedagogical Master Programs

Theory and Methodology  |  Sobolev A.B.

Psychological Science and Education  The Program of Teacher Education: New Challenges (Current Status and Development Trends of State Policy in Higher Teacher Education)

Theory and Methodology  |  Margolis A.A., Safronova M.A., Panfilova A.S., Shishlyannikova L.M.

Psychological Science and Education  Testing of Assessment Tools of Future Teachers Professional Competence

Social Psychology  |  Meshkova N.V., Kondratyev M.Yu.

Social Psychology and Society  Working with Gifted Children and Adolescents within the Educational System: A Social Psychological Component

Social Psychology  |  Agadullina E.R.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  Social networks user: current research

Family Psychology  |  Volikova S.V., Yudeeva T.Yu.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  The family factors of chronic school truancy

Developmental Psychology  |  Maksimova A.A.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  Study of parent-child communication in joint-reading process according the investigation of Beth Ann Beschorner, foreign researcher

Developmental Psychology  |  Polivanova K.N.

Psychological-Educational Studies  Parenting and Parenthoodas Research Domains

Educational Psychology  |  Polivanova K.N.

Psychological Science and Education  Educational Outcomes of Middle School in the Context of International Research

Family Psychology  |  Nozikova N.V.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Psychosemantic System of Social Psychological Goal-Directedness in Families: A Structural Analysis

Social Psychology  |  Belinskaya E.P., Bronin I.D.

Social Psychology and Society  Accuracy of Interpersonal Perception in Mediated Contacts in Social Media

Social Psychology  |  Marinova T.Y., Zaretskaya O.V.

Social Psychology and Society  Social Psychological Aspects of Addiction to Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Developmental Psychology  |  Olofsson B.K., Ermolova T.V.

Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology  Play and the Creative Arts

Theory and Methodology  |  Zaretsky V.K.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  L.S. Vygotsky's Principle "One Step in Learning — A Hundred Steps in Development": In Search of Evidence

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Kevats M.A.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  Phototherapy as a psychotherapeutic tool

Educational Psychology  |  Lazarev V.S.

Psychological Science and Education  Project Activities of Students as a Form of Developmental Teaching

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Soldatova G.U., Shlyapnikov V.N., Zhurina M.A.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy  The evolution of online-risks: the results of helpline "KIDS ONLINE" five years work

Developmental Psychology  |  Obukhova L.F.

Psychological Science and Education  Developmental Psychology at the Beginning of the New Century

 |  Orekhov A.N., Palamonov I.Y.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  Developing "The values of my own life" test

Experimental Psychology  |  Denisenkova N.S., Vyrotskova V.V.

Social Psychology and Society  Relationship between Intellectual Abilities and Conflict Competence in Preschool Children in Various Educational Environments

Educational Psychology  |  Koroleva D.O.

Psychological Science and Education  The Use of Social Networks in Education and Socialization of Adolescents: an Analytical Review of Empirical Studies (International Experience)

Experimental Psychology  |  Reznikova J.I., Panteleeva S.N., Levenets Y.V.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  Analysis of behavioral patterns based on the ideas of Kolmogorov complexity: a search for a common methodological approach in ethology and psychology

Developmental Psychology  |  Kondrashkin A.V.

Psychological-Educational Studies  Role of the Internet in the development of modern teenagers

Theory and Methodology  |  Egorova P.A.

Psychological-Educational Studies  Dream as a subject of psychological research

Developmental Psychology  |  Zaretsky Yu.V., Zaretsky V.K., Kulagina I.Y.

Psychological Science and Education  Tecknique for subject position of students of different ages study

Experimental Psychology  |  Khrisanfova L.A.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  The evaluation of individual psychological characteristics of a person, depending on the structure of his face and individual characteristics of appraisers

Experimental Psychology  |  Danilova N.N., Ushakova T.N., Volkov G.V., Pligina A.M., Strabykina E.A.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  Displaying semantic categories in brain electrical activity

Memorable Dates

Cultural-Historical Psychology  In memory of Vladimir P. Zinchenko

Educational Psychology  |  Miller L.V.

Psychological-Educational Studies  Psychological help in crisis: The limits of professional competence of education system professionals

Social Psychology  |  Marinova T.Y.

Social Psychology and Society  On the Perception of Television Advertisement in Children and Their Parents

Pedagogical Psychology  |  Nuttall J., Edward S., Lee S., Mantilla A., Wood E.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  The implications of young children's digital consumerist play for changing the kindergarten curriculum

Theory and Methodology  |  Rychkova O.V., Kholmogorova A.B.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Social Brain Concept as a Basis for Social Cognition and Its Deficits in Mental Disorders. Part II. 'Social Brain': Structural Components and Connections with Psychopathology

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Daniels H.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Dialectic and Dialogic: The essence of a Vygotskian Pedagogy

Russian Journals Review  |  Archakova T.O.

Social Psychology and Society  Practices of anonymous infant abandonment in Europe and the USA: the diversity of approaches

Clinical Psychology  |  Veschikova M.I., Zvereva N.V.

Clinical Psychology and Special Education  20th Anniversary World Congress of the IACAPAP on child and adolescent psychiatry and associated sciences

 |  Lupenko E.A.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  «Color hearing»: reality or myth?

History of Psychology  |  Galperin P.Ya.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  On Development of Mental Actions and Concepts

Experimental Psychology  |  Ikhsanova S.G., Komakov V.V.

Experimental Psychology (Russia)  Psychodiagnostic principles of the formation of the individual educational trajectory of a higher educational institution student

Clinical Psychology  |  Joosa E.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Drama and dreams: Looking through a Cultural Historical and Semiotic Lens at the Graphic Dramatic Interplay of a Young Adult with Down Syndrome

Theory and Methodology  |  Balestra F.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  Negotiating Selves and Identities in Interaction: between Theory and Methodology

Developmental Psychology  |  Hakkarainen P., Bredikyte M.

Cultural-Historical Psychology  The zone of proximal development in play and learning

Juridical Psychology  |  Pimonov V.A.

Psychology and Law  The direct effect of the Constitution: from law theory to practice

Juridical Psychology  |  Kalashnikova A.S., Dvoryanchikov N.V., Vasilenko T.G.

Psychology and Law  A review of research on the problem of aggression inhibitors (Part 1)

Juridical Psychology  |  Safuanov F.S.

Psychology and Law  History of the development of forensic psychological examination


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