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Cultural-Historical Psychology - №2 / 2022
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Cultural-Historical Psychology

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Cultural-Historical Psychology

[Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya]
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History of Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Bozhovich L.I., Slavina L.S.

Psychology of Children's Imitation (Experimental Psychological Research)

Developmental Psychology  |  Zaporozhets A.V., Lukov G.D.

On the Development of Reasoning in Preschool Children

History of Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Bozhovich L.I.

Speech and practical intellectual activity of a child (an experimental-theoretical study)

History of Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Bozhovich L.I.

Speech and practical intellectual activity of a child (an experimental-theoretical study)

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Shif J.I.

Conditions of successful task solving in high school students with mental retardation (on the material of grammar task)

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Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology  |  Elkoninova L.I., Bazhanova T.V.

Form and Material of Role Play in Preschool Children

Developmental Psychology  |  Liberman A.A.

Concept of Leading Activity: Its Place and Possible Functions

Developmental Psychology  |  Zuckerman G.A.

Supporting Children's Initiative

Developmental Psychology  |  Salmina N.G., Tikhanova I.G.

Inner Position and Social Desirability in Preschool and Early School Age Children

Developmental Psychology  |  Poddyakov A.N.

H. Werner's Comparative Psychology of Development: A Modern Context

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Autobiographical Narrative  |  Korsunskaya E.A.


Autobiographical Narrative, Innovative Models  |  Sapogova E.E.

Event in the structure of biographical text

Autobiographical Narrative, Innovative Models  |  Sapogova E.E.

Event in the structure of biographical text

Developmental Psychology, History of Psychology, Interviews and Essays, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Social Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V.

Sociogenesis of Joint Action: Mutual Understanding between Individuals as a Precondition for Understanding Things. Interview (Carried out by V.T. Kudryavtsev)

Developmental Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Ermolaeva M.V., Lubovsky D.V.

Types of Catharsis in the Perception of Paintings

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Empirical Research

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Goutkina N.I.

Learning Motivation Development in First- and Second-Year Pupils of Modern Elementary School (A Longitudinal Research)

General Psychology  |  Gordeeva O.V., Chetvertkova Ye.V.

A.N. Leontiev's Activity Theory as a Basis for Studying Altered States of Consciousness (Analysing the Dependence of Inspiration Characteristics on Types of Creative Activity)

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Kiselev S.Yu., Permyakova M.Ye., Lapshina Yu.Yu.

Research on Neuropsychological Profile of Children with Specific Speech Disorders

Developmental Psychology  |  Meshcheryakov B.G.

Psychometric Approach to Child Animism

General Psychology  |  Meshcheryakov B.G., Yushchenkova D.V.

Eyes as predictors of perceptible physical attractiveness of women's faces

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Discussions and Discourses

Discussions and Discourses  |  Pechenkov V.V.

Individuality: The Unity of Incompatible

Discussions and Discourses  |  Ermakova I.V., Kondakov I.M.

Cultural-Historical Paradigm: Context of Development

Discussions and Discourses, Psychology of Art  |  Vizgin V.P.

Art Phenomenon and Anthropology of 'Toolness'

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Vasilyuk F.E.


Discussions and Discourses  |  Zinchenko V.P.

The Principle of Active Rest in Thinking and Action

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Psychology Of Art

Psychology of Art  |  Martsinkovskaya T.D.

Art in Modern World: New Forms and New/Old Mechanisms of Influence

Interdisciplinary Researches, Psychology of Art  |  Melik-Pashaev A.A.

Artist's Memory

Psychology of Art  |  Zinchenko V.P.

Psychological Aspects of Art's Influence on Man

Psychology of Art  |  Deregovski Jan B.

On the Perception and Depiction of Three Essential Characteristics of Objects

Psychology of Art  |  Frenkel N.V.

Role of Musical and Cultural Context in Literary Education

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Memorable Dates

Memorable Dates, Psychology of Art  |  Poleva N.S.

Colour as Painting Language in N.N. Volkov's Art Psychology

Memorable Dates  |  Rubtsov V.V.

V. V. Davydov – the founder of scientific school and director of the Psychological Institute

Memorable Dates, Theory and Methodology  |  Zinchenko V.P.

Readiness for thinking

Memorable Dates, Theory and Methodology  |  Mikhailov F.T.

The problem of the method of cultural-historical psychology

History of Psychology, Memorable Dates  |  Zinchenko V.P.

Alexander Vladimirovich Zaporozhets: life and creative work (from sensory action to emotional)

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Psychological Practice

Innovative Models, Educational Psychology  |  Eriksson I.

Contemporary changes in Swedish compulsory schools — changes in actions or the emerging of a new activity

Educational Psychology  |  Daniels H., Leadbetter J., Soares A., MacNab N.

Promoting Creativity within and across schools: An application of Activity Theory

History of Psychology, Psychology of Art  |  Schedrina T.G.

Gustav Shpet Archive as Phenomenon of Cultural-Historical Psychology

Psychological counceling  |  Anikina V.G.

Reflexivity Training as a Mean of Conflict Resolution

Psychological counceling  |  Krasilo A.I.

Socio-Humanistic Analysis of the Psychological Trauma

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Problems of Cultural-Historical and Activity Psychology

Theory and Methodology  |  Sokolova E.E.

Paths of Development of L.S. Vygotsky's Ideas in Kharkov School of Psychology

Theory and Methodology  |  Nazarov A.I.

Retrospection and Perspective of Genetic Method

Developmental Psychology  |  Tolstykh N.N.

The Possibility of Freedom

Theory and Methodology  |  Zhdan A.N.

L.S. Vygotsky and Scientific Schools of Moscow State University: Unity in Diversity

History of Psychology  |  Yasnitsky A.

History of Kharkov school of psychology documentary: period of 1931—1936

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Theory and Methodology  |  Martsinkovskaya T.D.

Two Facets of Methodology

Discussions and Discourses  |  Meshcheryakov B.G., Vinogradova E.M.

Language against Unconscious

Theory and Methodology  |  Gonzalez A.

"Freud In Vygotsky. Unconscious and Language"

General Psychology, Educational Psychology  |  Guruzhapov V.A.

The general psychological introduction to cultural-historical psychology, psychological theory of activity, and problems of education. Reflection on lectures on general psychology by V.V. Davydov

Critique and Bibliography, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Ivanchenko G.V., Ryzhov Yu.V.

Otium post negotium?

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Psychotherapy And Psychocorrection

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Vasilyuk F.E.

Cultural-Anthropological Conditions of Psychotherapeutic Experience

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Kopyev A.F.

On the Dialogical Nature of Psychotherapeutic Experience

Innovative Models, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Theory and Methodology  |  Venger A.L.

The cultural approach in psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Gavrilushkina O.P

The use of sign-symbolic tools by preschool children with intellectual deficiency. The psychocorrectional aspect

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Beglova O.A.

Application Resources of Dance-Motion Techniques in the Process of Stuttering Correction in Adolescents and Adults

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Theory and Methodology

Theory and Methodology  |  Valsiner J.

Culture, Development, and Methodology in Psychology: Beyond Alienation through Data

Theory and Methodology  |  Hoziev V.B.

Tool-Mediation within Cultural-Historical Theory and its Practical Implications

Educational Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Rubtsov V.V.

Social Interaction and Education: Cultural-Historical Context

Theory and Methodology  |  Sapogova E.E.

The аutobiographic narrative in the context of cultural-historical psychology

History of Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Munipov V.M.

Hugo Munsterberg, founder of psychotechnics, as the precursor of L.S.Vygotsky in the methodology of psychological research

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Criticism and Bibliography

Life Itself  |  Milosh Ch.


"Comments on L.S. Vygotsky's Theatrical Reviews" by V.S. Sobkin

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History of Psychology  |  Meshcheryakov B.G.

L.S. Vygotsky and His Name

History of Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Kotliar I.A., Ponomarev I.V.

Review on The Cambridge Companion to Vygotsky

History of Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Meshcheryakov B.G.

L.S.Vygotsky's views on child development science

Theory and Methodology  |  Lubovsky D.V.

The Concept of Leading Activity in the Works of L. S. Vygotsky and His Followers

History of Psychology  |  Habibollah G.

Vygotsky in Iran: A Personal Account

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Special Psychology

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Varako N.A.

On some questions of neuro-rehabilitation in Russia

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Guschin Yu.V.

The Dynamic Characteristic of the Zone of Proximal Development in the Abnormal and Normal Development

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Frolova O.V.

Movement Development in Children with Normal and Abnormal Development

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Koval-Zaitsev A.A., Zvereva N.V.

The Level of Drawing Performance and the State of Motor Functions in Children with Schizophrenia

Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Art  |  Joosa E.

Drama and dreams: Looking through a Cultural Historical and Semiotic Lens at the Graphic Dramatic Interplay of a Young Adult with Down Syndrome

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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology  |  Pakhalyan V.E.

The Issues of Professional Education of Professional «Helpers» in the Context of ideas of L. S. Vygotsky and C. Rogers

Theory and Methodology  |  Obukhova L.F.

On Account of the 120-th Birthday Anniversary of L.S. Vygotsky and J. Piaget

Theory and Methodology  |  Chuprikova N.I.

Unknown Vygotsky: Cultural-Historical Theory in the Context of Pavlov’s Theory of Higher Nervous Activity and H. Werner’s Differential Development Theory

Educational Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Egorov I.A., Umnyashova I.B.

Formation of Legal Consciousness in Childrenin the Context of Decentralization of Normative Regulationof Educational Organizations

Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Ulanovskaya I.M.

Development of Social Competencies of Primary School Children in Schools with Different Ways of Organizing Educational Interactions

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D.I. Feldshtein

Kotliar I.A.

Lyudmila Filippovna Obukhova. The Person with the ‘Inner Child’ Inside

Elena Olegovna Smirnova

Zh.M. Glozman (1940—2022)

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Clinical psychology

Clinical Psychology  |  Goncharov O.A., Romanov S.G.

Development of Categorical Colour Perception in Children with Speech Disorders

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Juridical Psychology

History of Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Safuanov F.S., Rusakovskaya O.A.

Category of Child Rearing in Family Law: A Cultural-Historical Analysis

Developmental Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G., Krasavina A.G.

Interviewing Child Victims of Crime: Changes in Investigative Practices

Juridical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Social Psychology  |  Delibalt V.V., Bogdanovich N.V.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Minors Caughtin Legally Significant Situations as an Issueof Cultural-Historical Psychology

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From the Editor

Developmental Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  | 

From the editor rubric «Children and editore rubric»

Editor’s note

Rubtsov V.V., Plakitsi K.

Editors' Foreword

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Social psychology

Juridical Psychology, Literature, Russian Journals Review, Social Psychology  |  Tikhonova A.D., Dvoryanchikov N.V., Ernst-Vintila A., Bovina I.B.

Radicalisation of Adolescents and Youth: In Search of Explanations

Social Psychology  |  Teplova A.B., Chernushevich V.A.

Folk Game as Sociocultural Means of PreventingDeviant Behaviour

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Scientific Life

Scientific Life  |  Kolpachnikov V.V.

10th International Forum on Person-Centered Approach

Scientific Life, Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Kotliar I.A.

A brief report on the International Congress on activity theory and cultural-historical psychology “Acting in changing worlds: learning, communication and minds in intercultural activities”

Scientific Life  |  Rubtsov V.V., Margolis A.A., Kotliar I.A., Safronova M.A.

Cultural-Historical Psychology: Current Situation and Perspectives (Report on the International Conference)

Scientific Life  |  Zaretsky V.K., Lubovsky D.V., Kotliar I.A.

Second International Congress of international Society for Cultural and Activity Research «Ecologies of Diversities: The developmental and historical interarticulation of human mediational forms»

Scientific Life, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Zvereva N.V.

1st Interregional Scientific-Applied Conference «Psychosomatic and Borderline neuropsychic disorders in child age and adolescence»

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Jointneess and Creativity

Pedagogical Education, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Lektorsky V.A., Asmolov A.G., Kudryavtsev V.T., Froumin I.D., Elkonin B.D., Gromyko Yu.V., Lazarev V.S., Bolotov V.A., Kravtsov G.G., Kravtsova E.E., Zuckerman G.A., Urazalieva G.K., Kovaleva T.M.

From Joint Activity to the Construction of New Social Communities: Jointness. Creativity. Education. School (Roundtable of the methodological seminar supervised by V.V. Rubtsov and B.D. Elkonin)

Literature, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Lektorsky V.A.

The Natural, the Artificial and Human Sciences

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Daniels H.

Vygotsky: Between Socio-Cultural Relativismand Historical Materialism. From a Psychologicalto a Pedagogical Perspective

Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Sannino A., Engeström Y.

Cultural-historical activity theory: founding insights and new challenges

History of Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Nechaev N.N.

Category of Development as the Basis of Psychologicaland Pedagogical Research in Education

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Cognitive Psychology

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