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Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

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Co-experiencing as a Key Category of Co-experiencing Psychotherapy 3122


Vasilyuk F.E.
Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Chair of Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Moscow, Russia

There are three ethical reactions on the misfortune of other person: compassion, advice, practical help (M.M. Bakhtin). The foundation of all these forms of common- sense psychological support is in humane co-experiencing. Professional psychother- apy should take into account its cultural-historical soil that makes the category of co-experiencing significant for all therapeutic schools. In this article the place and the meaning of the category of co-experiencing in co-experiencing psychotherapy is considered. Co-experiencing is a constitutive category for the approach and is regarded as an internal creative work of the therapist, which is aimed at facilitat- ing the productive way of patient’s development of experiencing. Goals, subject and method of co-experiencing are being characterized. An analysis of links between categories of “co-experiencing” and “understanding” are given. A phenomena of “co-experiencing understanding” is being described.

Keywords: co-experiencing, empathy, consolation, understanding, culture of mental activity, co-experiencing psychotherapy, “co-experiencing understanding” phenomena

Column: Myself and other


Funding. The research has been supported by a grant from the Russian Foundation for Humanities (grant № 15-26-01007 “Empathy development in socionomic (“helping”) professions”).

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