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Psychology and Law - №3 / 2022
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Psychology and Law

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

ISSN (online): 2222-5196


License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published since 2011

Published quarterly

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Psychology and Law

[Psikhologiia i pravo]
Methodological Problems of Legal Psychology

Juridical Psychology, Health Psychology  |  Kuznetsova S.O., Abramova A.

Hostility and Mental Health

Pastushenya A.N.

Psychological characteristic of individual and social legal consciousness: the structural-conceptual aspect

Juridical Psychology  |  Busarova O.R.

Formation of diagnostic abilities to work with deviant children in psychology students on psychodiagnostics workshop

Juridical Psychology  |  Fedunina N.Y.

Regulatory framework to ensure the safety of the educational environment in the U.S.

Juridical Psychology  |  Lukovtseva Z.V.

Formation of clinical diagnostic competencies of future psychologists

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Psychology of Deviant and Criminal Behavior

Juridical Psychology  |  Osipyan N.B.

On the Issue of Peculiarities of Female Delinquency

Juridical Psychology  |  Enikolopov S.N., Kuznetsova Y.M.

The Task of Recognition of Violent Situations Using Automatic Systems and Methods of Artificial Intelligence

Juridical Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Tokarchuk Yu.A.

Psychological mechanisms of manipulation with consumers' behavior

Juridical Psychology  |  Enikolopov S.N., Khvostova E.S.

Social-psychological representations of sexual violence in family

Juridical Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Logunova O.A., Reshetova D.V.

Linking some personal peculiarities and characteristics of criminal behavior of serial sexual murderers

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Forensic and Clinical Psychology in Legal Context

Juridical Psychology  |  Morozova M.V., Savina O.F.

The Issue of Specialists’ Integration in Forensic Inquiry in Criminal Cases: the Limits of a Psychologist’s Competence in Evaluation of Criminal Insanity

Juridical Psychology  |  Safuanov F.S.

Topical Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Complex Psychological and Psychiatry Inquiry

Juridical Psychology  |  Sekerazh T.N.

Methodological Issues in the Inquiry of Ambiguous Texts in Extremism Cases

Juridical Psychology  |  Serov A.D., Syrokvashina K.V., Basinskaya I.A.

Sexual Offenders' Settings Towards a Victim

Juridical Psychology  |  Rusakovskaya O.A., Safuanov F.S., Kharitonova N.K.

Current issues of experts' participation in child custody in the event of parents' separation

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Juvenile Legal Psychology

Juridical Psychology  |  Rostomova L.N.

Actualization of Constructive Emotional Experience of Guilt in Delinquent Minors

Juridical Psychology  |  Khachaturyan S.Dzh., Khudokonenko S.A.

Children’s Emotional Attitude Towards Parents in Family Systems of Juvenile Offenders

Juridical Psychology  |  Irkin D.B., Shevelenkova T.D.

The Sovereignty of the Adolescents’ Psychological Space and its Relationship to the Level of Neuroticism and Adolescents’ Perceptions of Their Upbringing by Their Parents

Shemyakina O.O.

Psychological educational activity aimed at prevention of deviant behavior of adolescents

Borisova S.E.

Effect of drivers' attitudes to traffic safety

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Penitentiary Psychology and Penal Practice

Juridical Psychology  |  Fourmanov I.A.

Aggressiveness in Belorussian Criminals Convicted for Different Types of Crimes

Juridical Psychology  |  Zelenina M.M., Dvoryanchikov N.V.

Psychological Peculiarities of Aggressive Manifestations in Criminals with Suspended Sentences

Juridical Psychology  |  Debolsky M.G.

Psychological service of the penitentiary system as a standard model of ministerial

Kokurin A.V., Kokurina I.V.

A characteristic of persons convicted for crimes against sexual inviolability and sexual freedom, who now serve criminal sentence in the form of imprisonment in Russia

Brigida K.B.

Peculiarities of gender consciousness of underage convicts

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Psychology of Professional Activity

Juridical Psychology  |  Moroz L.I.

Development of a Professional’s Personality in Professional Psychological Training

Juridical Psychology  |  Maksimenko S.D., Osyodlo V.I.

Subjective method in the studying of professional self-realization

Juridical Psychology  |  Tsilmak A.N.

Methodology of qualitative-quantitative assessment of professionalism of interior department personne

Juridical Psychology  |  Statny V.M.

Purposeful, Axiological, Conceptual and Objective Origins of the Law Enforcement

Kokurin A.V.

Socio-psychological climate of units in extra risky professions (on the example of special forces unit of Russian correctional system)

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Psychology of Extreme Situations and Crises

Juridical Psychology  |  Myagkikh N.I., Larina N.I.

Theory and Practice of Crisis Situations

Juridical Psychology  |  Yakovenko S.I.

Danger and risk in the context of professional-psychological readiness of interior department personnel

Konopleva I.N.

Effectiveness of trainings for preparation of law enforcement personnel to work in extreme

Vakhnina V.V.

On the problem of overcoming crises of negotiative activity in the practice of internal affairs bodies

Juridical Psychology  |  Tokareva G.M., Bulygina V.G., Pritova E.B.

Social and pathopsychological treats of mentally ill with different level of social dangerousness

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Juridical Psychology  |  Boltivets S.I.

Psychohygiene of Hypnotic Interventions: the facilitating Attribution Method

Juridical Psychology  |  Pimonov V.A.

The right of children to live and to grow up in a family: from social analysis to the problem definition at the intersection of law and psychology

Pimonov V.A.

The main problems of information security provision for subjects of educational process

Busarova O.R.

Some peculiarities of the lifestyle of students with a high failure avoidance motivation

Gurina O.D.

Psychological linguistic examination of public speaking

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Foreign Studies in Legal Psychology

Juridical Psychology  |  Hartvig P.

AD/HD and criminality: Differential diagnostic and therapetic/prophylactic aspects (A general literature study and a description of Norwegian challeges in the field)

Juridical Psychology  |  Aruin S.E.

The Interaction of German Public Institutions with Municipal, Territorial and Federal Institutions of Power and Business Entities in the Integration Process of Immigrant Youth

Juridical Psychology  |  Gessmann H.-W.

Possibilities and Limitations of Therapeutic Interventions When Working with Children and Their Families in the Settlements for the Homeless

Juridical Psychology  |  Lukasczyk P.

System of Social Services in Germany: An Example of General Social Services (GSS)

Juridical Psychology  |  Reinfried H.-W.

Understanding the Mental State of and Psychotherapy with Adolescents with Socially Deviant and Unlawful Behavior

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Problems of Training of Specialists in Legal Psychology

Juridical Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G., Delibalt V.V., Bogdanovich N.V.

About educational standard in specialization «Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behaviour»

Juridical Psychology  |  Egorov I.A.

Legal Psychology and the Educational Standards of Federal Government, Third Generation

Juridical Psychology  |  Shemyakina O.O.

Impact of procrastination on the stress levels of students

Juridical Psychology  |  Bogdanovich N.V., Delibalt V.V., Chernushevich V.A.

Principles of Practical Training Organization in a Networking (Development of the Module "Psychological Prevention of Behavioral Disorders and Abnormalities in Development" as Example)

Juridical Psychology  |  Bogdanovich N.V.

Analysis of the basic professional standards involving the work of psychologists in difficult and legally significant situations

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Address to Readers

Juridical Psychology  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Dvoryanchikov N.V.

About new journal «Psychology and law»

Juridical Psychology  |  Chirkina R.V.

German-Russian exchange of experience in the field of juvenile technologies: based on the project " Childhood under the protection"

Juridical Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G.

Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL)

Juridical Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G.

All-Russian conference on legal and forensic psychology dedicated to the memory of M.M. Kochenov-2016 in MSUPE

Pimonov V.A.

To the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

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History of Legal Psychology

Juridical Psychology  |  Safuanov F.S.

History of the development of forensic psychological examination

Juridical Psychology  | 

Psychological features of the narrative content of the Russian dissertation research of the police of the Russian Empire

Juridical Psychology  |  Shishkov S.N., Makushkin E.V., Dozortseva E.G., Badmaeva V.D., Nutskova E.V.

Russian Legislation of XI-XVIII Centuries on the Criminal Responsibility of Minors

Clinical Psychology, History of Psychology, Juridical Psychology  |  Malinovskiy A.A.

Evolution of the Institution of Insanity in English Law

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Personality-oriented Psychotechnologies in Law Enforcement

Konopleva I.N., Kalyagin Yu.S.

Self-regulation of psychic conditions as an element of psychological readiness to act in extreme conditions

Lefterov V.A.

Experimental research of effectiveness of “Training on professional psychological training for employees of internal affairs bodies”

Juridical Psychology  |  Burtseva E.V.

The problem of subjectivity of employees in the system of internal affairs

Juridical Psychology  |  Kovalchishina N.I.

On the training of law enforcement officers to negotiate with terrorists

Juridical Psychology  |  Osyodlo V.I., Kovalchuk A.P.

Subject-activity approach to the study of motivational factors of officers’ personality

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Investigative Psychology

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Judicial Psychology

Juridical Psychology  |  Oshevsky D.S., Frolova M.S.

Dynamics of moral judgments in young soldiers during the period of military service

Krukovsky V.E., Mosechkin I.N.

On Forms of Non-Physical (Psychological) Violence in the Criminal Legislation of Russia

Protasova I.N., Sychev O.A., Anoshkin I.V.

Values-related and Moral Foundations of legal Nihilism of Youth

Juridical Psychology  |  Andrianov M.S.

Psychology of Participants in Criminal Proceedings: the Coping-Strategy of the Aggrieved Party

Interdisciplinary Researches, Juridical Psychology  |  Kumar D.

The Difference between Legal Culture, Judicial Culture, and Court Culture

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Critics and Bibliography

Critique and Bibliography, Juridical Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G.

BOOK REVIEW N.V. Dvoryanchikov, S.S. Nosov, D.K. Salamova «Sexual Identity and Methods of Its Diagnostics»

Juridical Psychology  |  Dzyadko N.M.

Review of books issued by Center for Promotion of Criminal Justice Reform to assist the specialists working with offenders

Juridical Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V.

Book review prof. F. S. Safuanov "Forensic psychological examination"

Juridical Psychology  |  Kantor P.

On the issue of a mandatory forensic comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination of capacity: pro arguments

Juridical Psychology  |  Safuanov F.S., Shishkov S.N.

Commenting the article by P.Y. Kantor: сounter-arguments

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Legal Psychology in Response to the Challenges of OurTime: COVID-19

Tuzova O.N., Stepanova D.N.

Russians' Subjective Assessment of their Personal Psychological and Legal Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Koropets O.A., Сhudinovskikh M.V.

Preparedness of Working Population to Adhere to Legal Constraints and Prohibitions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Legal Psychology

Chernysheva Yu. А.

Human Rights in a Digitalized Society

Juridical Psychology  |  Milekhin A.V., Umnyashova I.B., Egorov I.A.

Regulatory and Ethical Basis of Primary Prevention of Drug Addiction in the Education System

Juridical Psychology  |  Zamriy O.N., Ilyina O.Yu., Tumanova L.V.

Mutual Consent and Goodwill of a Man and a Woman as Conditions for Marriage and Grounds for Divorce: Legal Aspects of the Relationship Between the Cognitive and Volitional Functions of Spouses' Consciousness

Juridical Psychology  |  Monastyrskiy Yu.E.

The Role of the Psychic Guilt Theory in Establishing Liability in Civil Law

Juridical Psychology  |  Zolotova O.I., Khashchina E.E.

Psychological Aspects of Organizing Civil Proceedings

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Restorative Approach and Mediation Technologies in Education and in the System of Prevention of Social Risks

Juridical Psychology  |  Mikhailova E.V.

Conciliation Procedure in the Russian System of Protection of Civil Rights

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