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Psychological Science and Education - №1 / 2022
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Psychological Science and Education

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

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Psychological Science and Education

[Psikhologicheskaya nauka i obrazovanie]
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Interviews and Essays

Discussions and Discourses  |  Tikhonov M.Yu.

"Tell His Majesty…"

Developmental Psychology  |  Soboleva A.E., Potanina A.Ju.

The Specific Peculiarities of Children School Progress in Core Subjects Depending on Their State of Higher Psychic Functions

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History of Psychology

History of Psychology  |  Lebedeva M.V.

Soviet school reform of 1930–34 in the mirror of development of russian psychology

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Interdisciplinary Researches

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Boudreyka N.N.

Nonparametric Research Methods in Psychology

Theory and Methodology  |  Deulin D.V.

System Approach in Philosophical and Psychological Paradigm

Educational Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Gilmashina S.I., Vilkeev D.V.

Professional Thinking of a Teacher: Scientific-and-Pedagogical Aspect

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Ivanova E.G., Kuravsky L.S., Marmalyuk P.A., Yurevitch A.V.

Factor Analysis of Society’s Moral State Indices in European Countries

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Yuryev G.A.

Character Recognition Based on the Markov Chains

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Reviews of Literature

Scientific Life  |  Kotliar I.A., Margolis A.A., Safronova M.A.

Creating the Dictionary of L.S. Vygotsky's Cultural-Historical Theory

Russian Journals Review, Inclusive Education  |  Liventseva N.A.

Review of Current Foreign Research in Inclusive Education

Educational Psychology, Educational Policy, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Stepanov S.S.

Psychological problems of modern school (the review of book novelties)

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General Psychology

General Psychology  |  Bogomolov A.M.

Individual Adaptive Potential in the Context of System Analysis

General Psychology  |  Efimova O.S.

Individual Differences of Imagination Images in Persons with Different Lateralization of Auditory and Speech Functions

General Psychology, Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Mohova S.B.

The Psychological Researches of Implicite Knowledge

General Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Kulagina N.N.

The Basic Conceptions of Modern Neurobiology

General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Pometov Ju.D., Kovaleva A.V., Martjushov A.N., Demeshina I.V., Nuzhnyj V.P.

The Research of the Impact of Taking «Energy» Drinks on Pychophysiological «Energy» Drinks on Pychophysiological

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Important Documents

Innovative Models  |  Rubtsov V.V., Zabrodin Yu.M., Dubrovina I.V., Metelkova E.I., Romanova E.S., Semikin V.V.

Education in the Russian Federation Up to the Year 2010

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Psychological Diagnostics

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Benevolskaya T.B.

Diagnostics of Aggressive Behaviour Patterns in Preschool Children

Psychological Diagnostics, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychology of People with Special Needs, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Momot V.A.

The Choice Substantiation of Psychic Status Research Methods of People with Vision Disorders in the Conditions of the Rehabilitation Centre

Psychological Diagnostics, Educational Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Dubovitskaya T.D.

The Diagnostics of Students Professional Orientation Level

Psychological Diagnostics, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Lubovsky D.V.

Creativity Diagnostics of Preschool Age Children Present Condition and Developmental Perspectives

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Salmina N.G., Iovleva T.E., Tihanova I.L.

Investigating Socially Approved Behaviour in Preschoolers

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Parent-Child Relationships

Family Psychology  |  Filippova E.V., Tumanova E.V.

Father's Image and Self-Image in Adolescents (Age-specific and Gender Aspects)

Family Psychology  |  Osipova I.I.

Foster family in Russia

Family Psychology  |  Avdeeva N.N.

Mother-child attachment and features of maternal attitude

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Petrova A.A.

Mother's Notions About Child and Their Relation to Parent-Child Emotional Interaction

Family Psychology  |  Belogai K.N., Morozova E.I.

Empirical research of parent's attitude structure

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Psychology of Crisis Situations

Innovative Models  |  Minjaev A.S.

Psychological Aspects of Ensuring School Community Security (Safety) in an Emergency Situation

Psychological counceling  |  Belopolskaya N.L.

Experimental Study of Age-Identification in People with Suicidal Attempts

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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology  |  Khvan A.A.

Psychological Support of Innovations as a Concept in Educational Psychology

Innovative Models, Educational Psychology  |  Lezhnina L.V.

Developing Educational Psychology Service: Cross-Cultural Analysis

Educational Psychology  |  Deminsky V.A.

Pupil as Perceived by Teacher: Gender Aspect

Educational Psychology  |  Petronjuk I.S.

Features of Interpersonal Relationships in Cadets

Educational Psychology  |  Veraksa A.N.

Features of Symbolic Mediation in Early School-Age Children

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Psychology of Professional Activity

Work Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Khakimov E.R.

Psychologists' Professional Competence in Interethnic Relations and Its Development in Psychology Students

Work Psychology  |  Semyonova L.E.

Self-Presentation in Male Teachers Working in Secondary Schools in the Context of Their Professional Activity

Work Psychology  |  Rodygina U.S.

Psychological Features of Professional Identity in Students

Work Psychology  |  Kozhukhar G.S., Petrova A.N.

Exploring the professionally significant qualities in helping professions

Work Psychology  |  Djachkova E.S., Khvatova M.V.

The influence of educational environment on psychological health of students of different professions in the process of education

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Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology  |  Privina M.D.

Dynamics of Self-Regulation Development in Male Adolescents Living in Orphanages

Developmental Psychology  |  Shemanova N.A.

Midlife Changes in Men and Women

Developmental Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Margolis A.A., Telegin M.V.

Psychological Research on Genesis and Development of Everyday Concepts in Educational Dialogue (Second Stage)

Developmental Psychology  |  Podolsky O.A.

Studying Moral Competence in Adolescents

Developmental Psychology  |  Bozhovich E.D.

Probabilistic Character of Relation between Intra- and Interpersonal Conflicts in Adolescents

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Social Psychology

Social Psychology  |  Selikov Yu.N.

Some aspects of accepting and fulfilling learning tasks

Social Psychology  |  Yushvaeva I.U.

The dynamics of the professional standards of psychology students in the process of education in a Pedagogical University

Social Psychology  |  Kovtunovich M.G., Markachev K.E.

Information stress

Social Psychology  |  Pogodina A.V., Krylova S.D.

Models of the corporate culture of Institutions of Higher Education

Social Psychology  |  Raskhodchikova M.N.

Status position of high school and university students at different stages of their entry into the students group

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Psychology of People with Special Needs

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Shulaeva M.V.

Psychological Conditions of Creative Development in Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Psychology, Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Astreyko P.P.

Temporal organization of Self-image in junior teenagers with intellectual disabilities

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Bazarov A.G., Chernyshov L.N.

Ways of Creation Educational materials in Higher mathematics for Students with Impaired Vision

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Zakharova A.V.

Learning Ability Profiles of Orphans with Mental Retardation as a Condition for the Development of Psychological School Readiness

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology  |  Romanovsky N.V.

The Adult Model of a Child Raised in an Orphanage

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Social Psychology  |  Russita T.E.

Perspectives and Possibilities of Psychological Approach to the problem of Development in Middle School

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Anniversaries, Conferences and Contests

Discussions and Discourses  |  Shvedovsky F.V.

Are Psychologists Against the Internet?

Scientific Life, Memorable Dates, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychology of People with Special Needs, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Zaretsky V.K.

Ten Conferences on the Problems of Special Children Development. Ten Steps from Innovation to Norm.

Scientific Life, Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Guseva E.P., Serova O.E.

«Georgiy Chelpanov – the founder of the system of scientific psychology and psychological education in Russia» – 150-year anniversary simposium

Memorable Dates  |  Starostina L.D.

In memoriam Professor A. I. Petrova

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Juridical Psychology

Social Psychology  |  Kostina L.N.

The Use of Psychological Knowledge in the Investigation of Juvenile Gang Offence

Social Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G., Loginova E.V.

Psychological Characteristics of Adolescent Gang Offences

Social Psychology  |  Enikolopov S.N., Li N.A.

Psychological Characteristics of Criminal Profiling

Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Karpova D.A.

Instrumental methods of studying abnormal sexual behavior

Social Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Enikolopov S.N., Sokolskaya M.D., Fursova I.A.

Value Orientations of the Right-Wing Extremists

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Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Chernigina E.V., Gorshkova E.V.

Effect of Body-Oriented Techniques on Psychomotor Development in 4–5-Year-Old Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Clinical Psychology  |  Shalimov V.Ph., Vostroknutov N.V., Novikova G.R.

Medical, Psychological and Social Support to Children with Borderline Personality Disorders in Compensatory Educational Institutions

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Konovalov V.Ju.

Psychosomatic Aspects of Teaching and Correction in Children of Preschool and Early School Age

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Shvedovsky O.V.

Exploring the macrodynamics of personality changes in the process of understanding psychotherapy

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Psychology of Higher Education

Educational Psychology  |  Guruzhapov V.A.

The Problem of Professional Competence Development in Future Specialists

Educational Psychology  |  Shiyan O.A.

Developmental Education at University: The Dialectical Structure of a Course as a Condition of Student Development

Educational Psychology  |  Mirzajanova L.Ph.

Professional Development in Students: Modeling Crisis Situations and Ways of Coping with Them

Educational Psychology  |  Revenko E.M, Salnikov V.A.

Level of Mental Abilities in Students with Different Typological Characteristics of the Nervous System

Educational Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Mitina L.M.

Does a School Need a Teacher? Psychological Problems of Professional Development in Teachers

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Innovative Models

Innovative Models  |  Burceva I.I.

Social and Psychological Support Service in Municipal Educational System

Innovative Models  |  Tikhanova I.G., Salmina N.G., Smirnova E.O.

Psychological expertise of a toy

Innovative Models  |  Korkina A.Ju.

Psychological assessment criteria for computer games and developmental software

Innovative Models  |  Ryabkova I.A.

Psychological-educational expertise criteria of play material such as composite pictures

Innovative Models  |  Ostrovskaja T.V.

A play method of introducing children to the kindergarten setting as a way of adaptation

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Psychological counceling

Clinical Psychology  |  Voskresenskaja A.B.

Research on Heart Image in Norm and Pathology

Psychological Diagnostics, Educational Psychology, Psychological counceling, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Prjazhnikov N.S.

Bases of the Organization and Planning of Career.Guidance Work at School

Psychological counceling  |  Yakimova P.Yu.

The motivation for learning and career choices of psychology students, studying different psychological specialties

Psychological counceling  |  Molostova A.N.

Psychotechnics of assistance in solving the creative tasks

Psychological counceling  |  Mishina E.V.

General psychological analysis of the therapeutic situation structure

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Family Psychology

Family Psychology  |  Admiralskaya I.S.

Spouse attitude to self, to each other and marriage satisfaction

Educational Psychology  |  Ibahadzhieva L.A.

Fear Images and Symbols of Elder Preschoolers

Family Psychology  |  Lukyanchenko N.V.

Creating positive parent identity in parents of children with disabilities in the context of escort service

Family Psychology  |  Saporovskaya M.V.

Intergenerational interaction stress: divorce as a predictor of psychological defense and coping behavior in adolescents

Family Psychology  |  Shvedovskaya A.A., Zagvozdkina T.Yu.

The concept “socio-economic status of a family” (SES): A review of international research

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Risks in Education

Educational Psychology  |  Grigorieva M.V.

Person‘s Subjective Well-Being as a Result of the School Adaptation in Different Learning Conditions

Educational Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Falkovskaya L.P., Lukyanchenko N.V.

Typological Features of Work Motivation Structure among Educational Psychologists

Educational Psychology  |  Zak A.Z.

Diagnostics of Elementary Classes Graduates’ Intellectual Readiness for Studying in the Primary School

Educational Psychology  |  Lubovsky D.V.

Features of the Pupil’s Internal Position as a Risk Factor in the Development of Academic Activity

Educational Psychology  |  Polivanova N.I., Rivina I.V.

Eclectic Organization of School Educational Environment as a Factor of its Instability

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Individual Differences Psychology

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Psychology of Art

Psychology of Art  |  Bogoyavlenskaya D.B., Susokolova I.A.

On the Question of Divergent Thinking

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Interviews and Essays  |  Feldshtein D.I.

On the State and Ways of Improving the Quality of PhD Researches in Psychology and Pedagogy

Discussions and Discourses  |  Margolis A.A., Rubtsov V.V., Zhuravlev A.L., Ushakov D.V.

Education of the gifted – public problem

Educational Psychology, Educational Policy, Pedagogical Psychology  | 

Education in Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics in the USA: STEM Program (Translation of a report)

Pedagogical Education  |  Livanov D.V.

Introduction to the Special Issue “Professional Standard for Teachers”

Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Scientific Life  |  Kiyassov N.M.

EdCrunch: International Conference on New Educational Technologies

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Theory and Methodology

Theory and Methodology  |  Ivanova M.G., Portnova A.G.

Health as an object of psychological research

Theory and Methodology  |  Dvoretskaya M.Ya.

Sense-making influence of 'spirit' category on development of integrative psychological concept of man

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Foreign Experience

Family Psychology  |  Zaporozhets L.A.

Longitudinal Study of Long-Term Fostering

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Ermolova T.V.

Some aspects of children's development in interaction with parents, peers and siblings

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Social Problems of Giftedness in Russia

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Lobanov A.G., Ushakov D.V.

Cost of intelligence: from psychological to economical categories

Discussions and Discourses  |  Dukhanina L.N.

Infrastructure of Giftedness, or Living to See 2020

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Levashov V.K.

Intellectual Potential of the Society: Sociological View and Prognosis

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Pautova L.A.

Giftedness in Russia: The Phenomenon from the Sociological Surveys Angle

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Economic Aspects of Education of the Gifted Children

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Problems of the Gifted Children

Educational Psychology  |  Yurkevich V.S.

Gifted Children: Intellectual and Creative Potential of the Society

Educational Psychology  |  Markelov E.V.

Education System for Gifted Children in the South-East Asian Countries

Educational Psychology  |  Popova L.V.

Education of Gifted Students in Europe

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Gifted Children

Developmental Psychology  |  Peskov V.P.

The Difference between the Structure of Representations in Intellectually Gifted and Moderately Intellectual Adolescents

Developmental Psychology  |  Klimontova T.A.

The Openness of the Inner World of Students with Explicit and Tacit Forms of Intellectual Giftedness

Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Rogozhkina I.B.

Education of gifted children and youth: national policy of the USA

Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  | 

Education and support programs for gifted children and youth (Translation of a report)

Psychological Diagnostics, Educational Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Volkov A.V.

Identification and development of gifted children and youth: the Talent Search program

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Delinquent Children

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection, Juridical Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Shurygin A.N.

Psychocorrection Methods of Addictive Behaviour Among Adults (Analytical Review)

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Viderman N.S.

The Social Teacher in the Sphere of the Prevention of Drug Addiction

Social Psychology  |  Dozortseva E.G., Gurina O.D.

Psychological Characteristics of Adolescents Prone to Xenophobia

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Preschool Education Today: New Challenges, New Approaches

Innovative Models, Memorable Dates, Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Judina E.G.

Current Problems of Preschool Education

Innovative Models, Educational Psychology  |  Bennet J.

Pedagogy in Early Childhood Services with Special Reference to Nordic Approaches

Innovative Models, Educational Psychology  |  Jualla R., van Oudenhoven N.

Сommunity-based Early Years Services: the Golden Triangle of Informal, Nonformal and Formal Approaches

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Contents of Preschool Education

Educational Psychology  |  Burlakova I.A.

New Requirements to Preschool Curriculum as a Guideline for Teachers Preparation

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Play in the Life of a Modern Child

Developmental Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Saifer S.

Higher Order Play and Its Role in Development and Education

Developmental Psychology  |  Smirnova E.O., Ryabkova I.A.

The Structure and Variants of a Preschooler’s Narrative Play

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Hakkarainen P., Bredikyte M.

Strong Foundation through Play-based Learning

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Filippova E.V., Pivnenko T.V.

Characteristics of Role Play in Preschool Children with Difficulties in Communication

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Early Childhood Development: Contemporary Trends

Innovative Models, Educational Psychology  |  Galiguzova L.N., Meshcheryakova S.Yu.

Early Childhood Education: Topical Problems

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology  |  Avdeeva N.N., Khokhlacheva I.V.

Peculiarities of the Сhild’s Attachment to the Mother, Child-parent Relation Style and the Child’s Adaptation to the Kindergarten

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A Child Entering School

Educational Psychology  |  Goutkina N.I.

School Readiness in the Context of the Problem of Preschool and Primary School Education Continuity

Educational Psychology  |  Ulanovskaya I.M.

The Problems Preschoolers Face When Entering the School Educational Environment

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Applied educational psychology

Educational Psychology  |  Perminova S.E., Mescheriakova I.A.

Study of School Experiences in High-School Students in Terms of Their Internal Structure and Content

Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsova O.V.

Competition in the Role-Play Game as an Effective Technology for Teaching Adolescents (with a Foreign Language as an Example)

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Plenary reports at the conference "V. V. Davydov's scientific school: issues in theory and practice"

History of Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V.

V. V. Davydov – the founder of significant scientific school in educational psychology

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Zinchenko V.P.

Theoretical and / or Polyphonic Thinking

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Slobodchikov V.I., Isaev E.I.

Anthropological perspectives of Davуdov’s Scientific School

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  | 

Significance of the Theoretical Thinking for the Issues of Conteporary Education and Human Self-Knowlege

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Kudryavtsev V.T.

The Freedom to Learn: Rogers Meets Davydov (The Contours of a New Philosophy of Education)

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Topical reports

Educational Psychology  |  Zuckerman G.A., Venger A.L.

Development of Learning Autonomy by the Means of School Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Medvedev A.M.

Genetic-modeling method and diagnostic of new psychological formations of learning activity

Innovative Models  |  Repina O.K.

Requirements to reflective and analytical competences of primary school teachers in the frames of Federal State Educational Standards

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The family: establishment, development, psychological support

Family Psychology  |  Avdeeva N.N.

Personality-Centered Interaction Between Staff at the Child Care Center and Foster Children as a Condition for Social and Emotional Development of Children

Family Psychology  |  Lantsburg M.E.

The Role of Psychological Training and Support in the Implementation of Parenting Functions

Family Psychology  |  Oslon V.N.

Ecological-Dynamic Approach to the Psychological Support of Foster Families

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Perspectives of inclusive education

Educational Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Daniels H.

Exclusion from School and Its Consequences

Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Semago M.M., Semago N.Ya., Semenovich M.L., Dmitrieva T.P., Averina I.E.

Inclusive Education as a First Step Towards the Inclusive Society

Educational Policy  |  Zadorin I.V., Kolesnikova E.Yu., Novikova E.M.

Inclusive Education in Moscow: The Differentiation of Participants' Awareness as a Limiting Factor

Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Shemanov A.Yu., Popova N.T.

Inclusion in Culturological Perspective

Educational Psychology  |  Alekhina S.V., Agafonova E.L., Alekseeva M.N.

Preparedness of Teachers as the Main Factor of Success of the Inclusive Process in Education

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Models of Psychological Evaluation of Toys

Perinatal Psychology  | 

Psychological Support Service of Pregnant Women and Young Parents

Zinoveva M.V.

Problems of the Interaction of a Teacher-Psychologist with Administration of Educational Institution

Educational Psychology  |  Smirnova E.O.

Psychological and educational evaluation of toys in Moscow Center of Play and Toys

Developmental Psychology  |  Abdulaeva E.A., Smirnova E.O.

Independent expertise of games and toys in Germany: the experience of “Spiel Gut”

Salmina N.G., Tikhanova I.G.

Psychological and Pedagogical Expertise of Board Games

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Role of Games and Toys in a Child’s Psychological Development

Developmental Psychology  |  Brandl M.

Children's Play and Military Toys Today

Developmental Psychology  |  Abdulaeva E.A., Smirnova E.O.

The Role of Dynamic Toys in Child's Development

Developmental Psychology  |  Sobkin V.S., Skobeltsina K.N.

Game Preferences of Modern Preschoolers (Based on Survey among Parents)

Developmental Psychology  |  Sokolova M.V.

Modern Cartoon Characters in Children Play and Toys

Developmental Psychology  |  Salmina N.G., Tikhanova I.G., Chernaya O.V.

Creation of Developing Curricula Using the Board Games

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Criticism and bibliography

Developmental Psychology, Juridical Psychology  |  Filippova E.V.

For the benefit of the child: theory and practice of carrying out psychological-psychiatric examinations in cases of high-conflict divorces

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Anniversary dates

Scientific Life, Memorable Dates  |  Rubtsov V.V.

To the anniversary of professor E. V. Saiko: the way from studying past events to integral knowledge of man V. V. Rubtsov

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Scientific life

Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Andrushchenko T.Y., Merkulova O.P.

Educational psychology in the XXI century: theory and practice. Conference report

Scientific Life  |  Verbitskaya L.A.

The Issue of Relationship in Lotman’s Writing and the Russian Language Today

Scientific Life  |  Dvoinin A.M.

World Famous Psychologist Jerome S. Bruner beyond 100

Scientific Life  |  Shvedovskaya A.A., Meshkova N.V.

Bibliometric Analysis of the Journal «Psychological Science and Education»

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Scientific Life, Educational Psychology, Work Psychology, Psychological counceling, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Professional Activity  |  Grosheva I.E.

A Psychologist at the Contest ‘‘Teacher of the Year’’ – is the Necessity or Tribute to fashion?

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Orphans Psychology

Radina N.K.

Economic Socialization of Social Orphans and Children from Orphanages

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Psychology of Children and Adolescents

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Kuzmishina T.L.

Preschool Children's Behaviour Under Parental Prohibitions

Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Bogpomocheva O.A

Features of Picture of the World in Gifted Adolescents

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Program documents

Developmental Psychology  |  Smirnova E.O., Sokolova M.V.

The right to play: A new comment on Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Clinical and special psychology

Clinical Psychology  |  Durneva M.Yu., Meshkova T.A.

Influence of social and cultural standards of attractiveness on the formation of the relationship to the body and eating behaviors in adolescent girls and young women

Clinical Psychology, Psychology of People with Special Needs  |  Nartova-Bochaver S.K., Potapova A.V.

Level of alexithymia as an indicator of psychological stability of students of technical and humanitarian higher educational institutions

Clinical Psychology  |  Zvereva M.V., Enikolopov S.N., Oleichik I.

Procrastination and Aggression for Mental Disorders in Young People

Clinical Psychology  |  Shvedovskiy E.F., Zvereva N.V.

Studies of Speech Disorders in Schizophrenia. History and State-of-the-art

Clinical Psychology  |  Sokolov V.V.

Psychological and Pedagogical Features of Teaching Students with Visual Deprivation in Training to Work on a Personal Computer

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Special psychology

Clinical Psychology  |  Belyaeva O.N.

Development of creative imagination in preschool children with visual impairments through the use of non-traditional painting techniques

Clinical Psychology  |  Tikhomirova V.S.

Features of the relation of mothers to their preschool child with cerebral palsy

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Proceedings and conferences

Scientific Life  |  Khaikin V.L.

Institutions as an important component of the pedagogical process

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Psychology of education

Educational Psychology  |  Gorchakova V.A., Landa L.A., Matytsyna V.A., Krasnova-Goleva V.V., Klimenkova E.N., Kholmogorova A.B.

Psychological maladjustment in students of secondary and higher education: a comparative analysis

Educational Psychology  |  Koldaev V.D.

Methodological aspects of the design of individual educational routes

Educational Psychology  |  Mychko E.I., Zyolko A.S.

The problem of psychological readiness to professional activities in future teachers

Educational Psychology  |  Yakovitskaya L.S.

The role of informal communication in self-realization in lecturers of a technical university

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology  |  Umnyashova I.B.

Psychological and pedagogical Expertise in Education: Main Areas and Approaches

●  All articles (10)

Estimation of the violence expansion in the educational environment of a school

Educational Psychology  |  Alekhin A.N., Ostasheva E.I.

Features of identity formation in adolescence as indicators of the quality of the educational environment

Educational Psychology  |  Baeva I.A., Laktionova E.B.

Expert assessment of the educational environment for comfort and safety

Educational Psychology  |  Berezina E.B., Bovina I.B.

Violence at school: socio-psychological explanations and recommendations

Educational Psychology  |  Bogdanovskaya I.M., Proekt Yu.L., Bogdanovskaya A.B.

The role of information and communication environment in the socialization process of children and adolescents

Educational Psychology  |  Bogomyagkova O.N.

Level approach to the analysis and evaluation of psychologically secure educational environment

●  All articles (15)

Methodology of inclusive education

Theory and Methodology  |  Alekhina S.V.

The principles of inclusion in the context of modern education

Theory and Methodology  |  Shemanov A.Yu.

Problem of the formation of an inclusive community and paradigm in the study of creativity

Theory and Methodology  |  Suntsova A.S.

On the methodological approaches to the study of problems of inclusive education

●  All articles (3)

Research of inclusive education

Inclusive Education  |  Chepel T.L., Abakirova T.P., Samuylenko S.V.

Efficiency of the educational process in terms of inclusive practices: the results of monitoring studies

Inclusive Education  |  Indenbaum E.L.

Characteristics of communicative competence of adolescents with various forms of mental deficit in conditions of inclusive and special education

Inclusive Education  |  Aleksandrova L., Lebedeva A.A., Bobozhey V.V.

Psychological resources of the personality and socio-psychological adaptation in the professional education of students with limited health capacities

●  All articles (3)

Practice of inclusive education

Inclusive Education  |  Makarova I.A., Frolova M.L., Rakhimova N.V.

Inclusive vocational education: the experience of implementation in terms of the Amur Teachers College

Inclusive Education  |  Dmitrieva N.S., Nartova-Bochaver S.K.

The opportunities of physical environment in the context of inclusive education

●  All articles (2)

Foreign experience of inclusive education

Inclusive Education  |  Porter J.

What kinds of support do parents want for their disabled child?

●  All articles (1)

In memoriam

Vladimir Zinchenko

●  All articles (1)

Pedagogiat psyhology

Pedagogical Psychology  |  Pazukhina S.V.

Research of types of attitude of future educators to the student’s personality

●  All articles (1)

Adolescent in contemporary society

Developmental Psychology  |  Rean A.A.

Teen subculture is a zone of potential risks

Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology  |  Baeva I.A.

Mental health of adolescents. How to support it?

Developmental Psychology  |  Bartsalkina V.V.

Parental codependency as a risk factor of forming addictions in children

●  All articles (3)

Adolescent at school

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology  |  Khazova S.A.

Gifted high school students: risk factors and development resources

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology  |  Sevostyanova E.B.

Perspectives of research and project activities in adolescent students used for building their active interaction with social environment

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology  |  Pavlovets G.G.

Research activity as a mechanism of professional identity formation in adolescents

●  All articles (3)

Reaching personal maturity in adolescence

Developmental Psychology  |  Dermanova I.B.

Self-attitude in the context of personal maturity characteristics in adolescents

Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology  |  Svistunova E.V.

Character traits of personality in adolescents with endocrinopathies

●  All articles (2)

Intergenerational relations: problems and ways of their solving

Developmental Psychology  |  Tolstykh N.N.

Adolescents and their parents: what are the values and what do they want today?

Developmental Psychology  |  Egorova M.A., Mironova S.I.

Psychological readiness for maternity in girls brought up in foster homes

Developmental Psychology, General Psychology  |  Kuznetsova O.V., Tepyorkina M.V.

Ideals, values, meanings: a dialogue of generations

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Theory and Methodology  |  Gordiychuk N.V.

Transformative mediation: basic concepts and premises

Theory and Methodology  |  Shamlikashvili T.A.

Mediation as an interdisciplinary science and socially important institute

Theory and Methodology  |  Shamlikashvili T.A.

Mediation in modern legal practice

Theory and Methodology  |  Shamlikashvili T.A., Khazanova M.A.

“School Mediation” method as instrument for creating safe environment and its psychological mechanisms

Theory and Methodology  |  Tyulkanov S.L.

Formation of mediation in the Russian Federation

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Klimov A.A.


Pedagogical Education  | 


●  All articles (2)


The Roadmap of "Comprehensive Program to Improve the Professional Level of Teachers in Secondary Education"

Professional Standard of "Teacher (Teaching Activities in Preschool, Primary General, Basic General, Secondary General Education)"

Pedagogical Education  | 

Recommendations of the All-Russian Congress “Professional Standard for Teachers: Approbation and Implementation” on the outcomes of approbation and stage-by-stage implementation of the professional standard for preschool and school teachers in 21 experimental regions and further extension of these outcomes into other regions of the Russian Federation

●  All articles (3)

Problems of teachers training

Theory and Methodology  |  Bolotov V.A.

To the Questions on the Reform of Pedagogical Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Margolis A.A.

Problems and Prospects of the Development of Pedagogical Education in the Russian Federation

Theory and Methodology  |  Zabrodin Yu.M.

Modernization of Psychological and Pedagogical Education as a Strategic Guideline of Development Educational Psychologist's Professional Standard

Theory and Methodology  |  Sidorkin A.M.

Social and Pedagogical Practice in Teacher Education

●  All articles (4)

The project of pedagogical education modernization

Theory and Methodology  |  Safronova M.A., Bysik N.V.

Description of the Project of Modernization of Teacher Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Kasprzhak A.G., Kalashnikov S.P.

The Priority of Educational Outcomes as a Tool for Modernization of Teacher Training Programs

Theory and Methodology  |  Margolis A.A.

The Requirements for the Modernization of Basic Professional Education Program (BPEP) of Teachers Training in Accordance with the Professional Standard of the Teacher: Proposals for the Implementation of the Activity Approach in Teachers Training

●  All articles (3)

Directions of the project of pedagogical education modernization

Theory and Methodology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Guruzhapov V.A., Makarovskaya Z.V., Maximov L.K.

Competence-activity Approach to the Design and Development of New Modular Basic Professional Education Program of Research Master Program in Cultural-historical Psychology and Activity-based Approach in Education, with Major in Psychological and Pedagogical Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Guruzhapov V.A., Margolis A.A.

Designing Models of Practice-oriented Undergraduate Training Program in Psychological and Pedagogical Education (Primary school teacher) Based on Networking of Educational Institutions, Implementing Higher Education and Primary Education Programs

Theory and Methodology  |  Vesmanov S.V., Vesmanov D.S., Zhadko N.V., Akopyan G.A.

Training of Teachers in a Research Master's Degree: the Experience of Moscow City Pedagogical University

Theory and Methodology  |  Tolkacheva G.N., Izotova E.I., Volobueva L.M., Paramonova M.Yu.

Conceptual Basis and Modeling Stages of the Program of Practice-oriented Training of Teachers (educators) in Terms of Networking of Preschool and Higher Education Organizations

Theory and Methodology  |  Arzhanykh E.V., Burlakova I.A.

Preparing the Basis for the Development of Training Programs for Teachers of Preschool Education in View of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation"

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General questions of growing up

Developmental Psychology  |  Obukhova L.F.

Developmental Psychology at the Beginning of the New Century

Developmental Psychology  |  Melik-Pashaev A.A.

Manifestation of Giftedness as a Norm of Development

Developmental Psychology  |  Nurkova V.V.

Self-defined Narratives in Personality Development

Developmental Psychology  |  Churbanova S.M.

Emotional Mediation of Creative Images in Childhood: Research and Practice

●  All articles (4)

Development trajectories and development space

Developmental Psychology  |  Gorbachevskaya N.L., Sorokin A.B., Danilina K.K.

Age-related Changes of Neurophysiological Characteristics of Children in Health and Mental Retardation Syndrome, Linked to Fragile X Chromosome (FRAXA)

Developmental Psychology  |  Zhuykova E.B., Pechnikova L.S.

Psychological Characteristics of Motivation for Foster Family Care

Developmental Psychology  |  Kotliar I.A., Sokolova M.V.

The Attractiveness of Street Children Playgrounds. An Empirical Study

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Stage of maturation – adolescence

Developmental Psychology  |  Kovaleva N.B.

Psycho-pedagogical Conditions of Translation of the Value of Education and the Development of Individual Educational Trajectory in Teenagers

Developmental Psychology  |  Belopolskaya N.L., Litovchenko I.S.

Psychological and Bodily Age of Teenagers and Youth with Real and Imaginary Problems of Appearance

Developmental Psychology  |  Pryazhnikova E.Yu, Chistovsky D.I.

Consciousness of Students with HIA at the Stage of Professional Development

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Clinical Psychology  |  Kuzeva O.V., Romanova A.A., Korneev A.A., Akhutina T.V.

Dynamics of Programming and Control, and Serial Organization of Movements as the Basic Components of Handwriting (Based on Grafomotor Test)

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Psychology of giftedness

Abilities, Giftedness, Talent  |  Freeman J.

Possible Effects of the Electronic Social Media on Gifted and Talented Children’s Intelligence and Relationships

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Developing education system and the problem of training modern school staff: activity approach

Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Guruzhapov V.A., Makarovskaya Z.V., Maximov L.K.

Experience in the Development and Testing of the New Module Basic Professional Research Master's Program “Cultural-Historical Psychology and Activity Approach in Education”

Educational Psychology  |  Dafermos M.

Reflection on the Relationship between Cultural-historical Theory and Dialectics

Educational Psychology  |  Lazarev V.S.

Project Activities of Students as a Form of Developmental Teaching

Educational Psychology  |  Burlakova I.A.

Theory and Practice of Modern Domestic Preschool Education

Educational Psychology  |  Guruzhapov V.A.

Prospects for Research Training Activities in the Context of the Problems of the Modern Practice of Primary School

●  All articles (8)

Analysis of development and testing results of new modules of “cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education” basic professional educational research master program and recommendations on the program implementation

Educational Psychology  |  Burlakova I.A.

Training the Research Master Students to be Ready to Use the Cultural-Historical Psychology and Activity Approach for the Analysis of the Pre-school Educational Practice

Educational Psychology  |  Maximov L.K., Maximova L.V.

Organization of Practical Training of Research Master Students Enrolled in the Program of “Cultural-Historical Psychology and Activity Approach in Education”: Testing Experience

Educational Psychology  |  Ulanovskaya I.M.

The Role of Educational Practice in the Learning of Basic Psychological Concepts (Based on Practical Training of 1st year Master Students Studying “Cultural-Historical Psychology and Activity Approach in Education”)

Educational Psychology  |  Guruzhapov V.A., Sanina S.P.

Introduction of Research Master Students in the Problems of the Organization of Learning Activities in the Secondary School (Based on the Natural Sciences)

Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsova O.V., Krivosheeva L.B.

Project Activity as a Means of Organizing Adolescents’ Learning Process (on the Example of Technical Modelling)

●  All articles (8)

International referee reports for the “cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education” master’s program

Theory and Methodology  |  Dafermos M.

Expertise of the master's program "Cultural-Historical Psychology and the Activity-Based Approach in Education"

Theory and Methodology  |  Veggetti S.M.

Review of the project and the results of approbation of the main educational program of the research magistracy "Cultural-Historical Psychology and the Activity-Based Approach in Education"

●  All articles (2)

To the 85th anniversary of V.V. Davydov

Scientific Life  |  Rubtsov V.V.

V.V. Davydov – the founder of significant scientific school and director of the Psychological Institute

Scientific Life  |  Rubtsov V.V., Sobkin V.S., Kudryavtsev V.T., Lazarev V.S., Froumin I.D., Panov V.I., Vasilev V.K., Chudinova E.V., Bolotov V.A., Zuckerman G.A., Krasavina N.Y.

The Results of Research and Practice Session «Theory and Practice of Educational Activity: Tradition and Innovation» in Honor of the 85th Anniversary of V.Davydov

●  All articles (2)

In memorial

Оbituary. D. I. Feldshtain. 30.11.1929 – 02.09.2015

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Modernization of pedagogical education in Russian Federation

Theory and Methodology  |  Sobolev A.B.

The Program of Teacher Education: New Challenges (Current Status and Development Trends of State Policy in Higher Teacher Education)

Theory and Methodology  |  Bolotov V.A., Rubtsov V.V., Froumin I.D., Margolis A.A., Kasprzhak A.G., Safronova M.A., Kalashnikov S.P.

Information Analysis Products on the First Phase Results of the Project Modernization of Pedagogical Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Kasprzhak A.G., Kalashnikov S.P.

First Results of Developing the Academic Bachelor and Research Master Program Models under the Modernization Program of Teacher Education

Theory and Methodology  |  Margolis A.A.

Teacher Training Models in Applied Bachelor and Pedagogical Master Programs

Theory and Methodology  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Sergomanov P.A., Gayazova L.A., Leonova O.I.

Development of the Differentiation System of Skill Levels in Teaching Professional Standards

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From the editor

Klimov A.A.


To our readers

●  All articles (2)

To our readers

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State Policy in the Sphere of Child Protection: Outcomes and Perspectives

Matvienko V.I.

Introduction to the Special Issue “National Strategy on Action for Children 2012–2017: Science, Education, Practice”

Dragunkina Z.F.

Implementation of the National Strategy on Action for Children Should be Continued after 2017

Theory and Methodology  |  Kaganov V.S.

Implementing the National Strategy on Action for Children: 2015 results

Theory and Methodology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Shvedovskaya A.A., Dubovik A.S., Semya G.V.

Monitoring the First Phase of the Implementation of the Strategy on Action for Children 2012—2017: Main Outcomes

Theory and Methodology  |  Semya G.V., Zaitsev G.O., Zaytseva N.G.

Preventing Social Orphanhood: the Russian Model

●  All articles (6)

Models of Working with Vulnerable Children

Theory and Methodology  |  Rubtsov V.V.

Interdepartmental Interaction in Realization of Social and Educational Inclusion for Vulnerable Groups

Theory and Methodology  |  Klochko E.Y.

Life without Barriers: Prospects and Changes in the Situation of Children with Disabilities and Lifelong Disabled Persons

Theory and Methodology  |  Semya G.V.

National Strategy on Action for Children in Russia and Council of Europe Strategies for the Rights of the Child

●  All articles (3)

Training for Working with Vulnerable Children

Theory and Methodology  |  Zabrodin Yu.M.

Interdepartmental Occupational Standards for Social Service Providers and Their Role in Improving Job Performance

Theory and Methodology  | 

Recommendations of the Distance Meeting “Regional and Municipal Practices of Implementation of Professional Standards in Social Services”

●  All articles (2)

Working with Vulnerable Children: Research and Practice

Theory and Methodology  |  Alekhina S.V.

Inclusive Education: from Policy to Practice

Theory and Methodology  |  Oslon V.N.

Orphan Children in the Educational Space of Russia (Following a Survey on Regional Guarantees of Educational Opportunities and Support for Orphans at all Levels of Education)

Theory and Methodology  |  Chirkina R.V.

Developing the System of Child Protection and Child-friendly Justice: Models of Analysis, Research Approaches and Successful Practices

●  All articles (3)

Non-profit Organizations in Implementation of the National Strategy on Action for Children

Theory and Methodology  |  Semya G.V., Telitsyna A.Y.

The Role of Nonprofit Organizations and Volunteer Services in the Implementation of the National Strategy on Action for Children 2012–2017

Theory and Methodology  | 

Digest of Non-governmental Noncommercial and Charitable Organizations Involved in the Implementation of the National Strategy on Action for Children 2012–2017 (Compiled by Semya G.V.)

●  All articles (2)

Implementation of Professional Standard for Teachers: Outcomes and Future Tasks

Pedagogical Education  |  Rubtsov V.V., Guruzhapov V.A.

Designing the Master Research Program Taking into Account the Results of Approbation and Implementation of the Professional Standard of the Teacher

Pedagogical Education  |  Margolis A.A., Arzhanykh E.V., Gurkina O.А., Novikova E.M.

Teachers’ Opinion about Implementation of the Professional Standard: Results of Sociological Research

Pedagogical Education  |  Yamburg Ye.S.

Implementing Professional Standard for Teachers: The Need for the Next Step

Pedagogical Education  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Sergomanov P.A.

Key Outcomes of Approbation and Implementation of Professional Standard for Teachers

●  All articles (4)

Scientific and Methodological Developments in Experimental Implementation of Professional Standard for Teachers

Pedagogical Education  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Gayazova L.A., Sergomanov P.A.

Differentiated Levels of Teacher Qualifications and the Structure of the Professional Teacher Standards

Pedagogical Education  |  Minyurova S.A., Leonova O.I.

Professional Exam: Assessing Teachers’ Qualifications According to Requirements of Professional Standard

Pedagogical Education  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Kalashnikova T.V., Pechnikova L.S., Frolova N.V.

Electronic Learning in Educational Process: Problems and Perspectives

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Kuravsky L.S., Margolis A.A., Marmalyuk P.A., Panfilova A.S., Yuryev G.A.

Mathematical Aspects of the Concept of Adaptive Training Device

●  All articles (4)

Autism. The Russian Square: Diagnostics, Early Intervention, Education, and Life in the Community

Grigorenko E.L.

Introduction by the guest editor of the thematic issue

Clinical Psychology  |  Sorokin A.B., Zotova M.A., Korovina N.Y.

Screening Methods for Identification of the Target Group Autism Spectrum For Special Education Teachers and Psychologists

Clinical Psychology  |  Khaustov A.V., Rudneva E.V.

Measuring the Level of Socialization in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Clinical Psychology  |  Prikhoda N.A.

Russian Language Development Assessment as a Standardized Technique for Assessing Communicative Function in Children Aged 3–9 Years

Clinical Psychology  |  Pereverzeva D.S., Gorbachevskaya N.L., Blagovechtchenski E.D.

Development of Experimental Protocol for Visual Cognitive Function Evaluation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

●  All articles (15)

Pedagogical education

Educational Psychology  |  Kurneshova L.Y., Dydzinskaya D.V., Tralkova N.B., Karma A.Ye.

Corporate System of Advanced Education for Teachers in Educational Organization in the Context of Professional Standard Implementation

Educational Psychology  |  Vachkov I.V., Vachkova S.N., Voropaev M.V., Zadadaev S.A., Remorenko I.M.

Comparison Study on Teachers’ and Parents’ Assessment of Public Participation in Basic Educational Programs Development

Educational Psychology  |  Bordovskaia N.V., Tulupyeva T.V., Tulupyev A.L., Azarov A.A.

Features of Social Networking in Reaching Professional Goals of University Educators

Educational Psychology  |  Avdeyeva S.M., Nikulicheva N.V., Khapayeva S.S., Zaichkina O.I.

Assessing ICT Competency in Teachers In Relation to Requirements of the Professional Standard for Teachers

●  All articles (4)

Models of inclusive higher education

Inclusive Education, Interviews and Essays  | 

Students with Disabilities: Status, Education, Employment. An Interview with Oleg Smolin, First Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science

Inclusive Education  |  Margolis A.A., Rubtsov V.V., Serebryannikova O.A.

Promoting the Quality and Accessibility of Higher Education for People with Disabilities in the Russian Federation

Inclusive Education  |  Bayramov V.D., Raidugin D.S., Aleksandrova E.V.

Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Reverse Inclusion: The Experience of Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics

Inclusive Education  |  Bikbulatova A.A., Karplyuk A.V., Tarasenko O.V.

Model of Activities of the Resource Training Center of the Russian State Social University in Terms of Professional Orientation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Inclusive Education  |  Rubtsov V.V., Vasina L.G., Kuravsky L.S., Sokolov V.V.

Creating a Model of Special Educational Settings for Disabled Students in Higher Education

●  All articles (7)

Inclusive higher education

Inclusive Education  |  Aismontas B.B., Panyukova S.V., Saitgalieva G.G.

Academic Support of Students with Disabilities in University

Inclusive Education  |  Aismontas B.B., Odintsova M.A.

Social Psychological Support of Students with Disabilities

Health Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Social Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Bikbulatova A.A., Pochinok N.B.

Professional Skills Competitions for People with Disabilities as a Mechanism for Career Guidance and Promotion of Employment in People with Special Needs

Inclusive Education  |  Mel’nik Y.V., Panyukova S.V., Saitgalieva G.G., Serebryannikova O.A.

International experiences of training and support of students with disabilities

●  All articles (4)

Best regional practices

Inclusive Education  |  Volosnikova L.M., Efimova G.Z., Ogorodnova O.V.

Risks of Educational Inclusion: The Experience of Regional Studies in Tyumen State University

Inclusive Education  |  Goryunova L.V., Guterman L.A., Kirik V.A., Romashevskaya E.S.

Southern Federal University as a Center for the Development of Inclusive Education in the Region

Inclusive Education  |  Denisova O.A., Lekhanova O.L.

Inclusive Education of Students with Disabilities in the Regional Multidisciplinary University: The Experience of Cherepovets State University

Inclusive Education  |  Yegorov I.N., Panfilov A.N.

Integrated and Inclusive Higher Education in Vladimir State University: Current State and Development Perspectives

Inclusive Education  |  Osmuk L.A., Degtyaryova V.V., Zhdanova I.V.

Modelling Social Psychological Support within the System of Inclusive Higher Education: The Experience of Novosibirsk State Technical University

●  All articles (5)


Inclusive Education  |  Arzhanykh E.V.

Higher Education in Persons with Disabilities: Statistical Analysis

Inclusive Education  |  Karpushkina N.V.

Modern Strategies of Modelling Informational and Analytical Support of Inclusive Higher Education in Russia

Inclusive Education  |  Kurbangaleyeva E.S., Veretennikov D.N.

Accessibility of Higher Education for Students with Disabilities

●  All articles (3)


Multi-Agency Plan for Raising the Quality Of Accessibility of Professional Education for People with Disabilities. A 2016–2020 Plan for Implementing Support Programmes And Providing Employment Assistance for Young People With Disabilities Entering Professional Training in the Subjects of the Russian Federation

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Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Interviews and Essays, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics  | 

“We have joined the European Educational Research Association to help young people, therefore, to help Russian science” (An Interview)

Interviews and Essays  |  Lyytinen H.

Helping Dyslexic Children with GraphoGame Digital Game-Based Training Tool (An Interview)

●  All articles (2)

Professional Standard for Teachers

Interviews and Essays  | 

Teacher Professional Development: Evaluation and Responsibility

Interviews and Essays  |  Rachevsky E.L.

The Key Point of the System of Professional Development Is to Provide the Teacher with an Opportunity for Self-Identification at Work

Educational Policy, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Margolis A.A., Novikova E.M.

Social Context of Implementing the National System of Teacher Development in Russia: Teachers’ Awareness

Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Kupriyanova T.V.

Establishing the National System of Teacher Development: Legal and Social Issues

Educational Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Social Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Arzhanykh E.V.

Role of Mentoring System in Professional Development of Entry-Level Teachers

●  All articles (9)

State Policy in the Spehere of Child Protection

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Family Psychology, History of Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Semya G.V., Shvedovskaya A.A.

Challenges of Modern Childhood: Key Outcomes of the National Strategy on Action for Children

●  All articles (1)

Modernisation of Teacher Education: Project Results

Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Work Psychology  |  Margolis A.A., Safronova M.A.

The Project of Modernisation of Teacher Education in the Russian Federation: Outcomes 2014—2017

Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Policy Documents, Psychological Diagnostics, Work Psychology  |  Gafurov I.R., Valeeva R.A., Kalimullin A.M., Sakhieva R.G.

Testing Practice-Oriented Master's Programme in “Education and Pedagogical Sciences” (Teacher of Basic General Education)

Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Policy Documents, Psychological Diagnostics, Work Psychology  |  Gogoberidze A.G., Golovina I.V.

Modernisation of Kindergarten Teacher Education: Markers of New Basic Professional Educational Programmes

Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Policy Documents, Psychological Diagnostics, Work Psychology  |  Fedina N.V., Burmykina I.V., Komkov A.A., Kretov D.V.

The Project of Modernization of Teacher Education: Effects on the Development of Regional Educational System

General Psychology, Innovative Models, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Policy Documents, Social Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Fedorov A.A., Paputkova G.A., Samerkhanova E.K., Filchenkova I.F., Demidova N.N.

New Design of University Educational Ecosystem in the Context of Modernisation of Teacher Education in Russia

●  All articles (6)

Developing Inclusive Higher Education: The Network Approach

Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  | 

Editor’s Note

Developmental Psychology, Inclusive Education, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Panyukova S.V., Saitgalieva G.G., Sergeeva V.S.

Establishing Network Interaction between Resource Training Centers for People with Disabilities and Partner Universities

Developmental Psychology, Inclusive Education, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Bayramov V.D., Bonkalo T.I., Raidugin D.S., Voevodina E.V.

Methodological Approaches to the Actualization of Professional Self-Determination in Students with Disabilities in the Context of Development of Inclusive Education

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Inclusive Education, Pedagogical Education, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Aismontas B.B., Odintsova M.A.

Educational Environment in University as a Resource for Resilience and Self-Activation in Students with Disabilities

Developmental Psychology, Inclusive Education, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Kantor V.Z., Antropov A.P., Gdalina T.G.

Choice of Professional and Educational Route in High School Students with Disabilities: University Education in the Context of Motivation and Needs

●  All articles (13)

Digital Childhood and New Education

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Juridical Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology, Work Psychology  |  Margolis A.A.

What Kind of Blending Makes Blended Learning?

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology, Work Psychology  |  Andreyeva N.V.

Blended Learning Practice in Russia: the History of one Experiment

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Soldatova G.U., Lvova E.N.

Adolescents Encountering Online Risks: Characteristics of Parental Mediation

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Smirnova E.O., Matushkina N.Y., Smirnova S.Y.

Virtual Reality in Early and Preschool Childhood

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Innovative Models, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology  |  Rubtsova O.V., Panfilova A.S., Smirnova V.K.

Research on Relationship between Personality Traits and Online Behaviour in Adolescents (With VKontakte Social Media as an Example)

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Schools of Thought

General Psychology  |  Radina N.K.

Limits of Reproducing Scientific Traditions in Regional Schools of Thought (On the Material of U.V. Ulyenkova’s School of Thought)

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Memorable Dates

Memorable Dates  |  Isaev E.I., Еzhkova N.S., Pazukhina S.V.

Talented Researcher of Developmental Education (to the 100- th Anniversary of G.I.Minskaya)

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Life Itself, Memorable Dates  | 

In Memory of Viktor Aleksandrovich Guruzhapov

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V.V. Davydov’s Scientific School: Traditions and Innovations

Educational Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V.

Issue Editor Foreword

Educational Psychology  |  Margolis A.A.

Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and Organization of Students Learning Activity

Educational Psychology  |  Elkonin B.D.

Modern Era of the Theory and Practice of Learning Activity: Key Issues and Perspectives

Educational Psychology  |  Hakkarainen P., Bredikyte M.

Playworlds and Narratives as a Tool of Developmental Early Childhood Education

Educational Psychology  |  Zuckerman G.A.

Co-action of Learners: Resolved and Unresolved Issues

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Remembering V.V. Davydov

Educational Psychology, Memorable Dates  |  Veggetti S.M.

On the 90th Anniversary of V.V. Davydov’s Birth

Educational Psychology  |  Maximov L.K., Maximova L.V.

Vasily Vasilyevich Davydov in Nizhnevartovsk: Expanding the Educational Space of Developmental Learning

Educational Psychology  |  Vasilev V.K.

My Personal Meetings and Business Contacts in Absentia with V.V. Davydov

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Psychological Well-Being

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Baeva I.A., Gayazova L.A., Kondakova I.V., Laktionova E.B.

Psychological Security and Values in Adolescents and Young People

Health Psychology  |  Sobkin V.S., Lykova T.A., Sobkina A.V.

Psychological Well-Being of Students in Inclusive Higher Education in Arts: The Experience of Structural Analysis

Health Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Gerasimova A.A., Kholmogorova A.B.

Coping Strategies, Psychological Well-Being and Problematic Internet Use During a Pandemic

Theory and Methodology  |  Oslon V.N., Semya G.V., Prokopyeva L.M., Kolesnikova U.V.

Operational Model and Tools for Studying Subjective Well-Being of Orphans and Children Without Parental Care

Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Education  |  Pavlenko K.V., Bochaver A.A.

Subjective Well-Being of School Students in Situation of Self-Identification

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Digitalization of Childhood: Development, Learning, Socialization

Clinical Psychology  |  Konokotin A.V.

The Use of Computer Tools in Assessing the Development of Learning Interactions in Primary Schoolchildren

Clinical Psychology  |  Rubtsova O.V., Poskakalova T.A., Shiryaeva E.I.

Features of On-Line Behavior in Adolescents with Different Levels of Self-Concept Clarity

Clinical Psychology  |  Kochetkov N.V., Volozhaeva E.N.

Relationship Between Enthusiasm for Online Gaming and Learning Motivation Among Students of Different Status

Skobeltsina K.N., Kuznetsov A.N., Beshenkov S.A.

Russian Schoolchildren vs. Cyber Threats: Research in the Framework of Modern Childhood Digitalization

Clinical Psychology  |  Artemova E.E., Danilova A.M., Podvalnaya E.V., Tishina L.A.

Assessing Information and Communicative Competence of Future Special Education Teachers in the Use of Resources of the Informational Educational Environment

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Motivation and Learning Interest

Gordeeva T.O., Sychev O.A.

Self-Motivation Strategies: The Quality of Internal Dialogue Is Important for Well-Being and Academic Success

Educational Policy  |  Ishmuratova Yu.A., Potanina A.M., Bondarenko I.N.

Impact of Conscious Self-Regulation, Engagement and Motivation on Academic Performance of Schoolchildren During Different Periods of Study

Educational Psychology  |  Fomina T.G., Filippova E.V., Morosanova V.I.

Longitudinal Study of the Relationship Between Conscious Self-Regulation, School Engagement and Student Academic Achievement

Educational Psychology  |  Kulagina I.Y., Apasova E.V., Fyodorov V.V.

A Technique for Assessing Learning Motivation in Primary School Age

Educational Policy  |  Tolstykh N.N., Fyodorov V.V., Kharchenko M.A., Pogodina A.V., Babanin P.A.

“Learning Interest Index”: An Inventory Test for Assessing Learning Motivation in Adolescents

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Supplement: The Psychology of Childhood

Educational Psychology  |  Busygina N.P., Gorobtsova A.V.

Qualitative Research and Evidence-Based Practices in Psychology and Education

Developmental Psychology  |  Yurkevich V.S.

Need-Based and Instrumental Approach to the Development and Training of Gifted Children

Educational Psychology  |  Garifulina E.S., Ipatova A.A.

Child Survey as an Essential Part of Child Well-Being Index Design

Developmental Psychology  |  Oslon V.N., Odintsova M.A., Semya G.V., Zinchenko E.A.

Invariant and Variant Sociopsychological Characteristics of Successful Foster Mothers

Developmental Psychology  |  Bruk Zh.Yu., Ignatjeva S.V.

Subjective Well-Being of 10- and 12-year-old Children in the Space of Satisfaction with Family, School and Friends

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