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Psychological-Educational Studies - №2 / 2022

  Previous issue (2022. Vol. 14, no. 1)

Psychological-Educational Studies

Former Title: Psychological Science and Education

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

ISSN (online): 2587-6139


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Published since 2009

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Psychological-Educational Studies

General Psychology

General Psychology  |  Mikheikina S.V.

The Relationship between Aggressive and Confident Behavior in the System of Psychological Interpretation of Individual Behavior

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Interviews and Essays

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Dontsov D.A., Dontsova M.V., Sharagin V.I.

Methodological and technological aspects of psychological-pedagogical support of professional and personal formation of psychology students

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History of Psychology

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Interdisciplinary Researches

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Tugusheva A.R., Shamionov R.M.

Social Success and Self-Determination Representations of Youth

Interdisciplinary Researches, Ethnopsychology  |  Bovina I.B.

Russian and modern world as social perceptions

Interdisciplinary Researches, Theory and Methodology  |  Degtyarev A.V.

“Emotional intelligence”: formation of the notion in psychology

Interdisciplinary Researches, Educational Psychology  |  Pimonov V.A.

The problem of protecting the subjects of educational process from negative informational and psychological influence

Pedagogical Psychology  |  Kovtunovich M.G., Kolpakov V.F., Kuvanov V.V.

Supporting making management decisions through the use of mathematical modeling

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Reviews of Literature

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Important Documents

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Psychological Diagnostics

Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology  |  Astanina N.B.

Development and Validation of a New Personality Questionnaire the “Method for Studying Trust to Own Self”

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Veraksa A.N., Kondratichev A.N., Rasskazova E.I.

Testing of Diagnostic Tools to Identify the Role of "Sports Enjoyment" Phenomenon in the End of Sports Career

Theory and Methodology  |  Andrushchenko T.Y., Shubina A.S.

Complex Situational Tasks in Assessment of Educational Outcomes in “Psychological Assessment of Students” Module of the Master’s Programme in School Psychology

Theory and Methodology  |  Shubina A.S., Petrova L.M.

Training Educational Psychologists: A Model of Working with Diagnostic Case

Theory and Methodology  |  Shashlova G.M.

Training Graduate Students for Psychodiagnostics in the Structure of Educational Outcomes Monitoring

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Parent-Child Relationships

Educational Psychology  |  Alisov E.A.

Personality’s Sensory Worldview: Psychological and Educational Aspects

Educational Psychology  |  Galiguzova L.N., Meshcheryakova S.Yu.

Analysis of the Educational Programs Designed for Infants and Early Age Children

Educational Psychology  |  Granik G.G., Borisenko N.A.

Recreative Imagination and Its Role in Teaching the Philological Subjects

Educational Psychology  |  Lishin O.V.

Nuclear Power in the Educator’s Hands: Managing a Teenage Collective Using Feedback

Educational Psychology  |  Panov V.I., Krupa T.V.

On the Problem of the Psychological Criteria for Evaluating Electronic Textbooks

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Psychology of Crisis Situations

Health Psychology  |  Kasatkin V.N., Bochaver A.A.

Actual Issues of Health Psychology

Educational Psychology  |  Baeva I.A., Baev N.N.

Psychological resources of students’ safety as an indicator of psychological security of an individual

Educational Psychology  |  Baeva I.A., Yakimanskaya I.S.

Monitoring psychological safety of educational environment and education quality in the context of modernization

Developmental Psychology  |  Bannikov G.S., Koshkin K.A.

Antivital experience and auto-aggressive behavior in teenagers with “diffuse identity”

Educational Psychology  |  Berezina T.N.

Objective measurement of positive emotions in students as part of safety assessment of educational environment

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Psychology of Professional Activity

Educational Psychology, Psychology of Professional Activity  |  Dubovitskaya T.D., Krylova A.V.

Method of Research of Students Adaptability in the Higher Educational Establishment

Psychology of Professional Activity, Social Psychology  |  Narolina V.I.

Intercultural Communication Competence as the Integrative Ability of Intercultural Interaction of a Specialist

General Psychology, Psychology of Professional Activity  |  Kryzhanovskaya I.V.

Influence of Character Accentuations on the Choice of Profession in the Area of Ecology and Natural Resources

Educational Psychology, Psychology of Professional Activity  |  Scheduhina N.M.

The Effect of Interest in School Subjects on the Professional Plans of Senior High School Students

Work Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Bobkova I.E.

Problems of professional formation of leaders of structural departments of territorial internal affairs bodies

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Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology  |  Gavrilova T.A.

The Problem of Children’s Understanding of Death

Developmental Psychology  |  Nurkova V.V., Masolova G.Yu.

Characteristics of Childhood Memories and the Psychological Profile of an Adult

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Zavarzina L.E.

Characteristics of female psychology in the views of P. F. Kapterev

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Stepanova L.G.

The Development of Gender Identity in Modern Boys and Girls in the Context of Socio-Psychological Development of Personality

Developmental Psychology  |  Zhilinskaya A.V.

Analysis of the Difficulties in the Goal Setting among the Older Adolescents

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Social Psychology

Social Psychology  |  Dmitrieva L.G.

The Asymmetry and Disequilibrium of Psychological Positions in Dialogic Interaction

Social Psychology  |  Troyanskaya A.I.

Ethnic and Professional in the Metaindividual Space

Educational Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Sokurenko M.B.

The Actual and Desired Model of the University’s Organizational Culture in the Representations of Teachers and Students

Social Psychology, Ethnopsychology  |  Chirkov A.S.

The Relationship between Social Status and Ethnic Dispositions (Based on the Study of Moscow School-Children)

Educational Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Gromyko Ju.A.

The Relationship between Psychological Readiness of a First-Grader to School and His Status Position in the Academic Collective

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Psychology of People with Special Needs

Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology  |  Firsanova E.Yu.

The Study on School Adaptation in Children with Speech Disorders

Clinical Psychology  |  Vovnenko K.

The Diagnostic of the Deviant Development of Primary School Aged Children Being Ill With Diabetes Mellitus

Clinical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics  |  Gorbachevskaya N.L.

Modern Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Cognitive Disorders in Children and Adults

Clinical Psychology  |  Yurov I.Yu., Vorsanova S.G., Yurov Yu.B.

Genetic Mechanisms of Mental Disturbances: Chromosomal and Genomic Disorders

Clinical Psychology  | 

The System of Psychological Rehabilitation of Patients with Various Somatic Diseases

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Psychological Research

Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnopsychology  |  Bogdanova A.A.

Socio-Psychological Characteristics of Communication between Adolescents and Teachers in Classes with Mixed Ethnic Composition

Developmental Psychology, Ethnopsychology  |  Zvereva M.A.

Psychological Characteristics of the Relationship between Ethnic Auto-Stereotypes and Ethnic Identity during Adolescence

Ethnopsychology  |  Bokotey L.L.

Psychological and Pedagogical Potential of Ethnic Culture as a Resource for Forming Spiritual and Moral Upbringing of the Younger Generations

Theory and Methodology  |  Dubrovina I.V.

Vygotsky's ideas about the content of children's practical psychology

Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Meshkova N.V.

Interrelation of Malevolent Creativity and Values in Adolescents with Different Levels of Aggression

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Anniversaries, Conferences and Contests

Scientific Life  |  Serova O.E., Guseva E.P.

International Chelpanov Readings 2014: Moscow Scientific and Practical Conference on the 100th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of Psychological Institute named after L.G. Schukina (1914-2014)

Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, General Psychology, Life Itself, Literature, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Serova O.E., Guseva E.P.

The Spiritual Space of Modern Education: Problems, Theory, Practice. The Interregional Conference in Memory of A. D. Chervyakov

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Juridical Psychology

Juridical Psychology  |  Bakanova A.A., Mokhryakov O.V.

Psychological Characteristics of Professional Activity of the Arbitration Court Judges

Juridical Psychology  |  Konopleva I.N., Bogdanovich N.V.

Determinants of Psychological Readiness to Weapon Employment by Law Enforcement Officers

Juridical Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V., Tokarchuk Yu.A.

Criminal Manipulation of Consumer Behavior by the Example of Fraud

Juridical Psychology, Psychology of Professional Activity  |  Kalyagin Yu.S., Enikolopov S.N.

Psychology of Professional Activity of an Operative Officer

Juridical Psychology, Psychology of Professional Activity  |  Konopleva I.N.

Organization of the Psychological Training of Police Officers to the Operative Performance

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Innovative Models

Innovative Models, Clinical Psychology  |  Gusakova M.P.

Psychological and Neuropsychological Factors of Education Individualization for Preschool Children in the Program “CHILDHOOD COACHING”

Innovative Models, Educational Psychology  |  Kalashnikova M.B., Kuptsova S.A.

Students’ Ecological Culture Development in a University’s Educational Environment

Theory and Methodology  |  Morozova T.V.

Argumentation functions in solving conflicting situations of social interaction in students of different age

Theory and Methodology  |  Trulyaev R.A.

The effect of teacher’s positive personal resource of features of students’ emotional states

Theory and Methodology  |  Gorlova N.V., Khasan B.I.

Developing and testing a new method “Theme-situations” for the diagnostics of psychological readiness to developmental conflict resolution in youth

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Training Of Teaching Staff Based On Development Ideas

Family Psychology  |  Burykina M.Yu.

Interpersonal Relationships and Marital Satisfaction of Women Educators, Brought up in Single-Parent Families

Social Psychology, Family Psychology  |  Archakova T.O.

Early motherhood: psychological problem or social construct?

Developmental Psychology  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Leonova O.I., Voloshina I.A.

On the development of professional standards of specialist in the field of educational psychology (psycho-pedagogical students support)

Developmental Psychology  |  Oslon V.N., Celenina E.V., Shehorina A.V.

The professional standard of specialists in rehabilitation work as a mechanism to institutionalize the rehabilitation activities in Russia

Developmental Psychology  |  Semya G.V.

Professional standard of specialist of guardianship and custodianship agency

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Psychological Counseling

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Bartsalkina V.V.

The Therapy for the Effects of Childhood Traumas, Deprivation and Violence as a Prevention of Addictive Behavior

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Moskvichev V.V.

Narrative Therapy: Realization of Practice of Respect

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Vikhristyuk O.V., Miller L.V., Orlova E.V., Leskina E.A.

Psychological Assistance to People Rubbed Through Psycho-Traumatic Experience

Clinical Psychology  |  Arshinova V.V., Bartsalkina V.V., Glazkova O.V.

The essential monitoring in the sphere of addictions prevention

Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection  |  Bengel J., Kraft M., Mittag O.

Evaluation in Rehabilitation: Outcomes, Assessments, and Measurement of Change

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Scientific Life

Scientific Life  |  Serova O.E., Guseva E.P.

Scientific-Applied Seminar “Spiritual and Moral Self-Consciousness and the Notion of the Ideal in the Patristic Tradition and Scientific Psychology”

Scientific Life  |  Shvedovskaya A.A.

BRICS countries invest in education: answers to global challenges and social changes

Scientific Life  |  Serova O.E., Guseva E.P.

On the Problem of the Development of Patristic Psychology in the Context of Modern Psychological Research: Christmas Meeting at the Psychological Institute

Developmental Psychology, History of Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Scientific Life  |  Ermolaeva M.V., Lubovsky D.V., Silaeva L.V.

The Problem of Personal Self-Determination in L. I. Bozhovich’s Works and its Development from the Viewpoint of the Subject-Centered Approach

Developmental Psychology, History of Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Scientific Life, Theory and Methodology, Work Psychology  |  Budyakova T.P., Polyakova T.А.

Psychological Aspects of Employment of Modern Graduates of High Schools (Round table «Partnership in the Field of Training» Yelets, June 26, 2018)

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Foreign Researches

Educational Psychology  |  Kiyoshi A.

Possibility to Prevent Learning Disabilities (LD) in School by Performing Special Developmental Intervention to them in Preschool Period

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Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology  |  Podushkina T.G.

Open Space Technology

Organizational Psychology  |  Kamaletdinova A.B.

Management Competencies of a Director as a Factor of an Organization’s Competitive Advantage Development

Work Psychology  |  Stalnova I.A., Stalnov A.G.

The Use of Assessment Center Technology for the Prevention and Reduction of Professional Burnout

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Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology  |  Barabanschikov V.A., Zhegallo A.V.

Eye-Tracking Methods: Theory and Practice

Educational Psychology  |  Khukhlaev O.E., Chibisova M.Yu., Usybyan S.A.

Perceptions and Attitudes towards European Values among Russian Bachelor Students of Moscow University

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Psychology of Deviant and Criminal Behavior

Theory and Methodology, Juridical Psychology  |  Enikolopov S.N., Khvostova E.S.

Perceptions of incest in the context of different cultures and traditions. Modern state of the problem

Theory and Methodology, Juridical Psychology  |  Gorfan Y.Y.

Prejudice towards senior citizens as a factor of their victimization

Juridical Psychology  |  Gurina O.D., Dozortseva E.G.

Xenophobia and youth extremism: origins and interrelations

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Modern scientific psychology and orthodox spiritual tradition

Educational Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Yaschenko C.

On teaching of psychology in clerical educational institutions

Theory and Methodology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Kondratiev S.V.

Subjectivity in the Orthodox paradigm

Theory and Methodology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Korzhevskiy V.

Patristic psychology in its relation to spiritual life

Theory and Methodology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Kovshov M.V.

Theological idea of personality in modern Orthodox psychology

Theory and Methodology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture  |  Leonov V.

Notions of “intellect”, “mind”, “reason” in the patristic tradition

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Training of Specialists in Legal Psychology

Theory and Methodology, Social Psychology  |  Smolina T.L.

Symptoms of culture shock: overview and classification

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Forensic and clinical psychology in legal context

Clinical Psychology  |  Kuznetsov D.A., Bulygina V.G.

Considering the gender specifics of criminal behavior in forensic psychiatric preventive measures

Clinical Psychology  |  Dvoryanchikov N.V.

Psychological research in sexological expertise of persons accused of sexual offences

Clinical Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Novikova Z.D., Dvoryanchikov N.V.

The problem of diagnostics of gender identity disorders among transsexuals

Clinical Psychology, Juridical Psychology  |  Vaske E.V.

Methodological foundations of psychology of interaction between the employees of investigating authorities and minor interrogatees

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Sports psychology

Interdisciplinary Researches  |  Gorovaya A.E., Korobeinikova E.Y.

Use of eye-tracking technology in sport psychology

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Topical issues of legal psychology in work with children and adolescents

Theory and Methodology  |  Bogdanovich N.V., Chernushevich V.A.

The activity model of legal psychologist

Clinical Psychology  |  Bulygina V.G., Kabanova T.A., Kuznetsov D.A.

Clinico-social and pathopsychological risk factors of nosocomial aggression in various categories of patients

Developmental Psychology  |  Gessmann H.-W., Sheronov E.A.

Development of a psychological test to diagnose abilities required for successful learning medicine

Clinical Psychology  |  Kuznetsov I.V., Morozova M.V.

Cognitive-style characteristics as criteria for differential diagnosis of delirium

Theory and Methodology  |  Shipshin S.S.

On the subject and object of the complex psychological and psychophysiological examination

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Modern school education

Educational Psychology  |  Vakhrusheva L.N.

Monitoring and evaluation of professional knowledge and skills of future teachers

Educational Psychology  |  Gorina L.V., Kolesnichenko Yu.Yu.

The problem of assessing the quality of preschool art education

Educational Psychology  |  Grebyonkina N.V.

Development of pre-school education in the Tyumen region: experience and prospects

Educational Psychology  |  Ershov A.G., Lewinskaya M.A., Zinina E.A.

On the model of assessment procedures of preschool education quality and some ways to improve it

Educational Psychology  |  Panteleeva N.G.

Social partnership of kindergarten and parents

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Theory and Methodology  |  Campo M.

The study of emotions in Vygotskij: The theory of emotions

Theory and Methodology  |  Stadnikov M.G., Scheglov A.A.

The problem of research on the socio-psychological characteristics of persons who have committed serious and heinous crimes of violence for ideological reasons

Theory and Methodology  |  Solovyeva E.V.

Children conceived by IVF: specifics of mental development

Theory and Methodology  |  Zaitsev S.V., Dobryakova O.I.

Features of individual preferences change in younger students during the learning process

Theory and Methodology  |  Ivanov M.V., Bagrationi K.A.

An introduction to the scientific problem of the “mind wandering” phenomenon

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Memorable Dates  | 

In memory of Vladimir G. Aseev

Memorable Dates  | 

In memory of Lev B. Filonov

The open "book of life" by Yakov Kolominsky. In memory of a scientist and friend

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Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology  | 


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