14.10.2021  |  Events
Revisiting Vygotsky for Social Change. Bringing Together Theory and Practice
13.09.2021  |  Events
Excluded Lives: Critical lessons for future practice and policy concerning exclusion from school after Covid-19
02.08.2021  |  Events
The 6th ISCAR Congress 2020/2021: Newsletter and Program of Participation of Russian Speakers
27.07.2021  |  Publishing News
A Tribute to Boris Mescheryakov
19.07.2021  |  Events
The ZPD and Second Language Learning: A Method for Future-in-the-Making
09.07.2021  |  Journal Issues
Cultural-Historical Concept and Activity Approach: Social and Educational Practices
02.07.2021  |  Journal Issues
Finnish Schools, Activity Approach in Teacher Education and COVID-19 Pandemic Consequences for Students – in the New Issue of the «Psychological Science and Education»
27.05.2021  |  Scientometrics
Psychological Science and Education journal is now ranked Q3 in Scopus (SJR)
26.05.2021  |  Journal Issues
Assessing university digital educational environment — in the new issue of Psychological Science and Education (#2, 2021).
26.05.2021  |  Call for Papers
Call for papers. Journal 'Autism & Developmental Disorders' (Russia)' special issue on Fragile X Syndrome
26.05.2021  |  Publishing News
Call for Papers. Digitalization of Childhood: Development, Learning and Socialization
24.05.2021  |  Scientometrics
Scopus: Russian periodicals in psychology
13.05.2021  |  Events
the ZPD and Second Language Learning
11.05.2021  |  Events
Method of double stimulation in action: Australian experience
01.04.2021  |  Events
Using Double Stimulation to Understand How Significant Change Can Happen in Families with Young Children
17.03.2021  |  Call for Papers
Journal “Cultural-Historical Psychology” Call for Papers 2021
17.03.2021  |  Events
Scaffolding and Micro-ZPD: an exciting discussion with Anna Shwarts and Michael Cole
10.03.2021  |  Journal Issues
On Academic Outcomes in Digital Environment, Demotivating Teaching Styles and Thatcherized Faces — in the New Issue of Psychological Science and Education
16.02.2021  |  Publishing News
The Top 10 Educational Psychology Researchers: Survey
11.02.2021  |  Events
Scaffolding in a Student-Teacher Dynamic Functional System
10.02.2021  |  Events
Discussion of the Book from the Series 'Cultural Psychology of Education'
05.02.2021  |  Call for Papers
Thematic issues of MSUPE journals in 2021
28.01.2021  |  Scientometrics
Cultural-Historical Psychology Journal is now Ranked Q3 SJR Scopus
14.01.2021  |  Events
P.Y. Galperin’s Development of Human Mental Activity: implications for practice and research