25.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Jornal 'Psicologia Cultural E Historica' Revisao do Projeto de Pesquisa (Research Design Review) (pt)
25.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Cultural-Historical Psychology Journal Research Design Review (eng)
25.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Legal Psychology Responding to Modern Challenges: Announcement of the Journal
20.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Learning Underachievement and ways to overcome it: The new issue of the journal modern Foreign Psychology
20.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Learning motivation: we welcome authors to participate in the thematic issue of scientific journal «Modern Foreign Psychology»
20.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Bulletin of practical psychology of education Call for Papers
19.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Face Science: Special Issue of the Experimental Psychology (Russia) in 2019
18.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Journal 'Autism and Developmental Disorders (Russia)'. Call for papers in the special issue on DIR/Floortime approach (2019 №2)
13.02.2019  |  Call for Papers
Social Psychology and Society Journal Call for Papers in 2019
19.07.2012  |  Publishing News
110-year anniversary of Alexander R. Luria – the founder of Russian neuropsychology
19.07.2011  |  Publishing News
Adolescents With A Positive Outlook On Life May Have Better Health In Their Adult Years
10.05.2011  |  Publishing News
International conference 'Inclusive education: methodology, practice, technology' in Moscow, June 20-22 2011
09.03.2011  |  Publishing News
International Symposium Global Challenges and Social Change Initiative in Cape Town
26.01.2011  |  Publishing News
Recent issue of 'Cultural-Historical Psychology' - results of 1st ISCAR Summer School
21.01.2011  |  Publishing News
Russia ranked 16th in the sphere of scientific publications by SCImago Lab
20.01.2011  |  Publishing News
The Russian law on education is discussed on the Net
24.09.2010  |  Publishing News
Special issue of 'Psychological Science and Education' devoted to the UNESCO conference on ECCE
24.09.2010  |  Publishing News
UNESCO World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education
22.01.2010  |  Publishing News
Free access to the new SAGE Reference Online Handbook Collection
19.01.2010  |  Publishing News
A step towards work-family balance for fathers
16.12.2009  |  Publishing News
Bologna Process in Russia - new beginnings in 2009
15.12.2009  |  Publishing News
Are happy or unhappy people more attracted to television?
03.12.2009  |  Publishing News
Certain Types of Thinking Are Best Suited To Certain Types of Problem-Solving
27.05.2009  |  Publishing News
Moscow goes inclusive