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Bulletin of Psychological Practice in Education - №1 / 2022

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Bulletin of Psychological Practice in Education

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

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Bulletin of Psychological Practice in Education

[Vestnik prakticheskoi psikhologii obrazovaniya]
Scientific and Methodical Support of Prevention of Social Risks in the General Education System

Psychological Diagnostics  |  Ryzhenko S.K., Pogrebnoy R.A.

The Central Themes of Conflict Relations of Adolescents with Problems of Social Adaptation

Developmental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education  |  Umnyashova I.B.

Psychological and Pedagogical Prevention and Correction of Aggressive Behavior in Children and Adolescents in an Educational Organization

Developmental Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Shakhvorostova T.V.

Methods of Correction of Anxiety and Fears in Preschool Children

Developmental Psychology, Literature, Theory and Methodology  |  Torkachenko Yu.V.

The Irrational Attitude of the Teacher as a Factor Hindering Professional and Personal Development (Acme)

Theory and Methodology  |  Pyrev E.A.

Motivational Function of Emotions: Theoretical Approach to Study

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Axiological and Personality-Oriented Basis of Cooperation and Interaction of Educational Environment Subjects

Abilities, Giftedness, Talent, Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Parfenova G.L., Kholodkova O.G.

University’s “Center for the Development of Giftedness” as a Coordinator of Innovative Activities to Support Gifted Children

Juridical Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Elizarov S.G., Narykova I.N., Orlova O.I.

An Adolescent in a Difficult Life Situation: Opportunities for Post-Rehabilitation Support

Family Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Yakimanskaya I.S.

The Practice of Forensic Psychological and Pedagogical Expertise in the Situation of Divorce of Parents

Social Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Puchkina Yu.A., Timofeeva A.I.

Combining the Resources of the Education System and Civil Society in Building a Model of Preventive Work with Children at “Risk Group”

Pedagogical Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Svobodina Yu.V., Khristoforova E.V.

Formation of Professional and Personal Identity of Additional Education Teachers

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Rubtsov V.V.

Greeting of the President of the Russian Publiс Organization “Federation of Psychologists of Education of Russia” Vitaly V. Rubtsov

Innovative Models  |  Leonova O.I., Miller A.A.

The Model of Rehabilitation and Educational Environment: a Space of Opportunities

The Youth Education Project “Student +”

Innovative Models  | 

Seminar “Building a System of Socio-Psychological Support at the University”

Guidelines for Preparing for the Competitive Tests of the Federal Stage of the All-Russian Competition of Professional Excellence “Educational Psychologist of Russia — 2019”

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Greeting of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Greeting from The Minister of Education of the Russian Federation

Greeting from the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Greeting of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

Transcript of the Plenary Session of the XV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Psychology of Education: Best Practices of Working with Children”

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Scientific Validity of the Practices of Psychological and Pedagogical Work With Childhood Implemented in the Education System

Organizational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Murafa S.V., Pavlova A.А., Trifonova E.V.

Psychological and Pedagogical Conditions of Development of Abilities of Children and Support of Their Giftedness in the Conditions of Realization of Educational Process

Developmental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Chernyshev A.S., Sarychev S.V., Grebenkov N.N.

Contribution of the Kursk Psychological School of Youth Leaders to the Youth Movement and Human Resources of the Region

Theory and Methodology  |  Efimova N.N.

Best Practices for Working with Childhood: the Experience of Psychologists in the Education System of the Chuvash Republic

Pedagogical Psychology  |  Pyrev E.A.

Motivational Function of Emotions: Experimental Approach to Study (continued)

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology  |  Umnyashova I.B.

Analysis of Approaches to the Assessment of Psychological Well-Being of Students

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Development Of Regional Rehabilitation And Education Practices: Discussion The Experience Of Interagency Interaction

Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Education  |  Zaifidi P.K., Makina A.P.

Adaptive Physical Culture and Sport in the System of Complex Rehabilitation and Habilitation of Disabled People in Kostroma Region

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Development of Regional Psychological Support Practices in Education and Social Sphere

Andronnikova O.O.

Psychological Service in Higher Education System: Problems and Urgent Tasks

Recommendations of the All-Russian Webinar Participants on the Adaptation and Application of Professional Standards for Education and Social Workers Dated 2020

Recommendations of the Participants of the All-Russian Webinar on the Development of Regional Practices of Psychological Support in Education and the Social Sphere Dated 2020, March 25

Educational Psychology  |  Kabaeva V.M., Barabanova V.V., Mukhortova E.A.

Communication Skills and Psychological Well-Being of the First Graders

Educational Psychology  |  Kuchegasheva P.P., Kubantseva A.P., Oreshkina N.V.

Psychological and Pedagogical Rehabilitation of Children Subjected to Violence and Abuse as Part of the Implementation of the Set of Measures “The World Begins with the Family” in the Volgograd Region

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Adaptation and Application of Interdepartmental Professional Standards in the Work of Social Sphere Specialists

Social Psychology  |  Rubtsov V.V., Alekhina S.V., Vikhristyuk O.V., Voitas S.A., Zabrodin Yu.M., Zaretsky V.K., Leonova O.I., Margolis A.A., Saitgalieva G.G., Semya G.V., Kholmogorova A.B., Sharikov S.V.

On the Problems of Professional Training of Social Sphere Specialists to Work with Vulnerable Categories of the Population

Social Psychology, Work Psychology  |  Goncharova A.А.

Application of Professional Standards in Organizations of Social Sphere

Social Psychology  |  Sizikova V.V., Anikeeva O.A.

Professional Standards and Training of Staff for Different Levels of Social Work: on the Issue of Adapting Educational and Professional Standards

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Professional Training of Specialists to Work with Different Categories of Children

Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Work Psychology  |  Soloveva T.A.

Staffing of the Educational System of Students with Disabilities

Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology  |  Zaretsky V.K.

Problems of Professional Training of Specialists for Working with Children with Learning and Development Difficulties

Family Psychology, Inclusive Education  |  Alekhina S.V., Klochko E.Y., Avilocheva N.S., Sedykh O.A.

Inclusion and Human Resources: Parents’ View and Professionals’ Opinions

Khaustov A.V.

On the Teaching Staff Training for the Organization of Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Russian Federation

Educational Psychology, Theory and Methodology  |  Bogdanovich N.V., Delibalt V.V.

Actual Problems of Training Specialists in the Field of Deviant Behavior Prevention in Educational Institutions

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Development of Regional Practices for Working with Socially Vulnerable Categories of Children Based on Interdepartmental Interaction

Social Psychology  |  Gayazova L.A., Vikhristyuk O.V.

Peculiarities of Requests for Distance Psychological Assistance During the Period of Self-Isolation (COVID-19)

Social Psychology  |  Voitas S.A., Zholud A.N., Kabanov I.S., Brazhnik Y.V., Ribelka I.V.

Model of a Rehabilitation and Educational Space for Children with Disabilities

Organizational Psychology  |  Pestova I.V., Guryanova N.A., Sergeeva M.S., Kuzevanova S.V.

Examination of the Quality of Special Conditions for Education by Students with Disabilities as a Condition for Increasing the Effectiveness of Psychological and Pedagogical Support

Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Education  |  Andreeva N.N.

Increasing the Motivation of Teachers for the Continuous Development of Professional and Personal Competencies Based on Reflexive Self-Analysis Technology

About the Journal

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From the Editor

Educational Psychology  |  Egorova M.A.

Resources and Risks of Psychological Well-being of Educational Relations Subjects

Innovative Models  |  Zabrodin Yu.M., Romanova E.S.

About the All-Russian Competition of the Best Psychological and Pedagogical Programs and Technologies in the Educational Environment-2020

From the Editorial Office

From the Editor

All-Russian Professional Skill Contest “Teacher-Psychologist of Russia” — Feedback of the Participants

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Psychology of Self-Determination of the Personality in Education and Profession

Sevostianov Yu.O.

Substantiation of Psychological Assistance in Changing the Attitude of Adolescents to Significant Others

Pedagogical Psychology  |  Umnyashova I.B.

Conditions for the Development of Reflexive Abilities as a Resource for the Development of Self-Determination of Students of Psychological and Pedagogical Specialties

Smolenkova V.A., Shpagina E.M.

Features of Professional Self-Determination of Minors with Persistent Illegal Behavior

Krutsky V.M., Tikhomirov M.Yu.

Features of the Process of Professional Self-Determination in Children with Hearing Impairment

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Human Resources Management and Skills Development

Kozlov E.V, Slavinskaya Yu.V, Shulga T.I.

Psychological Characteristics of Aviation Personnel of Senior Age Groups

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Development of Regional Practices of Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Students with Special Educational Needs

Clinical Psychology  |  Tokareva I.A., Soboleva M.E., Zagoskina T.V., Silinskaya Yu. P.

Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Young Children with Disabilities and the Risk of Developing Disability, Families Raising Them, in the Conditions of the Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance

Clinical Psychology  |  Kozhemyakina O.A.

Experience in Organizing Distance Learning for Children with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs in a Comprehensive School

Clinical Psychology  |  Suvorina N.P.

Psychological Support of Blind and Visually Impaired Teenagers for the Formation of Self-Construction as a Factor of Social Adaptation in a Boarding School

Clinical Psychology  |  Sunko T.Yu.

Educational and Professional Communication: Pilot Study of Difficulties in Written Speech of Students-Defectologists

Clinical Psychology  |  Vasileva O.F.

An Innovative Form of Correctional Work with Chil-dren with Disabilities. Author’s Development “Quest-Simulator”

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Problems of Interagency Cooperation in the Provision of Psychological, Social and Educational Services and the Practice of Applying Professional Standards

Tretyak E.V.

Comparative Analysis of Inclusive Education in Germany and Sweden

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Scientific and Methodological Support for the Professional Activities of Teacher-Psychologists

Dubrovina I.V.

The Psychological Aspect of the Phenomenon “Personal Results of Education”

Sokolova O., Rige E.

Problems for Children and Adolescents Related to School (non) Attendance — Dusseldorf Project

Kuznetsova Yu.Yu., Shpagina E.M.

The Relationship of Adolescents’ Perception of the Style of Parental Education with a Tendency to Deviant Behavior

Pakhalyan V.E.

The Quality of Professional Activity and its Product in the Work of a Practical Psychologist: the Problem of Defining Evaluation Concepts, Criteria and Methods

Chukhlantsev Yu.S., Chirkina R.V., Kupriyanova E.A.

Social Ostracism and Tendency to Deviant Behavior of Adolescents

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