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Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology - №2 / 2022
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Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology

Former Title: Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Seria 16. Psychology. Education

Publisher: Saint Petersburg University

ISSN (printed version): 2658-3607

ISSN (online): 2658-6010


Published since 2011

4 issues per year

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Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology

Empirical and Experimental Research

History of Psychology  |  Guseltseva M.S.

“Life Space” In the Context of Psychology of Everyday Life: to the 130th Anniversary of Kurt Lewin

Social Psychology  |  Kostromina S.N., Odintsova M.M.

Semantics of Life Models in the Information Field of Social Networks

Ethnopsychology  |  Belinskaya E.P., Djuraeva M.R.

The Relationship Between Proactive Coping with Difficult Life Situations and the Level of Mindfulness: a Cross-Cultural Analysis

Clinical Psychology  |  Makarova D.N.

Metacognitive Regulation, Basic Psychological Needs and Subjective Vitality Of First Year University Students

Experimental Psychology  | 

Memory for the Source of Solutions in Remote Associate Tasks: the Role of Generation Effect and the Aha!-Experience

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History of Psychology

History of Psychology  |  Mamaychuk I.I.

To the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of A. V. Yarmolenko

History of Psychology  |  Sorokin V.M.

The Scientific Heritage of A. V. Yarmolenko in the Space of Modern Defectology and Psychology of Dysontogenesis (to the 120th Birthday)

Golovey L.A., Grishchenko P.A.

From the History of the Psychological School of Leningrad/St. Petersburg University: Nina Albertovna Grishchenko

Martsinkovskaya T.D.

Variability and Constancy of the Scientific School, or Harmonization of Interrupted Identity

Mironenko I.A.

On the Scientific Heritage of Mikhail Ivanovich Vladislavlev

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Review and Analytical Articles

Clinical Psychology  |  Trusova A.V., Fediukovich E.I.

Emotion Recognition as a Marker of Emotional Regulation Deficits in Substance Use Disorder: Review of Current Research

Clinical Psychology  |  Burina E.A., Ababkov V.A., Kapranova S.V., Pazaratskas E.A.

Distress in Pregnant Women: a Literature Review

Schjetne E.B.C., Melnikova N.M.

Community Work in the North — Merging Economy and Psychology

Mironenko I.A., Rafikova V.A.

Concerning the History of Comparative Psychology in Russia

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Theoretical and Methodological Problems in Psychology

Cultural-Historical Psychology: Traditions and Innovations  |  Martsinkovskaya T.D.

The Psychological Concept of S.I. Rubinstein in the Context of the Ideas of I.V. Goethe and V.I. Vernadsky

Khoroshilov D.A., Mashkov D.S.

“Grounded Theory” as a Method of Psychological Mapping of Social Situations

Manichev S.A., Lepekhin N.N.

Proactive Safety Management and Proactive Behavior of Personnel as Resources of Resilience Engineering

Martsinkovskaya T.D.

Urban Capital and the Chronotope of the City: a New Look at Urban Everyday Life

Rafikova V.A., Mironenko I.A.

Actual Tendencies of The Methodology of The History of Psychology in Light of the Philosophic and Methodological Problems of Historiography

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Theory and Methodology of Psychology

Manukyan V.R., Murtazina I.R.

Self-Change: Psychological Status and Measurement Possibilities

Zaitseva Yu.E.

“It Is Not That Adam Is Becoming Smaller, but Rather the Tree Is Growing:” Methodological Notes on the Transforming Personality in a Changing World (Based on a Peer-Review)

Vinokurov .L.V., Kozhina A.A.

Work Alienation as a Subject and Object of Psychological Research: Phenomenological Aspects of the Problem

Guseltseva M.S.

Cultural and Psychological Transformations of Modernity in Light of the Methodology of Latent Changes: Subcultures

Strizhitskaya O.Y., Petrash M.D.

Non-Family Intergenerational Relations: Problems and Prospects

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Applied Research and Practice

Ivankova D.L.

Psychological Content of Life Competence in a Situation of Solving the Ageing Problems of Youth

Pleshkova N. L.

Development of Attachment Among Children from One to Four Years Old

Almazova O.V., Bukhalenkova D.A., Veraksa A.N., Yakupova V.A.

The Connection Between Theory of Mind and Executive Functions in the Senior Preschool Age

Folomeeva T.V., Fedotova S.V.

Features of the Persons’ Images of Different Social Statuses Among Young People

Krasnoselskikh T.V., Shaboltas A.V., Skochilov R.V., Uraeva G.E.

Multidisciplinary Program of Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention: Development, Implementation, Evaluation of Effectiveness

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General Psychology, Personality Psychology, History of Psychology

Belinskaya E.P.

Modern Identity Studies: From Structural Certainty to Procedural Incompleteness

Zaitseva Yu.E.

Time of Meaning: Narrative Modus of Time Perspective

Danilenko O.I., Xu Y.

The Values of The Сhinese Students: the Ratio of Subjective Significance-Accessibility

Sopov M.S.

Stroop Interference Phenomenon in the Context of Lexical Access Theories

Sapogova E.E.

Fortuity as Ontologeme of Autobiographic Narratives

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Developmental Psychology

Vasilyeva N.L.

Child Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy

Kolesnikova M.A., Solodunova M.Yu., Zhukova M.A., Anikina V.O.

Cognitive Development of Young Children in Institutions with Different Social Environment

Galimzyanova M.V., Kasyanik P.M., Romanova E.V.

Perception of Parental Attitudes of Adults in Relation to Early Maladaptive Schemas

Strizhitskaya O.Y.

Gerotranscendence: Psychological Content and Theoretical Models

Guseva O.V., Mamaychuk I.I.

Mental Adaptation Peculiarities of Healthy Siblings in Families with Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology

Gorbunov I.A., Chepikova K.A., Gaevsky A.A., Yanichev D.P.

Features of Physiological Mechanisms of Cognitive Functions in Patients with Schizophrenia Using Different Types of Pharmacotherapy

Petrov M.V., Kolchev A.I., Ershov B.B., Gvozdetckii A.N., Golovanova I.V., Daeva N.A.

Interrelation of Reduction of Mismatch Negativity and Cognitive Deficit in Paranoid Schizophrenia

Trabczynski P.K.

Interrelation of Neurotic Personality Traits and the Level of Social Frustration

Vartanyan G.A.

Sexual Crimes Against Children: to Judge or to Treat?

Ababkov V.A., Barisnikov K., Vorontzova-Wenger O.V., Gorbunov I.A., Kapranova S.V., Pologaeva E.A., Stuklov K.A.

Validation of the Russian Version of the Questionnaire «Scale of Perceived Stress–10»

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Shaboltas A.V., Grishina N.V., Volkov D.N., Mednikov S.V., Khrustaleva N.S.

By the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Psychology at St. Petersburg State University: International Scientific Conference «Psychology — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow»

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Correctional Psychology

Posokhova S.T., Izotova M.Kh

Musical Influence in the Practice of Correctional Psychology: the Emotional Aspect

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Clinical Psychology

Krasnoselskikh T.V., Shaboltas A.V.

Foreign Theoretical Models of Behavior Change in The Prevention of Socially Significant Diseases

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Educational Psychology

Bordovskaia N.V., Koshkina E.A.

Structural-functional Model of Terminological Competence of the Professionals

Kostromina S.N., Dvornikova T.A.

Psychological Factors of Cognitive Learning Strategies Formation in Students

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Social and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Telegina S.Ya.

The Sovereignty of Psychological Space among Teens Living in Native and Non-native Cultures

Eritsyan K.Y.

Cognitive Factors of Differences in Vaccination Patterns: the Perceived Risks of Action and Inaction

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20th International Scientific Conference “Psychology of the 21st Century: Russian

Ulanova A.Y.

Theory of Mind and Features of Creating Discourse in Children from 4 to 6 Years

Znamenskaya I.I., Alexandrov Y.I.

Different Types of Stress Alter Moral Attitude Towards Outgroup Members

Kovsh E.M., Ermakov P.N., Vorobyeva E.V.

Peculiarities of the Evoked Brain Activity in Ranking the Emotionally Charged Scenes by Women with Different Genotypes of Val158Met (G472A) COMT Polymorphism

Mikeladze L.I.

Time Perspective in Normal and Pathological Aging: the Vitauct Theory

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Work Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Ergonomics

Ronginska T.I.

Specificity of Burnout Syndrome Inherent for Professions with High Stress Level

Starchenkova E.S.

Training Program to Learn Constructive Coping Behaviour in Difficult Professional Situations

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