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Теория деятельности: деятельностные исследования в Германии

Издатель: Hartmut Giest & Georg Rückriem

ISSN: 2191-6667

Издается с 2010 года

Периодичность: 2 номера в год

Формат: сетевое издание

Язык журнала: немецкий

Доступ к электронным архивам: открытый


Multimedia Technologies – a Path to Creativity 844


This article describes psychological, creative and cognitive problems which disabled students face while studying „Direction of multimedia programs“ course at Information Technologies faculty of MSUPE. We argue that students need not so much instrumental approach to multimedia, as theoretical and paradigmal adaptation to intensively developing reality of digital revolution. On the basis of our experience in teaching ”Direction of Multimedia Programs“ course and creative work with students we present recommendations on helping disabled students overcome psychological barriers in development of new (multimedia) tools to fully reveal their humanitarian potential.

Ключевые слова: multimedia, directing and production , creative work , disability

Рубрика: (null)

Тип: научная статья

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Фрагмент статьи

The uniqueness of our experience in teaching at higher school is related, on one hand, to health limitations of our students, and on the other hand, to specific properties of our subject domain. Paradoxically, the problem of „the small adult“ (the teenager, whose chronic disease, as a rule, impeded his/her high school edu­cation) and the world sociocultural crisis of transition to visual language of culture, weaved together before our eyes into one storyline. And this storyline is extraor­dinarily cinematic: it unites particular with universal and gives hope.

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