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Научные тексты (Г.Бреслав)

Издатель: Московский государственный психолого-педагогический университет

Год издания: 2013


Psychology serving society: whose needs are met? 692

Бреслав Г.
доктор психологических наук, Аcсоц. проф. Балтийского института психологии и менеджмента, Рига, Латвия
e-mail: g_bresl@latnet.lv

Тип: научная статья

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Фрагмент статьи

Social demand for discourse and wisdom emerged at the stage of the prosperity of Ancient Greek cities-states where a new societal community on the city square, the agora, was shaped (Vernant, 1962). The authority of a person on the agora was determined not only by one’s wealth or descent, but also by his thinking and reasoning. This shaped the development of philosophy, which satisfied people’s curiosity for more than two thousands years.
In the 17th century due to the benefits of Renaissance, the Reformation, opening and reclaiming of new continents, development of military equipment, substantial change in the type of production, and, especially, due to the development of printing, the situation in societal elite, first of all among university teachers, nobles, and educated monarchs who were growing in number, started changing. Scientific discoveries and devices were more increasingly viewed as a value, for verification of their utility became available to many people. The significance of mechanics, chemistry, physics, and astronomy became understandable for societal elite at the end of 17th century.

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