Leonid Markovich Krol

Country Russia
Academic degrees and titles PhD in Medicine,
Occupation and current place of work Director of the Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy, Moscow (Igisp), Personnel Training Center
E-mail address lmkroll@gmail.com
Website or personal webpage http://www.klacc.ru/
Main scientific publications

Coaching support. Kai, cat and others

Negotiations with dragons

10 faces in 100 mirrors. Power Money Love

The island of psychotherapy

Man-orchestra: microstructure of communication (co-authored with E. Mikhailova)

About what is in mirrors: essays of group psychotherapy and training (co-authored with E. Mikhailova)

Training of trainers: how the steel was tempered

Between living water and dead water. Experiments of integrative hypnotherapy

Images and metaphors in integrative hypnotherapy

The author of the idea and the compiler of the books: "Management culture of organizations", "business development Tools: training and consulting", "Consulting: the search for a genre", "organization Development and HR-management", "Methods of modern psychotherapy".

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