Varvara V. Delibalt

Member of editorial board of “Psychology and Law” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Occupation and current place of work associate Professor, chair of legal psychology and law faculty "Legal psychology", MSUPE
E-mail address delibalt@yandex.ru
Scopus ID 57200698175
Website or personal webpage http://www.jp.mgppu.ru/faculty-up/pps/79-delibalt
Main scientific publications

1. On the question of studying the moral and semantic sphere of neglected and homeless adolescents // Theses of the II-th city scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students of higher and secondary education institutions of urban subordination "Scientific and practical activity of young scientists and students in the framework of the program of modernization of education."(April 23-24, 2003). - M., 2003;

2. Features of the organization of the process of social rehabilitation of minors in a social shelter (et al.) / / Collection of materials of the round table of the city August meeting "Developing environment in educational institutions of the University district MGPPU". - M., 2006 (et al. with Sbitneva G. L., Zakharchenko Z. V., Shcherbakova E. V.);

3. The concept and curriculum of problem-oriented practice of students of the program of basic higher education in the specialty "Psychology", specialization "Legal psychology". - Moscow: NPF "Sense", 2007 (in coauthors. with Chernushevich VA.);

4.  Psychological problems of prevention of xenophobia, extremism and nationalism as legally significant situations / / Prevention of xenophobia, extremism and nationalism in children and adolescents. Collection of scientific theses. - Moscow: MGPPU, 2009 (in coauthors. with Bogdanovich NV.);

5. The problem of preparation of the legal psychologist to professional activity / / Actual state and prospects of development of judicial psychology in the Russian Federation: Materials of the all-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation. - Kaluga, may 20-29, 2010. - Pp. 77-80. (et al. with Bogdanovich NV.);

6. About the educational standard of preparation of the specialist in the direction "Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior" [Electronic resource] // Psychology and law No. 1/2011. URL: http: / / psyjournals.ru/psyandlaw/2011/n1/39324.shtml (et al. with Dozortseva E. G., Bogdanovich N. V.);

7. The concept of the program of prevention of deviant and antisocial behavior, reducing xenophobia and extremism among young people / Author's team: Khlomov K. D., Balaeva A.V., Bochaver A. A., Bianki E. M., Delibalt V. V., Nazarova L. A., Milovanova E. A., Dvoryanchikov N. V., Tikhomirova A.V., Shtinova O. V.-M., 2011;

8. To the question of substantiation of the model of professional activity of a legal psychologist [Electronic resource] / / Psychological science and education PSYEDU.ru No. 2/2012. URL: http: / / psyjournals.ru/psyedu_ru/2012/n2/53517.shtml (et al. with Bogdanovich N. V., Degtyarev A.V.);

9. Training of specialists in prevention of deviations in children and adolescents / / Collection of abstracts of the International conference of the European Association of psychology and law (EAPL) " Actual problems of legal psychology. Victims and witnesses: from research to good practice". – SPb., 2014 (in English. yaz., et al. with Bogdanovich NV.);

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