Automatic Article Translation Service: Promoting Access to Scientific Knowledge


Dear colleagues!

As we strive to make scientific knowledge open and available for everyone, we are happy to announce a new service on website: an automatic online Google translation of PDF full-texts. From now on, the authors can see automatic English translations of their papers that were published in any of the journals presented on our website, and English-speaking readers can look through Russian papers even if their full-text English translation was not published.

The translation is carried out automatically, and Google is constantly improving its service. Since 2017, it uses a neural machine translation engine (NMT).

To use the service, go to the webpage of the paper you wish to translate and click on the «Quick translation of full-text in Google Translate» button located below the «Full Text in Russian» sign.

Feel free to share translated papers with your English-speaking colleagues or to post a link on academic social networks, for instance, ResearchGate.

MSUPE Editorial Office

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