Vygotsky’s Library

The “Vygotsky’s Library” project – a knowledge base on cultural-historical and activity psychology, which can serve as an effective tool for systematic and comprehensive research, educational and practical activities for the specialists interested in it. The principle of the “Vygotsky’s Library” fund arrangement is reflecting the main provisions of the cultural-historical approach in psychology and education in the content of the materials included in it. The collection materials are assessed by leading specialists in the field, thar ensures its high quality. Thus, the “Vygotsky’s Library” project solves the problem of international transfer of scientific knowledge in the field of cultural-historical psychology and the activity approach. “Vygotsky’s Library” is presented both in the online format and in traditional media.

The basis for the “Vygotsky’s Library” project was the unique conditions for the comprehensive support and development of the cultural and historical approach developed at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE). The International UNESCO Department of Cultural and Historical Psychology of Childhood ISCAR Summer University  operate at MSUPE, the international journal “Cultural-Historical Psychology” is published, there is a scientific and educational project the "ReadingLive" dedicated to the topics of cultural and historical psychology. The idea of ​​creating the project belongs to Vitaly Vladimirovich Rubtsov, the President of MSUPE and Arkady Aronovich Margolis, the Rector of MSUPE.

Within the “Vygotsky’s Library” project, a fund of works consisting of at least 1000 titles of scientific, methodological, scientific, and practical publications as well as media materials to provide educational programs, project activities, and scientific research on the topic of cultural and historical psychology is being created.

In 2020, the collection of "Cultural-Historical Psychology" was arranged on the basis of the entire library of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. You can get acquainted with these works in the electronic form.

Project operators: Fundamental Library and Information and Publishing Projects Management of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE).

Project leaders:

Ponomareva Victoria Viktorovna, Head of MSUPE Fundamental Library

Shvedovskaya Anna Aleksandrovna, PhD in Psychology, Head of Department of Information and Publishing Projects, Associate Professor of the Department of Developmental Psychology named after L.F. Obukhova of MSUPE "Psychology of education" Faculty