Alexander Iosifovich Sosland

Member of editorial council of “Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles PhD in Psychology, docent
Occupation and current place of work Department of Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Moscow state psychological and pedagogical University
E-mail address alsosland@mtu-net.ru
Website or personal webpage http://pk.mgppu.ru/about-faculty/prepodavateli/10-kafedra-individualnoj-i-gruppovoj-psikhoterapii/188-sosland-aleksandr-iosifovich
Main scientific publications

Sosland A. I. the Meaning of meaning. // Meaning of life and Acme: 10 years of search. VIII the VIII-X symposiums. Part one. - Yeah. Sense, 2004, pp. 30-36

Sosland A. I. Discourse, expanding space. Russian anthropological school. Works, vol. 2. Moscow: RSUH, 2004, 397 p., pp. 289-308, 0.8 p. l.

Sosland A. I. on the ideological essence of the psychotherapeutic community / / Moscow psychotherapeutic journal, No. 2 (40), 2004, pp. 21-43, 1 p. l.

Sosland A. I. Attractive analysis. Conceptualization of the approach / / anthropological configurations of modern philosophy. Materials of scientific conference of 3-4 December, 2004 They are the Philosophical faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosova, 2004, 0.22 PP.

Sosland A. I. Love to sense / / the problem of sense in the Sciences of man (to the century of Victor Frankl). Proceedings of the international conference (Moscow, may 19-21, 2005) pp. 94-99, 0, 3 p. l.

Sosland A. I. Psychotherapy and attractive analysis Izvestia TRTU. Thematic issue "humanitarian problems of modern psychology". – Taganrog: publishing house votto, 2005

Sosland A. state of psychotherapy in Moscow / / international journal of psychotherapy, vol. 2, NO 2, 1997, p. 229-233


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