Amanda Venta

Country, City USA, Houston
Academic degrees and titles PhD, Rice University, Bachelor of Arts, University of Houston, Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology
Occupation and current place of work Department of Psychology, Associate Professor, University of Houston
E-mail address Amanda.venta@gmail.com
Scopus ID 35485828700
Website or personal webpage https://www.shsu.edu/academics/psychology-and-philosophy/psychology/youth-family-studies/
Main scientific publications
  1. Venta, A. (2019). The Real Emergency at our Southern Border is Mental Health. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
  2. Venta, A., Shmueli-Goetz, Y., & Sharp, C. (2014). Assessing attachment in adolescence: A psychometric study of the Child Attachment Interview. Psychological Assessment,26(1),238–255.
  3. Venta, A., Sharp, C., & Newlin, E. (2015). A descriptive study of symptom change as a function of attachment and emotion regulation in a naturalistic adolescent inpatient setting. European child & adolescent psychiatry, 24(1), 95-104.
  4. Venta, A., Ball Cooper, E., Shmueli-Goetz, Y., & Sharp, C. (2018). Artificial neural network coding of the child attachment interview using linguistic data. Attachment & human development, 20(1), 62-83.
  5. Venta, A., Ha, C., Vanwoerden, S., Newlin, E., Strathearn, L., & Sharp, C. (2017). Paradoxical effects of intranasal oxytocin on trust in inpatient and community adolescents. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 1-10.