Vladimir Alekseevich Voropaev

Member of editorial board of “Language and Text” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Philology,
Occupation and current place of work Professor of the Department of the History of Russian Literature, Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov
E-mail address voropaevvl@bk.ru
Main scientific publications

The author of numerous works on the life and creative heritage of N.V. Gogol, including books and monographs: “The schemer is crushed in spirit ...” The life and work of N.V. Gogol in the light of Orthodoxy (M, 1994); Gogol over the pages of spiritual books: popular science essays (M., 2002); N.V. Gogol: Life and work: To help teachers, high school students and applicants (6th ed. M., 2017); Nikolai Gogol: an experience of spiritual biography (2nd ed. corrected, additional M., 2014); Editions of works and letters of N.V. Gogol: Bibliography (Kyiv, 2010); Once Gogol...: Stories from the Life of a Writer (Moscow, 2014); Jednom Je Gogoљ… (Beograd, 2018); There is no other door…: About Gogol and not only (M., 2019); Gogol's confessor (2021). Prepared for publication several collected works of N.V. Gogol, including the Complete Works and Letters in 17 volumes (Moscow; Kyiv, 2009–2010, 2013).