Nadezhda Anatolievna Kovpak

Member of editorial board of “Language and Text” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles PhD in Philology,
Occupation and current place of work Associate Professor of the Department of Phonetics and Vocabulary of the English Language, Moscow State Pedagogical University
E-mail address
Main scientific publications

-                 To the question of the interaction of intonational and kinesic means// Scientific works of the Moscow Pedagogical State University. Series: Humanities. – M.: 2001. - pp. 131-134.

-                 The role of non-verbal means in ensuring the rhetorical effectiveness of public speaking // Foreign Languages: Linguistics and Methods. MPGU - M.: 2001. – pp.19-22.

-                 On the prosodic realization of the semantic structure of public speaking// Actual problems of English philology. Collection of scientific papers. Issue 1 - M.: 2002. – pp.43-47.

-                 A guide to effective communication. (Co-authored by D.V. Voroshkevich, M.Yu. Seyranyan) M.: MSGU, 2008. Theoretical phonetics of the English language. (Workshop) (Co-authored by E.L. Freidina, O.G. Kozachuk, T.D. Nesterova, O.A. Pervezentseva, M.Yu. Seyranyan) Moscow: Prometheus, 2012.

-                 Prosody of public speech. (Monograph) (Co-authored by E.L. Freidin, Yu.P. Koroleva, T.M. Pchelina, M.Yu. Seyranyan, O.N. Smirnova) Moscow: Prometheus, 2013.

Strategies of Public Presentation. (Co-authored by E.L. Freidina, M.Yu. Seyranyan) Dubna: Phoenix+, 2016.