Mikhail Sergeevich Bril

Member of editorial board of “Extreme Psychology and Personal Safety” journal

Country, City Russia, St.Petersburg
Academic degrees and titles PhD in Psychology,
Occupation and current place of work Acting Head of the Department of Psychology of Crisis and Extreme Situations, Saint-Petersburg State University
E-mail address miklbril@gmail.com
Main scientific publications
  1. Psychology of crisis and extreme situations: textbook / edited by N. S. Khrustaleva. 2nd ed., erased. — St. Petersburg: Publishing House of St. Petersburg University, 2022. — 748 p., ISBN 978-5-288-06224-7, (Chapter 11, sections: 2-4).
  2. Bril, M. S., Pegashova, S. O., Bekreneva, Y. S., Osipenko, I. S., Tyarasova, T., Sizova, N. S., Etlis, K., Orlov, A. A., Lapuzina, A., Kovchak, E., Bazalyuk, V. I., Popov, E., Mediation is..., a methodological guide for specialists in the field of youth policy, 1 ed. Voronezh: Artprint. 2022 - 136 p.
  3. Bril, M. S., Bekreneva, Y. S., Pegashova, S., Bulankina, A., Batsova, N., Sizova, N., Etlis, K., You can't shout to negotiate: Where is your comma, Soyuzpoligraf, 2020 – 194 p.

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