Igor Nikolaevich Noss

Member of editorial board of “Extreme Psychology and Personal Safety” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Psychology, Professor
Occupation and current place of work Professor of the Department of General Psychology, Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH)
E-mail address Innoss2007@yandex.ru
Scopus ID 56629180600
Main scientific publications
  1. Noss I.N. Manual of psychodiagnostics. Textbook for students and practical psychologists. – M.: Publishing House of the Institute of Psychotherapy, 2005. – 688 p. (49  links)
  2. Borodina T.I., Noss I.N. Personal and professional specification of civil servants: monograph / T.I. Borodina, I.N. Noss; under the general editorship of A.V. Bulgakov. - M.: IIU MGOU , 2018. – 288 p. (
  3. Noss I. N. Experimental psychology : textbook and workshop for academic Bachelor's degree. — M. : Yurayt Publishing House, 2015. — 318 p. 
  4. Noss, I.N. Qualitative and quantitative research methods in psychology: textbook for undergraduate and graduate studies. – M.: YURAYT Publishing House, 2014. - 362 p.
  5. Noss I.N. Psychodiagnostics: textbook for bachelors: Advanced course. – 2nd ed., reworked. and additional. - M.: YURAYT Publishing House, 2014. – 500 p.
  6. Noss I.N. Professional psychodiagnostics: psychological selection of personnel: An educational and methodological guide for students and practical psychologists. – M.: Psychotherapy, 2009. – 464 p.

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