Marina Ivanovna Rosenova

Member of editorial board of “Extreme Psychology and Personal Safety” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Psychology, Professor
Occupation and current place of work Professor of the Department of Scientific Foundations of Extreme Psychology, Faculty of Extreme Psychology, Moscow State University of psychology and education (MSUPE)
E-mail address profi1234@yandex.ru
Scopus ID 57224222209
Website or personal webpage https://mgppu.ru/people/114/1969?ysclid=lqh6ytgcs6735247298
Main scientific publications
  1. Rozenova M.I. Individual psychological sources of life expectancy: current and prospective research// Bulletin of the Moscow State Regional University. Series: Psychological Sciences. 2019. No. 4. pp. 71-90 DOI: 10.18384/2310-7235-2019-4-71-90, https://vestnik-mgou.ru/Articles/View/13423, https://elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=41745781
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  5. Rozenova et al. Features of women's fears in the initial period of the coronavirus pandemic and self-isolation (based on the material of the Russian sample // Man in the modern world: crisis and globalization: a collective monograph. -Moscow-Nice, 2020. pp.254-258.
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  14. Rozenova M.I. Family and child-parent relations in the context of problems of life expectancy and aging rates: integration of empirical experience / Personal anti-aging resources : monograph / Col. authors ; general editorship by T.N. Berezina, A.V. Litvinova. Moscow: RUSAINS, 2024. pp. 68 – 82. https://www.e-notabene.ru/psp/article_68681.html

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