Victor Ivanovich Panov

Member of editorial board of “Experimental Psychology (Russia)” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Psychology,
Occupation and current place of work Professor, Corresponding Member, Deputy head of the Psychological Institute, Russian Academy of Education
E-mail address
Scopus ID 15061818400
Main scientific publications

Panov Century I. Environmental psychology: the Experience of building methodology. Moscow: Nauka, 2004. -197 PP.

Panov V. I. Psychodidactics of educational systems: theory and practice. SPb.: Peter, - 357 p.

Panov V. I. Ecopsychological interactions: types and typology / / Social psychology and society No. 3/2013

Panov V. I. is the psychic nature of the noosphere Possible? // "Bulletin of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian section", 2007. Issue #2: 39-44.

Panov V. I. Paradoxes of the study of the psyche and the possibility of their overcoming // national psychological journal. No. 1 (5) 2011 Pp. 50-54.

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