Modelling and Data Analysis

[Modelirovanie i analiz dannikh]


Mathematical modeling and data analysis have recently become common tools for resolving issues in a various areas – from complex technical systems design to a social processes study. The methods used for this purpose, as a rule, do not depend on application area and are quite universal, which is attractive to many professionals of almost all fields of study.

Over the years, the most interesting results initially intended for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment development then found their application in the study of social, biological and economic systems, as well as in psychology. Recently, the reverse process has also been observed: models and methods created for solving non-technical problems are successfully used for modeling and analyzing the behavior of technical objects.

Given these trends, created new journal "Modeling and Data Analysis" intended to share experience of academic, exploratory, action-oriented data science researches and the results of its practical implementation in software application development.

We hope that the appearance of our journal will contribute to a useful exchange of scientific ideas between experts in various fields.