To the 75-th Anniversary of V.V.Rubtsov


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For citation: To the 75-th Anniversary of V.V.Rubtsov [Elektronnyi resurs]. Psychological-Educational Studies, 2023. Vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 128.

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The 20th of October marks the 75th birthday of Vitaly Vladimirovich Rubtsov, the founder, first rector, president of the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education and Head of the UNESCO "Cultural and Historical Psychology of Childhood" Department, academician of the Russian Academy of Education, professor. 

Vitaly Vladimirovich celebrates his anniversary in his usual capacity - as an energetic transformer of those social practices, within which new forms of human activity are just maturing and the ways of human relations, necessary for this, are being formed.  In fact, it is him who creates these practices together with his scientific and educational school, the embodiment (the largest, but not the only one!) of which is the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education.

This practice, in full accordance with Vygotsky's idea, is now becoming psychology in its entirety, thanks in large to V.V. Rubtsov. Rubtsov, within the walls, on the base or with the leading participation of the very same MSUPE.

"All of psychology in one university", if it is a "university of people who care” can change the life of society in that part of it, in which the very basis of sociality is formed on the individual - the intellectual "sense of an invisible elbow", when activity is not of a joint nature. But this requires such thinking, in which the understanding of things coincides with the mutual understanding of people. Yes, of course, this is the result of any thought. But in the process of thinking woven into joint activity, such a coincidence is the hardest of all, and it still has to be "arranged" somehow, somehow "organized".

Vitaly Vladimirovich has always succeeded in this perfectly - from the moment of research into the joint solution of physics problems by schoolchildren, with which he began as a psychologist, to the cultivation of educational and professional communities of children and adults, in the form of which the modern school exists and develops.

We wish Vitaly Vladimirovich many more years marked by of happy coincidences of events on his life and professional paths! 

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