System Approach to Psychological Concepts Analysis: Cоntribution of Professor V.A. Ganzen to Russian Psychology Development



This article examines the principle for constructing the method of a systemic analysis of objects, pentabasis SPTEI, as proposed by V. A. Ganzen, as well as the basic points of the system approach to the study of psychological objects. The study takes four lines of analysis lines: time, space, energy, and information are stressed. The time category is correlated with repeatability of the functioning of objects. The space description reflects the interaction balance of objects. The energy component determines the subordination of the description of objects. The information line of the analysis corresponds to the principle of object proportionality. The dichotomous division of four pentabasis components on the basis of opposite tendencies to object functioning is presented. The examples of various objects descriptive characteristics corresponding to two stressed tendencies within the framework of each analysis line are given. The method of system analysis suggested by V. A.Ganzen allows an analysis of the objects of various contents and conceptual origins. The method presented has an interdisciplinary character that corresponds to the provisions of system approach to describe psychological categories involved in functional relationship with the environment. The method of pentabasis can be used to design diagnostic tools, as its scientific validity and descriptive accuracy are high. Examples of the application of pentabasis for describing creativity and loyalty are provided. The application of the method to analyze contents of these categories of a clearly defined system character are validated. The diagnostic potential of the method of pentabasis and facilities for its further development to study and arrange the description of objects in complex and contradictory relations by means of pentabasis components dichotomous division allows the presentation of objects in all the complexity of their interaction.

General Information

Keywords: system description, pentabasis SPTEI, time, space, energy, information, proportionality, subordination, balance, repeatability, creativity, loyalty

Journal rubric: History of Psychology

Article type: scientific article


Received: 08.12.2021


For citation: Ronginska T.I. System Approach to Psychological Concepts Analysis: Cоntribution of Professor V.A. Ganzen to Russian Psychology Development. Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology, 2022. Vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 55–70. DOI: 10.21638/spbu16.2022.105. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)


Allen, N.J., Meyer, J.P. (1990). The measurement and antecedents of affective, continuance and normative commitment to the organization. Journal of Occupational Psychology, 63, 1–18.

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