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Peer Review Guidelines

  1. Reviewing is an important part of the Journal's publication activities aimed at ensuring the level of publications that meet the standards adopted in the scientific community.
  2. Papers received by the Journal and accepted for consideration as corresponding to the profile of the Journal and the requirements for manuscripts are sent for review.
  3. Experts in the field of relevant topics from Russian universities and research centers are involved in the review. Each article undergoes double anonymous peer review. Reviewers are appointed by the Editorial Board based on the principles of competence, objectivity and the absence of conflict of interest. A prerequisite for the appointment of a Reviewer are publications on the subject of the article under review for the last 3 years.
  4. Structure of the review should include an evaluation of the expert according to the following criteria — novelty and originality of the presented material, completeness of the topic of the article, conclusiveness and validity of the results and conclusions. On the basis of these criteria, the reviewer makes a General conclusion on the acceptance or rejection of the reviewed text, as well as the need to finalize it.
  5. On the basis of the received reviews the Editorial Board makes a decision on the admission of the manuscript for publication. The results of the review are sent to the Author in the form of the review texts or in the form of a generalized review prepared by the Editorial Board on the basis of reviews.
  6. In case of a decision to accept the article for publication, the Author is obliged to notify the editor within 10 days of the readiness to revise the article in accordance with the recommendations made, or to refuse to publish the article in the Journal. In case of a positive decision of the author on the revision and final preparation of the article for publication, the revised text of the article should be submitted to the editor within 20 days (the time of work on the manuscript may be increased at the written request of the author).
  7. After receiving the revised text from the Author, it is re-sent to the reviewers who evaluate the changes in accordance with recommendations made and offer an opinion on the acceptance of the article for publication. According to the results of the expert opinion the Editorial Board makes the final decision on the acceptance of the article for publication.
  8. The reviews are kept in the Editorial Office for 5 years. Upon request, the Editorial Board provides copies of  reviews  to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.