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People, Sounds and the Environment. The Aegean-Daghestani Connection 52


Tardivo G.
Professor of linguistics, Padua State University, Italy

As the title suggests, on this occasion two factors are considered: A phonological survey, either way, Synchronic and Diachronic between Pre-Greek and Nakh-Daghestani languages. Then, a few words analyzed and scrutinized in various aspects; by phonology and from an historical Semantic perspective. Throughout the article, other details are also observed. Nevertheless, the main goal is to find an explanation for obscure Greek words, once again it leads on the mountain of the Caucasus.

Keywords: phonological retrospective, phonological review of pre-Greek, apheresis, historical aspect, Nakh-Dagestan languages, lexical elements.

Column: General and Comparative Historical Linguistics


Received: 01.05.2021

Accepted: 15.05.2021

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