New special issue of the Journal “Autism and Developmental Disorders (Russia)”. Metabolic therapy of autism and the major topics currently discussed in the autism research community


The special issue of the Journal Autism and Developmental Disorders (Russia) includes publications of experts and speakers of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference “Autism: Challenges and Solutions”, held in Moscow on April 19—21 2018.

The editorial expresses gratitude to the autonomous non-profit organization “Center for Autism Problems” and personally to its President Ekaterina Men’ for the contribution to the development of a system of support to children with ASD in Russia and for the cooperation in formation of a special issue of the journal. Editors also thank the speakers of the conference submitted articles to present issue of the journal: S.M. Edelson, N. Rabbani, P.J. Thornalley, D.M. Dhossche, A. Dibari, D. Rizzi and Svetlana Polyakova, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. The editorial appreciates the scientific laboratory fellows of the Federal Resource Center of MSUPE for the assistance in preparing articles for publication.

We hope that the foreign and domestic scientific and practical experience in autism, published on the pages of this issue will be found inte after by specialists, parents and the widest circle of readers who are not indifferent to this
acute social problem.

The special issue of the journal Autism and Developmental Disabilities (Russia) is timed to the regular annual VII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Autism: Challenges and Solutions" to be held in Moscow on April 8-10, 2019.

The issue opens an article devoted to the overview of biological basis of autism, written by Stephen Edelson. In the end of present issue readers may find useful paper on the teaching techniques for ASD individuals.

The full content of the issue of the journal:

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