The Scientific Legacy of F.Ye. Vasilyuk


The first topical issue of the Cultural-Historical Psychology journal in 2019 is dedicated to the scientific legacy of Fyodor Yefimovich Vasilyuk (1953-2017), a great Russian researcher and expert in theory, methodology and practice of counseling psychology and psychotherapy. The issue covers papers written by his closest associates, colleagues and disciples and thus continues the dialogue with Fyodor Yefimovich, expanding and taking further his profound ideas and techniques.

As one of the authors put it, “If I was to give a brief description of what Fyodor Yefimovich cared for most in counseling psychology, I would say just two words: clever practice. He used to oppose such practice, reflective and conscious, to the so-called ‘feldsherism’ (‘paraprofessionalism’, botch job), i.e. acting in accordance with ready-made instructions and having no idea of the underlying mechanisms, bases and consequences of one’s work” (Karyagina T.D., p. 5).

The materials included in this issue also reflect the problems discussed at the I International Conference on Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy in Memory of F.Ye. Vasilyuk which was held in Moscow at the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education and the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (November 1-3, 2018)

Finally, in a special paper A.I. Nazarov, B.G. Meshcheryakov and A.L. Venger focus on the three recently published volumes of collected writings of Vladimir Petrovich Zinchenko (1931-2014), the first editor-in-chief and a great supporter of the Cultural-Historical Psychology journal.

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