Efficiency of learning and academic motivation of students in conditions of online interaction with the teacher


The objective is to study the relationship between students’ online lecture assessment, the quality of learning and academic motivation. Background. Digitalization of education actualizes the problem of the online-learning effectiveness, which might decrease through reducing the social presence of the teacher and students in the educational situation. Due to these conditions, students’ motivation might mean a great deal. Study design. Students evaluated the classroom lecture and its video using the parameters “interest”, “content” and “usefulness”, and then the scores and the volume of the reproduced educational material were compared. Participants. The study involved 112 students (19.55±0.66 years, 83.9% of women). Measurements. Students evaluated lectures on the proposed parameters using a 7-point scale and retold their content. Students’ motivation was measured by “Academic Motivation Scale”. In addition, students reported about their professional plans and professional experience. Results. Students assessed video lectures lower and reproduced their content worse in comparison with classroom lectures. Assessments of the video lecture content were positively correlated with the students’ intrinsic cognitive motivation, and the volume of the reproduced content of the lecture was negatively correlated with extrinsic motivation. The influence of intrinsic cognitive motivation and extrinsic motivation of students on the assessment of the video lecture content and the volume of the reproduced content was confirmed by a variance analysis. Conclusions. In terms of online interaction, the students’ subjective assessments of the classroom lectures are reduced. Intrinsic cognitive motivation prevents the reduction of subjective assessments of the video content. Extrinsic motivation helps to reduce the reproduced content of the video lecture.

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