On Academic Outcomes in Digital Environment, Demotivating Teaching Styles and Thatcherized Faces — in the New Issue of "Psychological Science and Education"


The first 2021  issue of the journal Psychological Science and Education (#1 2021) was published in February. It comprises three sections: General Psychology, Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

This issue explores the following topics: the patterns of perception of a virtual model with a ‘Thatcherized face’; the relationship between the use of digital devices and personal and emotional development in preschool children; the diagnostic tools for assessing motivating and demotivating styles of teachers in their communication with students; students’ conceptions of academic success and academic outcomes of students in university digital environment at different levels of higher education. Also, the issue presents outcomes of a study on the relationship between the structural components of civic identity and environmental attitude development.

The full issue can be found at our website, PsyJournals.ru: https://psyjournals.ru/en/psyedu/2021/n1/

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