Happy New Year 2022 Congratulations from Chief Editors of Psychological Journals!


Congratulations on the Upcoming New Year 2022 from the Chief Editors of Psychological Journals of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

Dear readers, authors, teams of scientific journals!

Arkadiy Aronovich MargolisFor a quarter of a century, MSUPE has been publishing a whole diversity of journals, with the teams united by close scientific and professional ties, common values ​​and traditions. The challenges of 2021 did not stop, but rather spurred on the fruitful cooperation of our scientific journals with their authors and readers. The journals continue informing the international professional community about the results of your, esteemed authors, scientific research. Over the past year, we have published over 600 articles. And we are going to open new opportunities and horizons.

So, let 2022 bring only inspiration, victories and success!

We wish you good health, well-being, drive and optimism!

Happy new year 2022!

        Rector of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education,
Arkady A. Margolis

Dear readers and authors of the journal "Psychological Science and Education"!

Vitaliy Vladimirovich RubtsovHappy new year 2022!

Let it be peaceful and happy, let it become a year of new professional achievements and creative successes.

Let it restore the lost openness of communication, the joy of meeting and freedom of action.

Let it change our life, the life of our family and friends for the better.

Special congratulations and best wishes to my colleagues and friends who are doing our university publishing business – editors-in-chief of university journals and members of editorial teams. And a special New Year's greetings to Anna Shvedovskaya, who united all of us, getting us act together.

President of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education,
Chief Editor of the Journal "Psychological Science and Education",
Vitaly V. Rubtsov

Dear authors and readers of our journal!

Boris Daniilovich ElkoninHappy New Year to all of you! I wish you breakthrough thoughts in articles that open new "ways" for you and cultural-historical psychology itself. Concentration and development to all of us!

           Chief Editor of the Journal "Cultural-Historical Psychology"
Boris D. Elkonin

Dear friends!

Nataliia Nikolaevna TolstykhAuthors and members of the editorial board of the journal "Social Psychology and Society", all employees of MSUPE publishing holding, whose efforts and professionalism are invested in the creation of each issue of the journal, readers – present and future – our journals, all those who will see this greeting card! I congratulate you on the upcoming year 2022! Let this year be good. Let the life of each of you and all of us together change for the better. Let the world defeat this accursed coronavirus, or at least learn to coexist with it more or less peacefully. Let there be no war. Let it not be scary to live. Let each of you have a lot of happy days in the coming year and have the strength to survive failures and sorrows with honor. And we – social psychologists and those who deal with the journal "Social Psychology and Society" – will not let you down.

                                                  Chief Editor of the Journal "Social Psychology and Society"
Natalia N. Tolstykh

Our dear readers! Our talented authors! Our responsible reviewers! Dear members of the editorial board!

Igor Viktorovich VachkovI sincerely wish you all a Happy New Year, which, no doubt, will be even more productive and bring all of us new publications in the journal. May our cooperation continue. I wish all of us inspiration, new scientific searches and discoveries, joy and pleasure from life! We face difficult times; our communication is limited and occurs mainly through computer monitors. But this should not prevent us from reachingour common goal – to publish the journal "Clinical Psychology and Special Education". I am confident that thank to you, our publication will reach new heights in 2022.

                            Chief Editor of the Journal "Clinical Psychology and Special Education",
Igor V. Vachkov

Dear Colleagues!

Тatiana Viktorovna ErmolovaOne more year is coming to an end. It was difficult, it limited us in many ways, but we managed it. We received articles from our authors, successfully brought them up to the required condition and published our wonderful university journals. This is our common victory over the circumstances. Life goes on.

The New Year – our most beloved holiday – is about to come. I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year. May the New Year's Eve fulfill the wishes of each of you.

                                   Chief Editor of the Journal "Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology"
Tatiana V. Ermolova

Dear Reader!

Nikolay Viktorovich DvoryanchikovEvery country, every city and even every single family has its own traditions of celebrating the New Year! And, by the way, this is not even always the end of December ...)) But we are sure that even the one who does not believe neither in Santa Claus, nor Youlupukki, or Chyskhaan, in the depths of his soul now sums up the invisible results of the year and directs his expectations and hopes for the future. Despite all the risks of pandemics and cataclysms for our journal, 2021 was extremely fruitful: the most relevant and interesting scientific topics were discussed on its pages, and this year gave us new and most interesting authors and you, our dear readers!

Small keys open closed doors, simple words reflect deep thoughts, and a smile can heal ... Smile and be happy!

New 2022 is a book not yet written by us ... But the main thing is that the pen (or computer keyboard) is in OUR hands! Feel free to write your happy future, and at the same time to our editorial office!

Best wishes for the new year 2022!

                                                                  Chief Editor of the Journal "Psychology and Law",
Nikolay V. Dvoryanchikov

Dear readers of our journal!

Alla Borisovna KholmogorovaThroughout this year, in each issue we have tried to provide some useful materials on experiencing the stress of a pandemic, as well as articles on possible areas of support for different categories of the population. The third, penultimate issue of our journal was dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the outstanding scientist and psychotherapist A.T. Beck. Unfortunately, the issue was published literally the day after the death of this great man, the founder of one of the most popular and effective areas of modern psychotherapy. The last, fourth issue of this year touches upon various problems of stress and grief that are relevant in our difficult times.

This year is also significant due to the fact that, together with the entire international community, we celebrated the 125th anniversary of the birth of L.S. Vygotsky and tried to mark this date in our publications. So, our journal had the honor to publish rare archival materials from the works of E.V. Ilyenkov, dedicated to the unique project of educating deaf-blind children, which he launched together with A.I. Meshcheryakov and to this day remains a legend, a pedagogical feat. And the last issue of this year ends with an article that is very important for modern specialists who develop the tradition of L.S. Vygotsky: the topic of specificity of the method of analysis of individual cases in cultural-historical psychology. This is a joint article by a remarkable marital and professional tandem of two well-known clinical psychologists – V.I. Oleshkevich and N.S. Burlakova. It so happened that this article became the last of the legacy of Valery Ivanovich Oleshkevich, who left us this year after a serious and prolonged illness. We asked Natalya Semyonovna to write a short text for the journal about the professional path of Valery Ivanovich and express our gratitude to her for her cooperation and deep sympathy in connection with the grievous and untimely loss. When reading this text, one is surprised how much Valery Ivanovich managed, how many topics he touched upon and how many new research tasks he outlined, tirelessly developing the traditions and ideas of cultural-historical psychology. Blessed memory of him ...

A difficult year full of anxiety and loss is coming to an end. And we, as always, on behalf of the entire editorial staff, congratulate our readers on the coming New Year and express the hope that it will bring more certainty, hope, meetings with each other not in the zoom windows, but in cafes, offices, workrooms and at home!

Happy New Year, dear readers, wish you to stay healthy, have creative professional success and optimism! As a study on the Covid, published in one of the issues of our journal, showed, it is the optimism – the faith in the future and our strength to overcome the difficulties of the present – that helps us to cope better with the stress of the pandemic!

                          Chief Editor of the Journal "Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy"
Alla B. Kholmogorova

Galina Vladimirovna SemyaDear colleagues, readers of the journal "Social Sciences and Childhood"!

Happy New Year, in which we want you to remain our favorite authors and readers. Children and family are the target groups of our journal, that is why the Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snegurochka are very close to us, and we share their values ​– to make children happy. That is why we publish the research, analytical reviews, social practices only in the field of childhood.

Our journal is very young and this new year will be the first for us. From the entire editorial staff, we congratulate you on the New Year and wish you Merry Christmas! May your family have health, happiness and understanding with children.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Charitable Foundation named after Elena and Gennady Timchenko supported our journal for a whole year.

                                                  Chief Editor of the Journal "Social Sciences and Childhood",
Galina V. Semya

Dear readers, authors, reviewers of the scientific and practical journal "Autism and Developmental Disorders"!

Arthur Valeryevich KhaustovThe editors of the publication sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

In the outgoing year 2021, the journal has brought you cutting-edge research, practice-oriented articles and reviews on helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Following current trends, the journal is actively developing covering the studies of psychological and educational interventions based on the principles of evidence. There are two special issues devoted to research in the field of evidence-based practices (No. 2-2021, No. 4-2021).

We invite you to cooperate with the journal "Autism and Developmental Disorders".

We wish you success in your practical and scientific work, professional growth, good luck and good health in the new year!

                                     Chief Editor of the Journal "Autism and Developmental Disorders",
Artur V. Khaustov

Dear Colleagues!

Irina Vladimirovna DergachevaOn the eve of the brightest and most wonderful holiday – the New Year, the editorial staff of the international scientific journal "Language and Text" wishes everyone great happiness, good health, warmth, inspiration and new wonderful achievements! Let the work bring joy, and the creative mood lead us all to new scientific successes! We wish you to conquer the most inaccessible peaks, achieve, never give up, and win! Let your life be filled with only joyful moments! Let the coming year support all our good undertakings, become successful, happy, and beautiful!

Happy New Year!

                                                                     Chief Editor of the Journal "Language and Text",
Irina V. Dergacheva

Dear colleagues and readers of the journal "Experimental Psychology"!

Vladimir Alexandrovich BarabanschikovThe editorial staff of the journal congratulates all authors, reviewers and readers with the upcoming New Year and wishes creative success, as well as professional victories and achievements in the new 2022!

                                                      Chief Editor of the Journal "Experimental Psychology",
Vladimir A. Barabanshikov

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