About New Sociocultural Context of Childrenꞌs Play: for Elena Olegovna Smirnovaꞌs the 75th Anniversary


The third issue of the journal "Cultural-Historical Psychology" (No. 3-2022) dedicated to the memory of Elena Olegovna Smirnova (1947 – 2020), Doctor of Psychology, Professor has been released. The issue contains four rubrics, two of which are thematic: "New Socio-Cultural Context of Children's Play: in Dialogue with Elena Olegovna Smirnova (on the occasion of her 75th birthday)" and "In Memory of A.R. Luria (to the 120th anniversary of his birth)".

The first of the thematic rubrics is devoted to the perspectives for studying the play activity of modern children in the tradition of the cultural-historical scientific school. The published articles discuss the evolution of ideas about the game and ways of its formation in preschool children, provide a brief overview of scientific approaches to the study of children's play, where a special place is taken by the concept of Elena Olegovna Smirnova, who studied the problem of will and arbitrariness development in early ontogenesis. The thematic editor of the rubric was Olga Vitalievna Rubtsova (MSUPE, Russia), PhD in Psychology.

The second rubric presents a selection of articles by authors who adhere to one paradigm – the theory of systemic dynamic organization and localization of higher mental functions, developed by Alexander Romanovich Luria. The thematic editor of the rubric is Tatyana Vasilievna Akhutina (MSU, Russia), Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

The issue also presents the results of studies on the dynamics of learning motivation among Russian teenagers and differences in ethnic and global identity among the youth of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. In the methodological rubric of the issue, questions of the semantic structure of consciousness are raised. And in the "Memorable Dates" rubric, the final part of the interview with Nikolai Nikolayevich Nechaev, Academician, Doctor of Psychology is published. Using the example of his own biography, he sets out the author's view of his path in Psychology within the framework of scientific research, pedagogical, organizational and other practical areas of Psychology of Development.

The full issue of the journal is available on the portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru for free.

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