About Reading Skills, Health Protection and Academic Motivation in the Journal "Psychological Science and Education"


The new issue of the journal "Psychological Science and Education" (No. 5-2022) traditionally presents two rubrics "Developmental Psychology" and "Educational Psychology".

The rubric "Educational Psychology" opens with a study of the preferences of the format of education by university students on the example of MSUPE. The results of the study demonstrate three groups of students who prefer full-time, blended and online formats of education, between whom significant differences in terms of indicators of natural science literacy and thinking were revealed. Another study in this section is devoted to the relationship between academic motivation and burnout on the example of students in Russia and Azerbaijan. In the next study, the authors present the results of studying the relationship between the educational achievements of students and the number of migrant students in the institution. The study used data from 80 regions of Russia.

Two articles of the rubric are devoted to the topic of inclusive education. The authors of one of them reveal the topic of health-saving in educational organizations. In another study, the authors consider one of the problems of modeling an inclusive educational environment. The results are presented illustrating that support measures for students with disabilities can become the basis for their active participation in the educational process.

The "Developmental Psychology" rubric presents a study on psychological well-being. The authors set a goal to identify supportive and dysfunctional factors that affect the level of psychological well-being of students. Interestingly, the level of subjective well-being differs significantly depending on the level of metacognitive involvement.

The last two articles of the rubric consider the topic of mastering the reading skill by younger students. Authors from Bosnia presented the results of a two-year longitudinal study of reading development. Another article assesses the reading skills of first-graders in two countries, in Russia and in a bilingual environment in Kazakhstan. The study was carried out using the reading scale of the computerized tool "Start".

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