On the Development of Thinking in Children in the New Issue of "Cultural-Historical Psychology"


The fourth issue of the journal "Cultural-Historical Psychology" (No. 4-2022) has been released. The issue contains four headings: "Developmental Psychology", "Empirical Research", "Educational Psychology" and "Discussions and Discourses".
The first rubric presents the data from a longitudinal study of the development of formal-logical and dialectical thinking in children of preschool and primary school age; an analysis of changes in children's play in the context of digital transformation and the impact of robotic toys on the play of preschool children is made.
The second rubric presents a selection of articles by authors studying the culture of Kazakhstan. A reader can also get an idea about the standardization of the Russian-language version of the patient's health questionnaire and features of the components of the real and virtual identity of adolescents and parents.
The issue also presents materials for analyzing the effectiveness of various forms of language training in schools and approaches to the educational process in mastering the acting profession.
The pages of the issue contain the announcement of the book by Valery Ivanovich Oleshkevich, dedicated to the theory of P.Ya. Galperin. The book comes out on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Piotr Yakovlevich Galperin.
The full issue of the journal is freely available on the portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru.

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