About Gender Research in the Journal "Social Psychology and Society"


A special issue of the journal "Social Psychology and Society" is devoted to the topic of gender, which is extremely relevant for the modern world (No. 4 2022). The issue opens with a preface by the thematic editor I.S. Kletsina, briefly characterizing the main areas of gender research in social psychology. It is emphasized that all the thematic articles of this issue of the journal have a common theoretical basis – the use of the key idea of the gender approach that the opposition between male and female lifestyles, role behavior, interests, and preferences that exist in society is due to socio-cultural rather than biological factors.

A theoretical article by O.I. Klyuchko reveals the content of the author's concept of gender mentality, considered as a variable and changing social knowledge based on ideas about male and female in culture and society, included in the system of social relations.

An empirical study of the attitude of men and women to gender inequality in the political sphere is presented in the article by O.A. Ananyeva and M.K. Tatarenko. Research by T.A. Vorontsova, aimed at studying the features of constructing the perceived age of peers – men and women, made it possible to identify the phenomenon of gender asymmetry due to gender stereotypes. In the articles by N.K. Radina, L.E. Semenova, A.V. Kozlova, the problem of gender inequality in the professional sphere is considered through the study of social attitudes and claims of students as a willingness to connect their professional activities with science. The article by T.B. Ryabova is devoted to the analysis of the phenomenon of masculinity and the stereotyping of male images in the song genre. The article by L.E. Semenova and M.E. Sachkova presents a study of the peculiarities of girls' adherence to the normative model of femininity. The gender representations of girls who are fond of the “Boyꞌs” Love meta-genre are described in the article by D.V. Vorontsov.

Articles not related to gender issues are published under the heading “Off the topic of the issue”. Theoretical article by Lebedeva A.A., Leontiev D.A. presents a systematic presentation of the views of three authoritative representatives of the field of interdisciplinary research on the quality of life: A. Mykalos, J. Sirgi, and R. Vinhoven. The purpose of the empirical study Gritsenko V.V. with co-authors is to determine the conditions under which the preservation of ethnic identity will contribute to the effectiveness of intercultural interaction between foreign students and the host Russian population. Arendachuk I.V., Usova N.V., and Klenova M.A. present a study of the characteristics of the social activity of young people in conditions of restrictions associated with forced isolation.

The rubric "Scientific life" is presented by Gurieva S.D., Sventsitskiy A.L. on the work of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Ananyevskye Readings–2022. 60 years of social psychology at St. Petersburg State University: from the origins to new achievements and innovations”, held on October 18-21, 2022 at St. Petersburg State University.

The issue ends with the annual “Index of Articles Published in the ꞌꞌJournal of Social Psychology and Societyꞌꞌ in 2022”.

The full issue of the journal is available on the portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru.

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