Information Accessibility is the Theme of the New Issue of the Journal “Autism and Developmental Disorders”


A special issue of “Autism and Developmental Disorders” (№1-2023) has been published on the portal of psychological publications

This issue focuses on the topic of information accessibility for people with autism and other developmental disorders. The rubric “Education & Intervention Methods” presents articles examining aspects of the accessibility of educational test materials and medical texts. There are articles continuing in this rubric about alternative and augmentative methods of communication (AACs) – the PECS IV+ app, gadgets for teens with developmental disorders, and opportunities to use AACs to help young people with speech impairments assess their skills. The rubric concludes with a review of recent research on visual forms of support.

The regular rubric “Research of ASD” brought together several applied and seminal papers on the topics of oral discourse research, teachers’ emotional burnout, and intrafamilial relationships.

The full issue of the journal is freely available on the portal of psychological publications
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