On Portrait Ekphrasis, Allusions Contained in “Snail on the Slope” and Notre Dame de Paris in the New Issue of “Language and Text”


The first issue of the international electronic scientific journal “Language and Text” for 2023 has been published. This year was a milestone for the journal — it was added to the list of scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The new issue of the journal contains several articles on current issues in linguistics and literary studies. In the section “General and Comparative Historical Linguistics” D.V. Prokopova’s publication examines the consequences of the 2019 fire tragedy that destroyed world-famous artefacts and documents. S. Nesher (Israel) devotes her article to the problem of finding Hebrew loanwords in the Avar-Ando-Tsez languages of Northern Dagestan. The authors T.A. Mikhailova, A.A. Polosina, I.B. Shilina and A.Yu. Shilin consider the conceptual bases of foreign language socialization formation.

The section “World Literature. Textology” includes articles on many different topics. V.P. Izotov continues analyzing the Strugatsky brothers’ novel “Snail on the Slope”, revealing allusions to works by Kozma Prutkov, Venedikt Yerofeev and Jorge Luis Borges. M.S. Krutova’s article analyses how artists and politicians viewed Abkhazia in the 19th century, while I.V. Dergacheva and A.R. Varlamov introduce readers to priest Alexis Maximov’s works. F.V. Varfolomeev’s article explores euphemisms in Pushkin’s and Dostoevsky’s books. Yu.V. Yarovikova and E.A. Balygina complete this section with their studies of portrait ekphrasis.

The third section, “Linguodidactics and Innovations. Psychological Basis of Learning Languages and Cultures”, is represented by articles by A.A. Nikolaeva’s and I.A. Savchenko’s article on innovative technologies and their role in increasing students’ motivation, O.V. Murashkina on the importance of the cross-cultural aspect of foreign language learning. N.V. Savitskaya, A.V. Guzova and O.V. Dedova examine the project method and its role in discursive and strategic skills development.

The issue of the Journal is freely available at Psyjournals.ru.
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