On Collective Subjectivity in the Activity of a Technological Club in the "Psychological-Educational Studies" Journal


The second issue of the “Psychological-Educational Studies” (No. 2-2023) journal has been released.  The issue contains three sections: "Developmental Psychology," "Educational Psychology," and "Methodology and Technology of Education”.

The "Developmental Psychology" section gives an idea of the results of research based on samples of students on the relationship between: basic beliefs and the perception of emotionally significant life events; personal meanings and the need for security; interests in education and the ability to make a choice. The section presents the material of empirical research of parents' perceptions of the fears of modern preschoolers. It is also possible to be familiarized with a review of research concerning social interactions with the help of the eye-tracking method.

The "Educational Psychology" section presents the results of the study of self-organization parameters of a higher education teacher, as well as the results of a survey of participants in the educational process on the possibility of using video in it. This section allows to learn about the study of the difficulties of teaching children with hearing impairments.

The issue closes with the "Methodology and Technology of Education" section. It presents material on the genesis of subjectivity in the activity of a technological club, as well as on the peculiarities of the use of collaborative writing in foreign language classes in Ethiopian universities.

The full issue of the journal is available freely on psychological publishing portal PsyJournals.ru.
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