The Research Aspects of Inclusive Practices in the New Issue of the “Autism and Developmental Disorders” Journal


A new thematic issue of the "Autism and Developmental Disorders" journal (#3-2023), devoted to the research aspects of inclusive practices has been published. The issue is timed to coincide with the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference: "Current Issues in Ensuring Conditions for Inclusive Education in the Russian Federation".

The issue is opened with an opening statement by the thematic editor of this issue - Svetlana Vladimirovna Alekhina, Director of the Institute of Inclusive Education, member of the Academic Council of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

In the "Research of ASD" section, two papers are presented, which are devoted to different aspects of the inclusive education process: The interaction between parents and teachers (T.V. Kuzmicheva, Yu.A. Afonkina), and the autonomy of young people with autism (T.V. Avakyan, I.S. Konstantinova).

In the "Sociocultural Integration & Sports" section the issues of the interaction of young people with mental disabilities in an inclusive workshop (E.A. Rudneva) and the attitude of teenagers with ASD towards inclusive health improvement (O.Yu. Svetlakova) are covered.

The issue closes with the "Clinical Case" section, with an article that presents the experience of video modeling (O.S. Dukhanina), and the "Expert Opinion" section with a paper on the professional culture of a defectologist (T.N. Isaeva). 

The full issue of the journal is available at the portal

The editorial board of the “Autism and Developmental Disorders” journal wishes you a pleasant reading!

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