On the Socio-Psychological Portrait of Future Teachers in the "Psychological-Educational Studies" Journal


The fourth issue of the "Psychological-Educational Studies" journal (№4-2023) has been published. It traditionally presents three sections. The "Educational Psychology" section contains articles on the results of research on the socio-psychological portrait of a modern student of pedagogical training and the effectiveness of the system of training bachelors in the field of health-saving.

In the "Methodology and Technology of Professional Education" section it is possible to be acquainted with a developed toolkit for the assessment of the readiness and ability to implement inclusive practices in the tutoring support of students with disabilities in conditions of inclusion.

In the "Developmental Psychology" section, the results of research are published on the relationship between the understanding of the communicative intentions of primary school students and their popularity among peers; play activity and the understanding of emotions in older preschoolers; to get an idea of the dynamics of different types of thinking in preschoolers and primary school students; to be acquainted with the results of a study on escapism and video-game addiction in adolescents.

The full issue of the journal is freely available on the portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru.
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