A New Issue of the Journal “Language and Text” Focuses on the Hermeneutics of the Monuments of Medieval Writing and Their Reception in World Literature


A new thematic issue of “Language and Text” (no. 4-2023) is out. The articles in the section “World Literature. Textology” are devoted to the monuments of medieval writing and their reception in world literature. E.L. Konyavskaya uses the example of the study of important Old Russian documents (ecclesiastical letters and princes’ wills) to describe how intra-family problems were solved during the division of property and fiefdoms. The article by L.S. Soboleva and A.D. Kalinina shows the development of one of the most popular genres of Old Russian literature, the sermon. The authors publish two manuscript Words from the Russian State Library collection. N.I. Milutenko's article presents texts dedicated to Russian first holy martyr princes, Boris and Gleb, and their father, Vladimir the Baptizer.

Patriotism in Russian literature is the theme of V.V. Bruz's, S.F. Vititnev’s and A.V. Shmeleva’s work, in which they remind readers of Dmitry Bobrok’s historical merits in the Battle of Kulikovo. K.A. Potashova devotes her work to identifying the literary genesis, semantic component and artistic potential of the images of reaping and plowman in the battle text of the turn of the 18th to the 19th century.

Articles published in the columns “General and Comparative-Historical Linguistics” and “Linguodidactics and Innovations. Psychological Basis of Learning Languages and Cultures” are diverse in content and style of presentation. They touch upon a wide range of problems concerning various linguistic issues:

  • Verb personification as one of the main ways of creating an image is described;
  • The problem of interaction of the focus category with semantic and syntactic aspects of the cleft English sentence is studied;
  • Ethno-cultural peculiarities of linguistic explication of color in unrelated languages are revealed;
  • The theory of aspectual frames is put forward;
  • Practical recommendations aimed at effective development of Russian-speaking students’ pronunciation skills are offered.
The full issue of the journal is published on the portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru.
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